My Brazilian Butt Lift Journey

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Like most of you I have been doing my own research...

Like most of you I have been doing my own research on Brazilian butt lifts and so far I am loving the results from Dr Duran, Dr Mendieta and Dr Salama.
I follow Duran on instagram and the photos all look great but some are glamourised, regrammed from patients and some are unclear but you can see she gives all her patients CURVES. Which is the only reason I am considering her, she's got the eye and technique that gives beautiful results.
Who else has had first hand experience with Dra Duran? Aka Duran Doll?
Anyone out there been to Dr mendieta? He is so highly recommended, and based in Miami which I feel is safer than DR. I think he shapes a natural result that is suitable to your own body shape, so it's believeable. Which I also like but I am mindful of loosing volume due to de-swelling, and fat reabsorbtion.
Dr Salama is a happy medium between the two although some photos I've seen of his work it results haven't been symmetrical and I am from out of town so I can't afford to fly back doe touch ups.
Anyone had a BBL with Salama?
My questions with any Dr are:
1: How have you found their care for pre and post op? Esp for overseas travellers?
2: How was your recovery? Long? Any issues?
3: Were you the first patient of the day they operated on?
4: Any medical issues afterward? Numbness? Scarring? Burning?
5: Fat reabsorbtion occur? Was it mild or extreme?
6: if you weren't happy for any reason did they offer a 2nd round revision?
7: where did you stay? Would you go back? Or would you recommend elsewhere?

Thank you for your help!

Think I am going to go with Dr Del Vecchio

his work is amazing, I got a quote and although it's more expensive then the other doctors I'm considering I think it's worth it.

Ive uploaded a wish pic and will keep adding more as I go!

Wish pics

DR ASLANI in Malaga

So after so much research I'm going to settle with Dr Aslani, I have to travel over 30hrs to get to Malaga, Spain! but I was also thinking of Duran I love her work she gives women the best shape but its just a little to risky for me.

I can't wait to confirm my dates I really hope they have an early JAN 2017 opening so I can book it!
I'm 170cm and 73KG I love my ratios but have always had trouble spots like my love handles, I want a teeny tiny waist and a sexy af ass. I believe Dr Aslani can give that to me!

My quote stated I only needed to be there for 8 days, I already secured my apartment in centro Malaga, originally my hubby was coming with me but I rather he stay home with my kids..

I have a two bedroom still booked but I can change it at anytime, although before I do anyone looking for a buddie to Malaga for Jan 2017?

Details re quote with Aslani

So I was quoted $7700EURO for my lipo with waterjet and BBL I added the arms. I felt that was important as I didn't want to end up putting weight on my arms in the end... was an extra $600EUROs. I thought maybe I could just coolsculpt this part as well? Might work out better that way I will see what the Dr thinks when I have my skype consult.

Anyone else travelling from Australia for BBL?

If anyone else has travelled from Australia to America, Dominican or Spain for a BBL can you share your experience?

Skype consultation with Dr. Aslani

I had a consultation with Dr Aslani last week, he answered all of my questions and more some points to note are:

My question: Do you buffer in 20% extra fat to keep the volume? His answer in my words to my understanding is that that this a an old methodology, over grafting the fat tends to make it heavy and this in-turn results in less fat surviving.

My concern: Fibrosis and lump stomachs post lipo, how do you minimise the chances of developing this? His answer in my own words was basically, aggressive liposuction to a particular area like the stomach means you can be more prone to lumps in the stomach. To give yourself a bit of buffer, if the surgeon asks you to gain a bit of weight do so!

I asked a heap more questions about myself and shape and recovery etc but I thought these answers (above) were the most interesting.

He asked me to gain another 5kg! Which isn't a problem for me but I' just paranoid about my face as I put weight on my chin area.... Has anyone lost more weight after their procedure? Like if I am at 80kg, then have surgery and loose weight again down to like 70kg? I don't want to be taking away from my booty!

Dr Aslani seems cool enough he is definitely a professional and we ended up talking for about 35mins, he's a busy guy so glad I had an opportunity to ask him my questions.

I'm looking for dates in Jan 2017 and travel buddies if anyone else is going to see him in Spain!


Now going to Dr Fisher in Miami

So I changed again...haha

My tastes have evolved I think Dr Fisher is the man for me and my bootay! I've left my deposit so now looking at dates, hes booked until April 2017 :( I was hoping to go sooner but ohwell. I will be flying from Australia --> Miami, it will be my first time.

What recovery houses are more LUXURIOUS?
Who does the best lymphatic massages out there?

Can't wait to be Fisherfied. ha!

woot woot!

Designing my shape with Facetune app!

Left: I was messing around with facetune to figure out what shape suits my longer torso.

Right: before ????

Date secured!

I have my date scheduled for the 16th May! anyone else around at this time? I'm excited and nervous and super happy all at once! As time goes on I'm so happy to decided with Dr Aslani. He's the best in Europe, we stay in a hospital for the first night incase anything goes wrong you're in safe hands. Cirumed also offer INSURANCE for elective procedures, it cost extra but worth it as it offers peace of mind. Based on what Dr Aslani has done for other women I feel he will give me amazing results. His method for achieving the best outcome for Bbl makes sense to me, like the skin tightening laser to lipo areas etc. I am going with another RS friend we've booked an apartment in Marbella for our recovery and have a friend coming to take care of us. It's been great having an sx buddy, I think everyone should have this kind of support. I also am loving the RS community without this resource it would have been a walk in the dark. Thank you to everyone who posts and keep us up to date! Xxx

New wish pics

My preferences are evolving, I know everyone has a different shape and measurements but I still think it's important to point out what you like and what you don't like!

Surgery today!

I'm so hungry! Can't wait for this to be over so I can eat... lol no seriously though at least I'm not that nervous ???? what helped was going through more wish pics. Really makes you want it more! I'll update when I get out meantime check out my pre-op pics

Made it to the recovery side

I'm in Day two of recovery now and I can finally get up and walk around without feeling faint. They strap these medical compression garments to your waist and it's really tight so that was making me feel sick. I had a shower today and changed in to a new garment, feel like I'm 50% of the way there, I still feel weak because I haven't been eating properly, all my body has been craving is fresh fruit, water and tea. So I kinda need to eat some protein and vegetables and will feel even better. So, my tips are COME WITH SOMEONE the nurses do BASIC shit, don't even come to check your stats in the middle of the night. Just give you painkillers on Iv before bed and then in the morning you get more stuff through IV. In saying this they are sweet, but we didn't demand them so much because we paid a friend to come and look after us. I feel really bad for anyone who comes alone, get a surgery buddy I found mine on RS. Bring some snacks like fruit, biscuits etc the food here is not the best but I couldn't eat it due to feeling nauseous. My sx buddy ate her dinner hahah so it's different for everyone. In the end Dr Aslani put in 1600 cc per cheek my shape is great, completely changed and very happy so far.

Day 5

Bruising is a bishh! I'm purple....looks like I've been in a car accident my swelling has been about the same for the last 2 days. I've been having lympathic drainage massages everyday. Dr Aslani's clinic provides 2 massages with Peter at the clinic, you can purchase more for €50 each but then you also have to be transported there so it can add up unless you hire a car and have someone drive. I contacted barbara who is mobile and will come to you she's great and is a Vodder practitioner so you're in capable hands ( I've taken a pic of her card ) I still haven't been sleeping much waking up every few hours so maybe that's slowing down my healing but it's difficult to sleep on my belly. Oh and as far as accomodation we hired an apartment off Airbnb Gran Ducado and it's great, fast wifi, lots of space, sunroom, close to supermarket and beach, the weather has been amazing.

mobile Lympathic drainage

Good luck!

Still recovering

Fat by day it's gets better I'm pretty good now the only super annoying thing is swelling in my lower legs and feet. They're like pancakes ???? hate the swelling wish they'd clear up soon! On the up side Most of my bruising is gone, my shape is amazing although the ass has become smaller which is expected the shape is great though Dr Aslani gave me the tiny waist I wanted.
Dr Alexander Aslani

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