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After peeking on this site for quite a while,I am...

After peeking on this site for quite a while,I am taking the plunge! Having had gastric bypass in 2013, and losing 140 lbs, I was left with one saggy blob of a body and this year I decided it wAs time for me to focus on me. As such I had a TT in May 2015, the back part of a lower body lift in Swptember 2015 and now I am getting a BBL in November 2015.

Vanity is the Worse!

I just got an email (please see below) via my portal that my surgery scheduled for 11/20/15 has been canceled because Dr. Fisher has decided that he doesn't want to do surgeries that day! Of course this was after I paid almost my whole balance minus $ 450.00 and paid for flights for both myself and my husband.

Coordinators: daniela arteaga (
daniela arteaga ( on Date Sent: 11/4/2015 1:59:58 PM

Good afternoon, my name is Daniela, Dr. Fisher's assistant.

I'm sending you this e-mail in regards to your surgery scheduled on November 20, 2015.

I'm sorry to tell you that Dr. Fisher has decided to not perform any surgeries on that day.

Please advise when you would like to reschedule to.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience and have a lovely rest of your day.
11/4/2015 2:47:22 PM

OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!

Now they have come back and said that Dr. Fisher will do the surgery!!!!!! Are you kidding me, what a roller coaster.

TWO Weeks and Counting!

Ok, RS sisters it is getting real now....I have ordered pretty much all of my supplies, have started packing and am ready to go!

Post Op my goal is to stay off my butt for 6 weeks, so I have purchased a BBL pillow and another device call the curvecure, which is a new bbl device that is going to hit the market in 2 weeks.

I am now looking to post op massages - anyone have any recommendations? I sent a text to Medical Massage, with no response as of yet and am still looking. I saw mention of someone by the name of Elsie, does anyone have contact information for her?


I am sorry I haven't really been posting a lot of updates as I have been super busy with scheduling my surgery and just life. I will be uploading before pics between today and tomorrow!

Is it Normal??

I am now second guessing my Dr. selection wondering if Dr. Hasan would give me more of the shape I am looking for as I want/need very aggressive lipo that is just as important to me as butt. I chose Fisher because he also does hips which I also need, but Hasan's overrall shaping is looking bananas.....

OK so here goes, please show me some mercy.....

Ok ladies so let me preface these pictures by saying that I am 46 yrs old and have lost 140 lbs and as such have alot of extra skin......

However I thought it was only fair that I too post my before pics so that someone might benefit my journey as I have benefited from many of yours....

MOre Pics Clothes On...

I have question??

I am 5'5 173 lbs (and still dieting), would anyone in my size range mind sharing with me what size compression garment they purchased?

I am looking to purchase a Vedette 928 and not sure what size I should get?

Please help.

I wish upon a star***

Reflecting and Thanking

I am just thanking God for his grace and his mercy, although I may not be where I want to be, I am not where I was.........

I think that often in life we are so busy with the day to day (bootay search LOL....)we forget to just say Thank You. God is so good, all the time!!!!!

8 Days and Counting........

So anxious..........................

8 days and Counting

Sooooo Anxious (In my Genuwine voice)...................................................

Labs Done......

Labs and EKG (EKG normal) done today should have results by Friday, had labs run last month just to make sure I didn't need any supplements, but these are the officials results!!!!!!!!

Curve Cure Cushion

My latest purchase....

Better PIc of Pillow

Comes with a pump to blow it up to blow it up too!

Wish pics.....5 days and counting...

Super Nervous!!!!!

But I know that God's got me......


Pre-op tomorrow 11/19 and surgery 11/20! Can't wait to be on the other side. Praying for all of us, many blessings RS sisters that are having there surgeries today, may God work through the hands of various surgeons....

Pre-Op Day

At Vanity waiting to begin pre-op, on pins and needles! Can't wait to get my surgery time for tomorrow!

Vanity is soooo unprofessional!

I am sitting here waiting on my pre-op I came at 7:30 am thinking I would be the first one (office opens at 8:30). It's 10:00am all I have done is taken a pregnancy test which I had taken less than two weeks ago through my primary.


Finally I at least am given the paperwork to sign my life away, and when I look carefully I notice that all of the medical information belongs to another patient! Can you say violation of HIPAA! These people need a class action suit.

Today is the day!

Today is the date of my surgery, please keep me in your prayers as I will you.....

God bless!

Made it to the other side, however.......

I keeping fainting, if this doesn't subside I am going the hospital tonight...and i am bleeding like a pig

Still need to update...

Sorry RS sisters I have had a really rough recovery not to mention I am not super happy with my results but I wanted to post a few pics...

Not Happy with my results nor Vanity, looking forward to Round 2 with Dr Yily November 2016

Sorry I have been MIA, however I have been somewhat depressed, as my results are not what I wanted. This has been one serious rollercoaster! But I am back on the horse and looking forward to Round 2 in DR November 2016.

I'm Baaacccckk and looking to have Round 2 BBL in April at the latest

I had my first BBL with Dr. Fisher in November 2015. Initially I wasn't to happy with my results but once every settled my results were tolerable. After considering where I started I think the man did a damn good job. However now I am back and looking for Round 2, I am currently scheduled for April 21 with Dr. Hasan, however I am seeing a lot of good results from Dr. Blinski, and he does hips as well, which I desperately need....So we will see
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