Valls Doll in the making!!!

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I am booked and excited to get to Miami to Dr....

I am booked and excited to get to Miami to Dr. Ortega!!! Has anyone recently been to him? How was your experience? I am nervous but it's much need! I was told to gain 10 more pounds (160( to see better results so I'm looking for some ideas on how I can add some pounds. I won't be getting my procedure untill March2017

3 more months!!!

When should I start buying my supplies I'm so anxious March needs to hurry up!!


I paid the $300 deposit for Mel Ortega but I have seen so many mixed reviews. My worst fear is getting the procedure and not liking my results. I am going for a more natural look but I still want a fatty and a flat stomach... can somebody help boost my confidence in him? Any reviews from people who have recently went? I was also looking at Ghauri either way I'm hoping to get it done in March so I need to choose soon.... Help!

Change of Doctor!

I really wanted Dr. Ortega but he is booked until May which doesn't fit my schedule well so I'm considering Dr.Calva or Dr.Stover any reviews on them help me out here!!

Stessed out!!!

Dr. Valls might be my new doctor.... he doesn't have much internet presence but I've heard good things so I'm unsure but I need to lock a date in asap!! Help

Wish pics!!!

I just want a flat tummy & a nice round booty

20 more days!!!

I got so much to get in so little time.... I'm excited and nervous..... is this normal?


I emailed my coordinator about my upcoming surgery still no response... I haven't received any pre op paper work or anything giving me instructions on what to do prior to surgery... I'm so nervous. I'm considering doing my labs here and having them faxed over so they don't give me the run around. Imagenes has to do better making there out of state patients feel comfortable. Any suggestions?

13 days!!!!

I'm excited, anxious, nervous, yeah all of that!!

I hope he delivers!!

8 days y'all!!

5 days away......

Hey ladies I need help! My date change so I'm going for surgery a day sooner and I have no one to pick me up from surgery and care for me till my sx buddy touch down which is later that night how do I go about getting a nurse or an aid to care for me? I go for surgery Monday 20th I need to find someone asap! Or is there anyone who will be down already that can help me out?

24 hours away!

Tomorrow is the big day and I'm so terrified I'm not go even lie.... I'm excited at the same time! Finishing up some last minute packing and getting ready to head to the airport.... all labs came back great I get ekg at 9am and surgery about noon... please keep me in your prayers not only that it goes smooth but that he delivers.... any ladies already in Miami?

Another death

Dr. Calva at Eres yesterday lookup article ladies

Today is the day!!

I'm here!! Just finish paper work going to try on faja and I'm scheduled for 11am.... I'm so freaking nervous guys but I have faith and I'm running with it!! Please pray for me! I'll keep you dolls posted.

I'm a Valls Doll now!!!!

Thank you to all you amazing dolls for praying for me and checking on me!!! I didn't get out of surgery till 6pm and the meds had me knocked out. I must say I felt like I got hit by several trucks once I woke up. Haven't seen my body yet but my friend said I look great! I'll give a good run down of my experience after my post op appointment today..... Dr.Valls was very sweet and honest. I'll upload pics later too!

Post op visit was painful!

Them putting them foam boards and stuff under my faja I'm not go lie it was so painful. I tried to eat earlier and threw everything up powerade and potato soup ; ( just had some water and jello so far so good! My friend said I'm being a cry baby but she don't realize how painful this crap is..... it looks like my booty big I don't know lol you be the judge.

5 day post op!

That shower was great! I wanted to post a new picture with a side by side to see if it helps!! My results look great : ) I don't have too many before pictures because I usually hide my fat pudge and butt when I dress up. I hope this helps..... pain is about a 2 to 3 and I haven't took a pain pill.. eating better and walking more recovery is going well ladies thanks for the support I'll be updating more when I heal

7 days post op drain out!

Got my drain taking out by my doctor back home and it was painful.... the doctor had a lot of stitch around the drain so it was hard to get them out... glad they are out and i can't wait for these painful stichches to dissolve... getting better day by day... I'll update some pictures without the faja on. To be 7 days out I think I'm doing good my stomach is being stubborn but it's still swollen... thanks dolls for all your support you ladies rock?? Feel free to ask me questions I'll do a full journey update soon I hope my updates help.

Two weeks post op!

Feeling much better..... healing great! Went back to work this weekend and it felt good to be up and moving... I'm tired of these dang on faja I feel like a walking mummy with the foam and ab boards but I know it's only to maximize my results so I guess I'll keep wearing them.... very swoll at the hip area and lower abdomen im going to see a local surgeon just to make sure I'm healing properly.... still loving my results but I wish the swelling hurry up and go down it looks like a pudge in my stomach ugh!

Few new pictures!! Only like 21/2 weeks out

Healing process

I'm not healing as fast as I though I would I'm almost 4 weeks out and it still hurt to sit on my butt! It hurts to bend over and I still can't tie my own shoes lol. I still have quite a few stitches in also. My friend sits without a pillow and all her stitches are out and she only 3 weeks out... any suggestions I'm just tired of the swelling in my stomach and sides.... maybe change in my diet?

New Pic alert

I'm loving my results ; )

Bottoms up


So I'm about 6 weeks out and I'm still sore...... my upper butt and all around my waist anything I can do or take? The bottom of my stomach is very swollen but I haven't really wore my faja cause it's too big and I don't wanna pay $100 for another one.... any suggestions?

Still happy!!

I'm happy to say that I still love my results.... I stepped out with my girls last night and all eyes were on me lol! Dr. Valls got me together!

Did somebody say more pics?? Lol

Still happy!! : )

Still happy!!!

More pics for you guys!!!
Miami Physician

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