Literally 90 Days Pre Op! - Miami, FL

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Hi RS! So I've been sort of lurking through RS...

Hi RS! So I've been sort of lurking through RS since October/November of 2015 and eventually decided to create an account. I didn't want to add additional stress and work on myself because I'm not a social media user so I decided once I'm close to my surgery date, I'll begin with my journey. With that being said, I am 90 days out from my surgery. I decided to go with Spectrum aesthetics after a horrible experience with Vanity. Let me clarify, out of all the reviews I seen about Vanity, there weren't any bad reviews about the Doctors, (I wanted Dr. Fisher as my surgeon so bad) it was the customer service and scams. So to make a long story short, I read about scams through Vanity where you are booked, asked to pay, and then your surgery is cancelled!! I don't believe everything I read so I decided to move forward. I spoke with a rep to get financing and it just sounded funny. She told me to get credit, and I would be paying on it before I even had surgery, and a bunch of other stuff that made me feel uneasy. What topped the cake for me was when I received a phone call from someone at another facility trying to get me to get my surgery there (can't remember her name or facility name). I told my rep at vanity and she blew up! She said "No! You want nothing to do with her! We fired her and apparently she still had access to patient info and is stealing it to use at the facility she's at" "she's being sued right now by vanity!!" That situation and the fact that vanity was on the news for fraud, made me reconsider.

Whew, now that that's out, I am with spectrum and instead of going with Dr. Ortega, who has awesome reviews, I decided to go with Dr Omulepu. No particular reason, just that I seen his work and chose him. I am 64", weigh 160lbs (but going to loose some for a fitness test soon, then gain it back because Lizbeth said not to go below 160lbs) I've had 1 child (2 year old and planning for 1 more in 3-4 years) and I feel as though I have little to no curves. Below you'll see my pics and as time goes by, I'll keep you updated on what's required and going on. I have paid a 300.00 deposit on my credit card to secure my surgery date, 100.00 to the recovery house where I'll stay, and will be flying. I've had nothing but an awesome experience so far with Lizbeth at spectrum and she's always answering whatever questions I have. Karla, at the recovery house (Assistance for Life) is the sweetest person and I feel so confident that I will be well taken care of!

*I chose financing as an option-care credit which has been good so far. I applied for I think 5000 and got approved and received my care credit card to use in the mail in like 7 days tops. It's preloaded with my funds and ready for use! I can even pay for my prescriptions with it too!!

My one and only "wish" pic

I love her physique!

Another wish pic

2 weeks away from Surgery! Is this REALLY about to happen?!?

Hi RS! So let me update you on everything since my first post. Since then I was running everyday to get ready for my military fitness test.. I took my test last week in hopes of scoring at least a 90% to allow me 1 year without having to worry about a fitness test. I passed with a 91.5 score which means my next fitness test isn't due until June 2017!!
After that, I received my lab test from Evelyn at spectrum. It stated I needed several labs, a clearance from my provider, and a EKG. I had all if this completed ( spectrum paid for the labs) and faxed it bck.

Since then I've been trying to reach Evelyn to confirm she revived everything and that none of my labs are abnormal. I've been calling everyday for her. She hasn't returned my phone call. One thing I will say is that the front desk staff have been very pleasant (despite my excessive phone calls).
I did miss a call today from my coordinator, Lizbeth.
So tomorrow I'll update you guys about that.

I've also started buying things for my trip. In a separate post, Ill make a list of what I've purchased and still need to get.

2 Days from surgery + Post Op Care Items

Hi RS! So my surgery is scheduled for 8am on Monday. I was worried about receiving a phone call because of my surgery date and Spectrum being closed over the weekend. So I emailed my nurse Evelyn and she told me I would receive a phone call on Friday between 4-6 pm. Unfortunately I didn't so I began to get worried. So far, I must say I've had the best experience with spectrum other than this. However, I received a phone call today (Saturday) with arrival time and pre op instructions. They were a little vague but I understood them.

In addition to that, my cycle just came on.. Yay! :-/ I was told I can't wear a tampon but have to wear a pad. This makes me uncomfortable so what I'm going to do is wear a tampon and right before surgery take it out.

I also wanted to post my list of items I've bought that I think I'll need for recovery.

Let me know what you think or if there are other things you guys used that may be helpful for recovery..

Wish me luck!!

Surgery checklist:

? -Book round trip flight
? -Find local spot for lymphatic massages
? neosporin
? female urinal
? slide on shoes
? feminine wipes/baby wipes
? iron pills
? peroxide
? discount prescription card
? labs
? shower shoes
? bedroom shoes
? band aides
? antibacterial wash
? gloves
? gauze
? Q-tips
? epi foam/board
? compression socks
? maxi dresses
? Long body pillow
? stool softener
? Chux

Questions to ask my surgeon

So I'm creating a list of questions to ask my surgeon and wanted to ask RS for help. If you have suggestions, please comment so I can ask.

What I will also do is document my weight before and after (on the same scale) without clothing and take my measurements before and after. I may wait to take my measurements post surgery about a week or two just so it's slightly accurate with less swelling.

How many CC's placed?

How much can I lift (since I have a two year old at home)?

When can I began working out and running?

Will Epi foam/board help after surgery for a flatter stomach and minimize any lumps?

That's all I can think of right now but still need help! Thanks RS!!

*Booty Buddy* & Body Measurements

So I measured myself to record the changes and compare after surgery.

My weight today (9 Jul 16) is 159 (plus or minus 1-2 pounds due to my cycle)
Bust 36"
Waist 33-34.5" (without sucking in and with my cycle)
Hips 39.5"

I attached photos of this cushion I found on the Internet that will help with recovery.
Once I use it, I will give honest reviews and let you know if it was useful or not needed.

Day 1 after BBL

REAL SELF!! So now that I'm feeling better I can post a review of my thoughts about Spectrum Aesthetics and the surgery so far. So from the outside the building was clearly identified with Spectrums logo. The surrounding area was a little unsightly/soiled with debris and trash on the ground. My sister and I parked in the garage and took the elevator to the first floor. When the door opened it opens directly to spectrum inside when you go to the first floor. So I signed in, they took my payment, and asked for another urine sample for pregnancy test. Prior to my arrival, I had a phone call from spectrum at 7am asking if I could come sooner. This wasn't an issue b/c I was already in the area grabbing everyone Panera bread bagels ( just as a pre surgery Thank You I guess). So after my urine test, I was pulled right back in a room with another staff member who asked me to get completely naked. I felt a little uncomfortable but still dos as asked. She took LOTS of pictures of me and then asked me to put on a paper gown.. To be honest EVERYTHING was going so fast I really don't feel like I had enough time to process it all. I understand Spectrum probably has a quick turn around but I feel patients need time to understand what they are consenting too!! So she told me to sign a bunch of papers and rushed through each one. Not one document was discussed with me to help me understand what I was signing. I expected at least a brief synopsis of each document since we were on strict time constraints. I did skim over some of them but others had no idea what it was.

So after that, she took my blood pressure and it was elevated. I do have hypertension and had taken my medication at 6am so for my blood pressure to be elevated was unusual. But I was honestly nervous. Make a long story short.. My b/p never went down until I was in the OR laying on the table. The anesthesiologist did my IV well but had BO gloves on it any proper IV equipment (at least what I'm used to seeing in the medical field)

I then went back to the OR and within 1-2 minutes he put me to sleep. When I woke up (I felt rushed) to get out of there. I was super dizzy and my anesthesia hadn't wore off completely enough for me to walk or be as coherent. The only thing I felt is the pain. I felt a sharp pain in my chest like a severe gas pain and severe burning in the rest of my Torso. If I had to rate my pain, I would say a 12/10!

I had my sister drop me off at the house and she left to go get my prescriptions. I could not find a comfortable spit AT ALL.. Standing, kneeling, or laying on the bed. I was just in too much pain and didn't know what to do for relief. That's when I remembered I had Arnica tablets.. Seriously RS, these pills HELPED bring my 12/10 pain down within an hour to 3/10!!! I was able to find a comfortable spot on the floor and fell asleep until my sister returned!!

Well I'm getting sleepy again so I will post later my experience with surgery!! Thanks for supporting RS!

Day 2

Today started off good for me. I woke up fine, little stiffness snd little pain but it was tolerable. I took my garment off for the first time. It took my sister and I about 20 minutes only because it was painful. I wanted to wash my garment and take shower prior to going to my appointment (just so it was clean and I was clean--which my doctor and massage therapist REALLY appreciated). I received lipo foam (3 for $30) to use and then spoke with my surgeon. He answered all my questions and made me feel at ease about it all because he took time to see me even though today wasn't my post op visit.

Now after being back at my sisters house, I'm starting to feel a little sick. I have a slight fever of 100.1 and my body feels more achy. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

I've posted pics from day 2 garment removal and day 1 drainage.

Day 3 & 4

So for the past 3 days I've been running a low grade fever. Nothing higher than 101.8. I received phone calls from spectrum and I told them about my fever. Angela told me I needed to monitor it, continue my antibiotics, and she would follow up in the morning. She called the next day and asked if my fever went down.

I've also been getting lymphatic massages. They hurt sooo bad but worth it to remove all the fluid buildup. One of the things I was told to drink was pineapple juice. I was told this would help with making a bowel movement as well.

I did finally have a BM and was SUPER constipated. I didn't sit on the toilet but I did get on all fours with a pad under me. My BM unfortunately was super solid and hard and that's what made it DIFFICULT to pass.

I did feel much better after it was all said and done. I also feel as though this is why I had a low grade fever!

Day 4 traveling home

RS! So I caught my flight this morning with AA at MIA and I must say the TSA staff at the airport AND on the airline were rude and non compassionate! They were going to make me WALK to my terminal (which literally would have taken 20-30 minutes--maybe a little less but still!!)
Then on the flight they were just ignoring me when I needed anything or asked for anything (like skipping right over me and not bothering to see if I wanted juice and cookies when I'm clearly AWAKE because I'm standing!!!)

But there was one male flight attendant who made me smile. He said before we landed " I don't know what surgery you had, but I have an idea. If it is, I must say you look amazing!)

So how was the ride with sitting?? Honestly it was the best feeling and 15 minute relief ever! That booty buddy is the truth and works EXACTLY how it suppose too! 5 stars to them!

Second thing, I've been running a low grade fever since day 2. This has me worried because usually this is a sign of infection. I've been taking antibiotics, drinking lots of fluids, had a bowel movement, and using arnicare pills. Eating breakfast lunch and dinner. I'm not sure if it's something I'm doing wrong or if this is normal.. Please let me know if any of you experienced this.

Day 5

I'm feeling ok this morning. I'm home and trying to get bck in the swing of things.. I actually cooked last night with help of my husband. And this morning cooked my own breakfast. I may go for a lymphatic massage today but if not DEFINITELY tomorrow.

Here's my breakfast! Whole egg fried in olive oil topped with a mix of bean sprouts white & green onions chopped base and chopped cilantro. A avocado & tomato spread on wheat bread with Swiss cheese!

Questions answered by my surgeon

How many CC's in each cheek? 4000 total 2000 and 2000 in each

How much can I lift? No specific amount it's ok since I didn't get tummy tuck or breast lift.

When can I exercise? In 2 weeks (from date of surgery. On treadmill only and in 3 months are able to do squat exercises.

When will it soften up? Depends.. The longer the better. If it softens to fast, that's a bad thing..possibly 3 months or so

When can I change my garment? And what type? Month 3 but only if stage 1 is not needed.

When will I be able to have sex? In 2-3 weeks.

2 week update

So this update is primarily for myself b/c I don't have any real activity on my page so what I'm going to do is just list out everything that's happened and how I felt since my last update instead of an elaborate story.

Since day is day 13. I've had 2 lymphatic massages at massage envy. Only arms and back no abdomen. Changed my garment to what I think is a stage 2 garment because the 2xl butt out garment was causing me discomfort and pain. This was done at day 9. It's a size L and was SO much more comfortable and no butt out. My back and butt have been itchy a lot. I've been having REGULAR bowel movements since day 3/4 when I had my first one (no constipation, no stool softener needed). I've been eating some what healthy and drinking water but prob not enough. Today moving on I'm going to try and eat better since I can't really exercise like I want (the only in Healy food Ivr had since surgery is candy-prob too much, cookies like 5/6 total, ice cream 3-4 small scoops, and some peach cobbler-small bowl) everything else is either brown rice veggies, fruits, or some type of seafood since I'm pescetarian. I've been swimming and it actually felt good. And I've started driving (with the use of my booty buddy which helps tremendously). I have not sat down on my butt yet but I have been lying in my sides some when it doesn't hurt.

That's all I can think of really get now but if anyone has any questions, such as what brand is my stage 2, or what's my current weight or measurements (which I will post later), leave a comment for me.

* most of the pics are with me sucking in :-( and the one I'm not I left a caption stating I'm not

I'm not sure how I feel about the results or if me switching my garment out at 9 days decreased my booty size. I just feel it's not as big as I anticipated seeing how big it was after surgery. Also my butt is still sort of hard but has very little movement. Which my surgeon said the longer it takes to soften the better the results of the fat survival.
Dr. Omulepu

Dr. Ortega

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