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Hi, ladies I'm looking to get the bbl done early...

Hi, ladies I'm looking to get the bbl done early next year by Dr.Sergio A . @ his private pratice In Miami. I live in Detroit, I'm 5'1 and 200 lb Lena told me I need to loss 20lb by time surgery, that want be hard to no my weight all ways go up and down. I'm looking for some ladies that's my size that had surgery by him and r u ladies satisfied about ur results or not I will like to here from u I been doing me RS for two month now and out of all the testimony no one ever state how long there in surgery. I was told by spectrum that the it take 2to3 hr. But others say 4to 6 so I would like to know witch one is true . Also I will like to know whats the big difference between spectrum and his private practice . Just will like to know ur point of view. This will Help me put my down payment down this week thanks for your help RS????

Thinking about changing doctors for my bbl

Ok, now I'm not to sure about dr. A Sergio no one from his private practice ever return my calls or email also I'm reading to many RS dolls r losing way to much volume in there butt so I'm really having mix emotions about him. So now I'm RS on dr. Blinski in miaimi I'm asking for any Dr. B dolls to plz give me some feed back on this dr. Good or bad. And also I will like to know do u have to be a certain size for him to get the best results.
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