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Hi bbl dolls!! I'm still navigating this site! So...

Hi bbl dolls!! I'm still navigating this site! So i have a consult with dr. Miami aug 24th ! Loll I'll be on vacation in Europe but I'll make it happen!! I know i need a tt but I'm gonna see if I can get a mini tt if he really disagrees with lipo due to my lil pouch!

I called cosmi care in miami, and there charging 2, 000 for everything all inclusive for 16 nights i think. I think bella donna would be cheaper for me possibly!

Hassan or Fisher?!

Hi bbl dolls!! So, i decided to look i to these two drs because dr.miamis wait is too long lolll. Hassan has scattered days ready in 2016! I like hassans results more simply because he does aggressive lipo. I may or may not need a tt later on if my skin retracts wonderfully! I'm wonder How many ccs I should get in each cheek, so my fina result after my ass goes down is good!

Thinking of Cabral

I've done quite a bit of research, spoke with ladies who were successful with him & even had more then one round with him. They believe he has stepped his game up since his past mishaps! I will be going to santo domingo myself to just sit down & talk to him & visit cipla maybe even see if I could get a consult with duran :) i want to go while it's winter in nyc. I should have the full amount end of September. I noticed no one talks to newbies on here ! ???? ????

Dr It Is!

I know I haven't updated in a month or so, but no one seems to interactive with me here as some other rs members stated on their pages so I lost interest in posting & found the sx community on ig wayyyy better. So I'm going to the one & only dr cabral jan 13th!! Bbl , arms & lipo!! My pcp is okay givig me muscle relaxers but I didn't tell her it's for sx!! Hehe. Tomorrow i go to lab for blood work & a cbc to check my hemo. & that's it. Once that's done i just need to lose 30 lbs

change of plans

I was supposed to go to dr but soooo many thing have been going on over there as far as burns and infections(seromas and etc) all of july that i said no i will go to cali, colombia instead. My number one top pic is dr.haroldpaz
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