Changing plans now bbl with dr.aslani cirumed marbella spain

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I'm nervous to take the right decision. I used to...

I'm nervous to take the right decision. I used to have a nice body but three kidsleft me with lots of fat and very little shape. Can’t bear it anymore.
I have been reading many reviews on dr salama in Miami, he has great results and great reviews. I also like the work I have seen from dr aslani in spain.
He would also be convenient because he just two hours flight away.
Would be thankful for any advice of either of the two, especially with view accommodation and recovery.
I am hoping to have my surgery September, have inquired about quotes and availability.
Tips welcome.

aslani is it

I am now sure I found the perfect one, I will absolutely go to have my bbl in spain.
I had a virtual consultation with him and found him awesome. he has plenty of before and after pictures and his procedure and I have read hundreds of reviews on both salama ,aslani and others dr.aslani’s results are what I like best.
I was a big unsure cos this does not seem to be such a big thing in Europe. In the beginning fo researching what held me back was very few comments here saying that dr.aslani was not radical enough and so on but they actually had very good results and I guess they would not have been happy anywhere.
To have my surgeon within 3 hours of distance is of course an additional advantage.
I'm so excited and confident that all goes well. I will be putting my deposit, and hoping that I'm given a date sooner rather than later.

how can I change my doctor ?

can somebody please tell me how to change my doctor's name in the review ?


just 2 months to go my heart is on a rollercoaster I try to force myself not to hang here too much because it makes me nervous and at the same time excited. Can I turn that off ????? oh this is like waiting for christmas I will go insane


now this is getting real !

I have put my deposit down for 27th of October !! my countdown to be snatched.....I have my online consultation with dr.aslani on tuesday, now getting my supplies together still have to sort lodging ! it's getting real !!

Consultation postponed

nerves,nerves,nerves !!! I ended up not having my online consult this week, I was scheduled for 7 but it seems they had so many patients scheduled that we ended up rescheduling for another day. I appreciate that seemingly dr.aslani had his first day back at work and so a lot to do but this is nerve-wrecking? I will just hang in there, can't wait for my day.


I am thinking like every minute about how best to describe what I am looking for.What is most confusing is the volume I will need to achieve my goals.I calculate 1100cc for something like my wish What do you think ?

Consultation !!

So finally I had my online consult today. The doctor was nice perhaps a bit more serious than I had expected but the main thing is that he seems very sure of what he does.
He told me to keep my weight and he seemed quite confident to get me a good result, my chat was not too long, which I knew because it was rescheduled at short notice and his clinics seem to be quite busy.
Jenny offered me a second consultation in case of need which I think was nice.....we will see. So far I am quite happy with what I have been told.

more wishes

I really need him to put as much on my hips as he can !!


just dropping a line , though not too much to tell. I am bored and nervous just want this to be over I just hope I won't chicken out after paying all that money and going that far. I am confident, dr a is the best and he will give me what I want, what I want so badly !

Flight management ?

So I am staying in Spain for 10 to get home ? are there any experiences with managing a 3 hour flight after surgery ? you have to sit,no ?


Hi all...just noticed that there is a mess up with my surgery date. Never we go. the recovery is no juke I got 1200tcc into each butt.I feel swollen and bloated but it looks good so surely worth it.
I did practice to sleep tummy donw before which shows helpful now for sure.

updating more pics of my BBL results

I have been on the road some time dear BBl family ! but it has been going well I am very pleased with my shape. of course there are moments when I miss the swollen and chunky look afterwards but i have still kept most of the volume and I am really delighted with my shape.what do you guys think ?


since I was asked to post some before pics see these. i can hardly remember that i ever looked like that ? but maybe sometimes it makes us happy to memorize where we have been coming from...........


he did some very agggressive lipo on the back. I think that gave me most of my projection apart from the fatgrafting
Dr.salama or dr.aslani still evaluating options

I have decided to go aslani since he has the best results and he is closer to home which is a great safety benefit, but not decisive. I ended up having 1200cc into each butt and so far I am very happy with everything

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