Dr.Fisher, 23 Year Old Petite, I Need a Butt. Miami, FL

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So I used to be so against body enhancement...

So I used to be so against body enhancement surgery. I've been underweight all my life, after having my first child my metabolism dropped and I was able to gain weight, I was excited I started working out and my butt grew nice an plump but I have squared hips so no matter how much squats or lunges I do my hips will remain square, that's how it all started! I am now scheduled with Dr. Fisher for September 13 and I'm excited but nervous!!!! I'm so glad to see so many good reviews on Dr. Fisher!!!


I am 4'11 my current weight 115
Thights: 26' at lowest part
I have some booty butttt....NO HIPS

Help! GARMENT QUESTIONS for VETS and newbies

Hey y'all!!!! Sooooo for the garment, what garment did you guys or are looking to purchase? Should I wait until I purchase mine at vanity, im just scared to get it too big or too small. Any brand names like "vedette" or "Salome" would be helpful!!!! Thank you guys!!!!

What just happen?

So I went to Dr. Fishers Instagram and it said user not found, did he delete his IG or did someone hack it???? I'm hoping he's not going MIA like Hasan did....... Lol just a though but with what happened at Encore I'm on edge about him quitting and going with another company lol did y'all notice the Instagram account is gone?


If anyone is having surgery with Fisher soon as in SOON can y'all ask him what happened to his IG! LMAO it's the only real direct connection we have with the guy lol I hope he's in good terms with Vanity, they better be treating him good lol!

5 days out baby!!!!

Dr fisher hooked me up soooo happy I chose him as my doctor follow me on IG @fisherdollsep16

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