Deflated Booty!! Wanting Youth @$$ Bk!

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3wks away from becoming an Alvarez doll!! Nervous...

3wks away from becoming an Alvarez doll!! Nervous anxious excited all in one! Not knowing what to expect but knowing what I want to look like geeeesh!! I'm interested in projection along with having a beutified peach shaped booty!! After losing weight I lost my hips and bk side, I do have something to work with thank GOD!

Sooo Anxious (genuines voice)

So ladies 14 days away I should be a bootylicious transformed bombshell!! Can't wait I'll post some b4 and after pics soon!!

Booty 1 yr ago

Just want to get my ass back!!

The now flat booty..:( and nasty belly

Praying for great results!!????????????

Lab work

Well the date is quickly approaching and my nerves are at an all time high!! I made up my mind after reading numerous reviews I thought it would be wise to stay at a rh for at least 24 hrs after the sx I'm going with Keyla her reviews are AMAZING! I'll go from there as I'm not quit sure if I'll be able to take care of myself or my friend and I will care for each other...just not sure how we'll be able to tolerate the pain and or discomfort!!


Well labs are in and all set!! Only one minor problem.... my surgical coordinator tells me I have a balance of.... ummm maybe someone else's balance! I'm paid in full! Ready to take flight and get the pain over with......

Last minute essentials

3 days till pre op!!! I can't sleep I'm not sure if I have everything I'll need, I'm trying to pack light with only things I'll need I'm not staying long just til Sunday!!! IN & OUT GOD WILLING VETS!!! Any suggestions feel free to drop a line or two...

On the way!!!

Well I'm half way to Miami tomorrow is my sx day!!!


I made it dolls!!!

Surgery Day!!

Ok dolls well first I'd like to start off by saying we made it!!! Funny thing is we're the only two standing here with our luggage!! My friend is scheduled for 6:30 this morning while I'm scheduled for 8:30 this morning....the girl just arrived!!!


Ok so while I'm anxiously waiting, my friend and another female are both back there! I should be across from her but oh well guess it's for the best...sitting here waiting in walks the handsome master sculpting Dr. Alvarez very friendly and vibrant! My best review will be of me all marked up! Til then dolls!!

The wait is almost over!!

Well I made it in the back!!! Waiting to get marked up!!

Out of sx

Hey dolls!! Happy to say I made it out!!! Im sore, but I made it!! I'll post when I'm strong enough!!!

Tired & Sore

Well let me say this Keylas recovery house is Amazing she is a nurturing GOD sent! I would recommend mature well put together woman here to be taken care of by Keyla. Couldn't and wouldn't ask for anyone else! I'm going to have my first message today...lucky me!! Ouch! This is no walk in the park the level of pain but as strong woman "we have to this" these perks have me tired so I'll be back soon ladies!!

Day 2 post op

This is definitely not what I wanted....I would have appreciated the option of waiting for the desired results!! I'm looking at the other ladies here at the rh and they have exactly what I wanted!! I'm not feeling so good for the pain and discomfort I'm in...I'm very sore, not too sure!!!

Time to go!!!

My recovery stay was amazing at Keyla's recovery house! However I'm not PLEASE with my results AT ALL nor am I happy about a few other things that will NEVER happen AGAIN IN LIFE!!! When you plan to do something make sure your shit is well put together!!!!

Getting a massage

Day two results

Tonight is the last night in MIAMI

I couldn't have had a better experience!! Keyla is the #1 person to go to for nurturing yourself back to life!!!!

4days post op

Just made it back home!! Thank GOD!!

My position

Lymphatic massages are life!!

Haven't met with Dr. A just yet but I am very anxious! I trust I'm in great hands!!

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