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Where Do I start....... I will start with why I got the surgery...

My body before was just ok.... Was it horrible NO.... could it be better YES.....Ever felt like your body didn't match you?? In my head I was someone else.. I was tired of dressing for my body shape ...No body cons because I had NO hips ..I was tired of skater dresses...Might I add I'm top heavy (38DDD)... so my upper body was huge... just wanted it to all be even.....After seeing my friends results from Hasan I decided to go for it.... SO that's my story

Vanity/ Dr. Hasan

PAYMENT: Let's start off with payment......I was told that vanity takes credit card ....VANITY DOES NOT TAKE CREDIT CARDS ANYMORE....I had to pay cash...after I paid for my bbl I never spoke to Vanity ever again (The End lol) but on a serious note that's EXACTLY how it felt. It was impossible to get in contact with anyone to answer my questions (not even my case worker). Emails and calls went unanswered any advice or help I wanted came from real self. No one emailed me to tell me it was time to take my labs or what to ask for when taking my labs. No one told me I would need massages...No one told me ANYTHINGGGGGGG.... Let's talk about my labs.....I faxed them about 10 times to Vanity... Each fax was followed by a phone call to Vanity to say labs were sent...Each time some part of my labs was missing or misplaced.....Even when I got to Vanity ( the day before my surgery) they didn't have my HIV results( I pulled my labs out my bag)...I just KNEWWWWWW they would be missing some part of my labs. If you are going to Vanity ...I suggest you have your labs printed out just in case ( so you won't have to take a test on the spot or risk being turned away).

VANITY STAFF: The staff at Vanity... When I came into vanity ( the day before surgery) I was bought into a room by a girl and told "Sign this"...She never once introduced herself or explained what I was about to sign or anything. Halfway through signing my papers I decided to ask her what her name was ( So I could add her to my real self review) "My name Lacey" then I realized there was a language barrier. She wasn't trying to be rude. She spoke little to no english. She had just moved to Miami a few years before from Columbia ( I think)...she said there was no opportunities for her in Columbia so she's in Miami now. A lot of the staff at Vanity speaks little english. They aren't deliberately being rude... they just don't really know english and can't carry a full conversation so it comes off rude. Still think she should be taught to introduce herself.

The Anesthesiologist IS Reallllly nice and funny...verry cool....he's the one that kept me cool before the surgery..Extremely professional and witty

HASAN: Nice, Professional, not much of a talker....I told him I wanted hips...he said he will just fill in what I'm missing since I had hips it was just missing in the middle lol... he did a great job....Hasan did give me a speech (that he gives all his patient before surgery) the speech scared me... the speech was about if something goes wrong with me after the procedure (blood transfusion etc..) what to do....Scary...when he goes from not talking much to talking mostly about if things go wrong..... it will scare you...I'm alive tho with no complications thank god..

KEYLA'S Recovery House Miami

I stayed at Keyla's Recovery house..... Keyla is Super Nice, Funny, Sweet, Caring, Understanding and Kind. She is so knowledgeable and patient. From day one she treated me like family. I had my friend come with me to help me out while I'm there. Honestly, I didn't need her help at all (you can stay with her alone and be fine). Keyla knew what time I had to take my medicine.... She woke me to eat and walk around.... she cooked breakfast.... lunch and dinner she picked up for us (sometimes she cooked) don't think lunch and dinner is included (SHE'S A GREATTTT COOK). She took me to the bathroom and drove me to all my doctors appointments. She also knows a place to get your garment, boards and foams that is way less that how much vanity is charging. Her house is really clean and she has someone there on the spot to give you a massage ($45 a massage) When I left I gave Keyla a $100 tip..... She was that GREAT.... KEYLA RECOVERY HOUSE (786)518-1352 ...$130 per night..transportation and breakfast is included. $50 deposit for you to locking your stay with her.. and you don't pay for the last day you stay with her.


1. To make sure that I book an aisle seat in the last row of the plane (remember we can't sit). So it's best to stand at the back of the plane in the aisle that way no one sees you and you aren't bothering anyone on the plane. Also don't forget to get a doctors note saying you are cleared to fly and it is best for you to stand. I stood for the entire flight from Miami back to New York. I only sat when we landed and took off (on a bbl pillow). I watched the 2 movies and stood up ( it went fast)
2. That after surgery you shouldn't wear your Ab board through security in the airport ( they will stop you and search you) I put my ab board on after I got through security
3. That you should request a wheelchair in Miami and New York airport ( the walk is REALLLLLLYYYY long) I used my bbl pillow and sat in the wheelchair . I suggest you pack sunglasses ( I was embarrassed being in the wheelchair) I felt like everyone knew I got a bbl..Bring sunglasses it helps with the stares.
4. Request Percocet from Hasan he gives his patient Tylenol.. tell him you can't take tylenol. Tylenol doesn't work for BBL pain smh. Tell him Tylenol doesn't work for you.
5. That I needed to find a place in my hometown to do my massages. I did my massages in Miami (5 massages) I'm on my 10th massage in Brooklyn ( I had 15 in total) I still have fluid left. I go to Casa De Munecas Spa in Brooklyn (646)812-3649 @plastymunecas on instagram. Massages are extremely important.... I suggest going to their instagram page. They tell you that not getting massage can give you fibroids.
6. Make me heal pills for Pre op/ Post op or both... Reallyyy works. helps you heal faster
MAKEMEHEAL.COM they are plastic surgery healing supplements and vitamins
7. Make pineapple juice and gatorade your best friend... It helps get rid of the fluid inside of you.
8. After surgery there is a different garment you will has 3 hooks to make it smaller when you shrink.
9. After surgery you will have to take in your garment once a week. They need to be taken in about the size of one finger once a week. The local cleaners should be able to take it in for you.
10. Any questions you may have before surgery write them down in a book. So when you go back for your first post op visit you can ask all your questions without forgetting.
11. Ask do you have stitches... I had some stitches she cut them out at my post op visit before I left( I only remembered because it was a question in my book)
12. Don't forget to ask for your doctors note for work.
13. It is important that you walk after surgery...I think walking helped me bounce back quickly that and the make me heal pills.
14. Feeling nauseous or dizzy....Put rubbing alcohol on a tissue and inhale will be fine after.

Things I wish I knew before surgery Part 2 ( I missed something )

Your lab work is extremely important. I suggest doing your labs work on the first day you can. You want your labs really far away yet early enough for them to be accepted... Why? So you have time to fix what's wrong. If you have a yeast infection or your ptt is messed up you have time to do damage control. My ptt and pt didn't cooperate with me. The make me heal pills had vitamin k and I was able to get myself back on track before surgery. Remember if you wait to do your labs and something comes back no good. You won't have time to fix it and they will turn you away. So take the blood test run through ( dry test) if something is wrong ..fix it and take the test again (just that part). What test will you need? CBC, PT, PTT, INR, COMPREHENSIVE METABOLIC PANEL, BLOOD PREGNANCY HCG TEST, HIV AND URINALYSIS. If you have a medical history ( I didn't ) they may have other test you may need to take for clearance. I also suggest you use google for answers on how to fix what's wrong with you. Just google how to fix my urinalysis. I also suggest typing your issue in through the real self search engine and seeing what other girls used to fix that issue. I was desperate to get my ptt back on track so I went to a hematologist ( blood doctor)...They also can help ( I had to take 15 tubes of blood tho) a hematologist can write you a clearance letter saying your ptt and pt is good. I suggest not taking any pills before your first blood test. Remember you don't know whats wrong with you yet. You may be taking iron pills that may be making your iron to high. Find out whats wrong first then start taking the pills ( I made this mistake)... Don't take what other people are taking until you find out you have that same problem. I suggest just writing down the names of vitamins you may need in case you have that issue. Vitamin k helps with ptt and pt. I do recommend the make me heal pills tho.... They are amazing $76.09 for the pre and post op pills together ( shipping included)...The pre pills come with a 14 day supply (14 packs) $17.90 ( shipping not included) you have to STOP taking the pills the day before surgery... The post op pills comes with a 30 day supply that you take twice a day (60 packs) $60.99 (shipping not included)starting the day after surgery

I really suggest starting a bbl book. Write everything down in there so you won't forget. Section the book off. Massages, labs, pills,recovery house and etc. Write down all you need to know in there. So you can just go back and look. You won't forget things. It really helps. In you lab section you can write down in case of bad ptt or putt results take vitamin k and so on. You can also write buy make me heal pills. (write the site in there). Write the cost of massages. Write down the name and address of the recovery house you are staying in. Write down if they take credit cards. Just document everything it really helps. SIDEBAR: Don't forget to text someone before you head in for surgery the name of the doctor the phone number and address. Also that goes for where you are staying too. (Someone should be able to pinpoint exactly where you are in case of an emergency) You should also put that information in your book.

How do I currently feel... 20 days Post op

How do I feel........ I'm tired of wearing this dumb garment, board and triangle in my lower back (it helps keep the shape of you butt and stops fluid from going there)...I'm tired of getting these painful massages. I'm tired of sleeping on my stomach. I'm tired of walking like an idiot ( I still don't walk properly) I'm tired of not being able to sleep because I'm uncomfortable (sleeping on my stomach). I'm tired of coming up with excuses of why I can't go out because I don't want anyone to have a clue I got my bbl...I'm tired of not being able to sit ( I stand on the train to get to my massage appointments)...I'm tired of my butt shrinking it wayyy smaller than it was when I came home ( the swelling went down... they said it will fluff back up in 2 months) But i'm tired of it all... Do I regret my bbl NO!!! I know these are sacrifices I have to make to make sure that my body comes out great. I was unhappy with the body I had before so if I need to do this for a few months to be really happy with my result then so be it. Everyday I want to cancel my massages and just sit on my butt but I won't...I know this BBL is something I really wanted so Im just going to pull through this....This process isn't easy at all... a lot of my time, effort, money and energy was put into this....but i want to make sure that i follow directions. Hasan did his part and its my duty to do my part too....That means wearing this dumb garment, board and triangle at all times. That means standing and not sitting.

THE BBL itch.....1 month post op

The one word that comes to mind is ITCHY..... EXTREMELY ITCHY.... I bought that gold bond anti itch lotion (yellow bottle red top)...Caladryl Clear and Benadyl ...Nothing really stops it..... it just makes it less itchy....BUT there is still an itch... Someone call the itch police and tell them to STOP IT....and while they are at it....Tell them to send the Fluff police also....Like where did my butt go.... It's wayyyy smaller than when I got it done.. Just trying to be patient hoping that one day soon (Sooner than later) my butt gets back big...No complaints on my stomach....Its still flat....and HAPPY NEW YEAR =]

Stiffness in my abdominal area

Lastnight I just couldnt take the itching.... I took my garment and ab board off for 2 hours .. I sat in my beach chair ( with the cut out butt) until I felt no more itching....I never sat that long in the chair or anywhere since my bbl... When I woke up this morning my whole abdominal area was soooo guessing it was from being in the sitting postion so long... Is that normal? I was wondering should i get a massage to take that stiffness away or will it just go away on its own... Someone help me ????

Where are the fluff police when you need them? Someone help me!!! ( I'm so dramatic) lol

What a longgggg but rewarding journey. Never in my life would I think that having surgery would change my life so dramatically. I dont regret my decision for one second. Anywho, it's been 5 months.. When do I start to fluff or what can I do to fluff? Where are the fluff police when you need them.
Miami Physician

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