My experience as a BBL Omulepu Doll - Miami, FL

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Ok so I've been researching doctors for months now...

Ok so I've been researching doctors for months now and I'm so excited that I have the opportunity to have Dr Omulepu as my doctor. I live about an 8hr drive away so not to far but far enough! I was so torn in choosing location over experience/results. Local doctors in my area do not specialize in bbl's but are the same price or more! Excited to post my journey with Dr O with all of you. Your stories have helped me so much in making my decision and I hope I can help someone out there too!

Compression Garmets

Ladies please help me! if you know of any good affordable garments post the link for me! thank you thank you!!

20 days!

So I'd like to start with a review on spectrum. They are very busy and I have a hard time getting through to my coordinater Liz. I had to ask for my bloodwork email for several days. I did get the email yesterday bc I BLEW up their phone, emails, and chat all day yesterday and got the bloodwork taken care of today. So that's done. Omulepu is apparently very busy as well and it's extremely hard to get a phone call from him. I feel that if he can book the appointments and take our money he should give the courtesy of a phone call to answer questions. I realize he's a great doctor with great prices but if you can't handle that many patients than stop taking so many patients on. It's not fair that some get a call and some do not. I was told by Liz today that it's very difficult to get a phone call bc he's so busy but if I have any questions just to ask her and she will ask him for me if she doesn't know. So I asked her if he uses general anesthesia or IV sedidation and she said general but didn't even know what IV sedidation was. This is why I want to speak to a doctor and not her. She has a tendency to interrupt me when I'm talking and always seems to need to get off the phone in a hurry before I'm finished with my questions. It's interesting that she could call me 3 times a day before I put my deposit down to now getting her voicemail 90% of the time after I've already signed the contract. So I'm dealing with this busy office to get to Omulepu in the end because I know he's a good doctor. But if you want more personal attention this is not the doctor for you.

Possibly switching lipo areas for bbl!

So in the process of gaining weight which is going good! I was able to put on 5lbs this past week! I'm eating like a horse:) I've noticed a lot of the fat seems to be going to my inner thighs so I started to get worried bc this is not one of the areas mentioned in the all inclusive price for $4500 and I didn't want to have to try and lose any weight after the procedure. Don't wanna risk loosing any booty gains! I asked If it was possible to switch the upper back area to inner thighs for the same price since I feel I may have more fat to work with there and was told YES! So I'm going to let dr Omulepu decide during the consult which area he feels he can harvest the most fat for best result. As he would know better than me. But was very excited that this is an option that's available in case anyone is wondering!!

Found an affordable post BBL garment $30, free shipping, link in updates, Great reviews!

14 more daaaaaaaays!!!

So nervous, so excited... Can't wait:)

Before pics after 5lbs weight gain

5 more lbs to go!! Got my medical clearance today whoop whoop! Had a little scare my coordinater said I wasn't on the schedule! But she checked and called me right back and said I was good to go for Monday the 13th!! Yaaaay!

Wish pics

Before pics of ME

Ok everyone I hope the photos upload this time... Here are my befores. I have gained 10lbs in about 3 weeks. My butt actually got bigger in the process along with my legs. But I did get some belly and back fat along too.

Waiting for a call...

Hi ladies. I've been getting a little nervous bc some of my questions are still unanswered. I requested a call from Dr Omulepu this morning and who ever answered the phone said he was in surgery and she took my name and number and said she would have him call me. I'm still waiting..... My SX is on Monday and I just need to speak with him before I make this trip to Miami. I think I will be more at ease if I do.

Rice sizer lol... Thought I'd give it a try to gauge 500cc

So I followed the instructions on real self on how to make the rice sizer inserts to see about what my butt would look like with 500ccs. obviously not an exact science but still kinda fun

Got my appointment time today!

Almost there ladies! Leaving tomorrow for Miami! Appointment confirmed for 10am Monday:)))

Feeling ok ladies:)

Ok so I'm awake and feeling ok. I know everyone heals different but I'm just feeling sore. The nausea was really bad when I first woke up. Still bad. I will post more pics tomorrow when I take my garmet off to shower. He didn't use drains on me. He said I didn't need them bc I was small. Obviously I'm swollen can't even see my own waist but I love the shape he gave me so far:) I promise I will updat more pictures in the days and months to come.

Healing process

Well ladies I am still feeling sore today of course. Lots of swelling in my hips and my booty is hard as a rock! Lol I spoke to him about projection and he said as I heal the booty will drop down as it softens up. I'm healing so keep that in mind when you are judging my pictures. I'm posting them so you can visually see the progress as I heal. I am so happy with my shape! No more back fat and my butt is nice and round:) more pics to come

Side by side pics

Picture on right right was pre weight gain of 12lbs

Wanna know how many cc's ladies?!?!?!

1750 in each cheek!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Developed a seroma:(

So looks like he should have put the drain in. Today I went in for my check up and he had to drain a lot of fluid from my lower abs. He was very apologetic and realized he should have used it in the first place. So now I have one drain in the front and the seroma is now gone. Still love him tho:)


Still swollen but loving this new shape of mine! Thank you Dr Omulepu:*

My boooooootaaaay

That is all

On the drive home stopped in Daytona took my garment off

For a few minutes to catch the sunrise...


Bruising just about gone swelling gone down too! This was just for fun I'll take more accurate looking pics soon:)

Tips from a Nutritionist:) yes that's me! Oh and a booty pic:D

Ok ladies I've been reading a lot about you ladies trying to get Iron levels up pre and post op. Also for all you ladies that had to gain weight, here are some tips to maintain as much fat as possible in your butt. I'll start with iron.
If your levels are less than 13 pre op eating red meat can be an easy way to raise the levels. The best is steak cooked rare to medium at the most twice a day. Lots of deep green leafy veggies like spinach and kale. Portions should be 2-3 cups!! Sound like a lot bc it is! Those of you with good levels it's still good to eat these pre op... Post op eat steak for breakfast then again once more a day beginning post op day 2 I'm not kidding here ladies. Also drink orange juice with your steak or iron rich foods bc it helps your body absorb the most iron. Listing below of foods high in iron-
1. Liver
2. Steak (cooked rare to medium) 4-6 oz
3. Sea bass- 4oz
4. Lentils- 1/2 - 1 cup
5. Black beans- 1/2 - 1 cup
6. Spinach - 2-3 cups
7. Kale- 2-3 cups
8. Broccoli- 1-2 cups

Ladies that had to gain weight pre op, my advice to maintain the most amount of fat is to continue to eat almost the amount you were eating to gain weight. Minimum 2500 calories a day so your body doesn't feel the need to burn the fat you just gained that is now in your booty. Now this is just my theory not a proven fact but in my opinion if you had to gain weight you have to now eat enough to maintain that weight. Good luck to all the ladies out there safe surgery and happy healing!

For some reason the pic didn't upload in my last update

Hopefully it does this time..

Projection :D

I know yall have been waiting for this one! Blurred background for privacy reasons.

Does anyone know when you take off the dressing from incision sites?

I know I wasn't supposed to remove them for a certain period of time but does anyone know how many days your supposed to leave them on?


Back is still swollen but that's to be expected:) booty softening up and dropping. I was having fun trying on bikinis!

Front pic of belly and hips

I promised yall a belly pic after I got my drained removed.. Belly is hard and tight still but I stretch it many times a day and do daily massages myself. It's very flat! He did not do my upper abs. He said I didn't need it. Just did lower abs and left and right waist. I love it looks very natural and I'm happy with my results on my tummy so far:)

Progress photo

I'm holding on to the shape he gave me this far. Fingers crossed I keep this shape bc I love it. Most swelling has gone down in my back but there is still a little. I'm still sleeping on my tummy and staying off sitting on my butt. I use a yoga mat to drive and a boppy pillow to sit and eat. I have some numbness still in my flanks and back but the feeling is starting to return. My tummy is still tight and Dr. Omulepu has recommended massages daily which I have started myself and will start professional massages Monday. I was supposed to be getting them already regularly and I've only had 2 in the past 2 weeks so I'm not doing as I should have been but I'm going to start Monday.

More progress!! Pictures:)

Swelling has started to come down in my lower back finally! :D still wearing all my foam at night with my original faja. I love the shape.

4 months post op

It's been a looooong time since I posted an update but wanted to give another look at my body 4months post so you can see that I have not lost ANY fat on my booty! It actually has fluffed up and measures 41.5 inches across the hips. Waist is a 26 around belly button. I'm super happy with my body. I love it!!

4 months post op

It's been a looooong time since I posted an update but wanted to give another look at my body 4months post so you can see that I have not lost ANY fat on my booty! It actually has fluffed up and measures 41.5 inches across the hips. Waist is a 26 around belly button. I'm super happy with my body. I love it!!

He is the best. Although spectrum can be a pain in the butt, Dr Omulepu is worth it. He is caring, honest, personable, and funny. I was very nervous surgery day and he immediately put me at ease when he came in the room. You must communicate with him about your goals and if you do he will give you what you want if it's realistic. I would recommend him and will recommend him to anyone looking for a cosmetic procedure. I'm so happy with my results and choosing Dr Omulepu was the best choice for me.

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