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So for years I been obsessed with getting doing a...

So for years I been obsessed with getting doing a bbl but for a few reason I never went ahead and did it one my son, what if something during surgery goes , two the price, three I'm always told I have enough fat by vanity consultant but I tell meself no way I inly weigh 112 pd and time for recovery.. Moreover, Im seriously intreated but also scared. Idk. I know that deep down inside I'll be happy with the results but my fear wins. So vanity cosmetic consultant me 3500 for doctor fisher and that I should lock in the price and I didn't now that I have the time I'm told 4300 for hasan not my first pick but heard good things about his work. I have a friend who is a fisher doll and she looks amazing the man has hands of gold. Anywhoo... I'm not sure what to iOS seriously don't think I have enough fat for the bbl I'll post a few pictures also does anyone know any recovery house ... Any help will be helpful also I know I'm thin and yes I could hit the gym but as much as I go to the gym I'll never have that hour figure glass that I want and I could never lose my back fat and my back is so wide :-/ I'm just over it

I need to gain weight

I keep losing weight instead of gaining. When I locked in my day I was 113 now ow I'm 109 which is stressing because I really feel that I should just go to the gym now but I know the gym will never give me that hourglass shape I want...

Finally over with

So in April I changed my mind and decided to not don't bbl. but this time around I got it done. I went from blood work to a recovery room.. I feel great if any of you ladies have any questions I'll be honest as I can with any question because a lot of these the girls that work at the doctors office sale you dreams this why I didn't do my surgery in April...

Jeffery lagrasso

Amazing I need to update my doctor I have no idea how to


Does anyone know how to change my doctors name ???

Bll Jeffery lagrasso slim girls

Hello there my light weight ladies...
We have hope to achieve the results we want. Don't ever think because we are slim and petite we can't have work done. With the right board certified Doctor and enough fat to gratify it's possible. And I tell you this because I sat in my house doubting it wasn't possible.
Okay my first impression of Dr Jeffery Lagrasso,before even meeting him was surprising. I say before meeting him because I was sitting in the waiting area waiting to be seen for my consultation and he did something I've never seen before, which was reject patients. Most surgeons will work on women even if they don't need the surgery. Right then and there I knew I was going to be okay because money is important but not more important than his reputation as doctor.
Finally I was called in. Of course I was nervous but confident in what I wanted. You have to know what you want and be realistic with how you'll look, you are the only one that has to look at yourself everyday and live in your body. Jeffery introduced himself and his assistant. He asked me what I wanted. Once again with his question he reassured me that I was in the right hands. I told him straight out. I'm skinny with no shape. I just want a little curve in my waist because I don't have one. no matter how much I go to the gym I'll never have that silhouette that I want. I told him I only wanted my back and sides done not the front of my stomach because I'm planing on having more kids in the future. He ask if I wanted the fat transferred to my butt. I said no testing him and he said "whatever you want it's your body"... Even more surprising because I went to Vanity Cosmetic (won't mention no doctor) and when I told them I didn't want my stomach or the fat to be transferred I had the assistant and the dr try to convince me to get something I didn't want (an over exaggerated butt that was too big for my small frame) I remember my niece telling the doctor and the assistant "what do you want her butt to weigh her down, have you seen the size of her legs?" Consultation over ... Lol..
So Jeffery explain to me that He could give the silhouette and if I would change my mind about a fat transfer it was doable, that I didn't have enough fat to work with but I'll see a difference in projection . Which for me that had nothing a tea bag butt with no shape in my back or waistline some projection and a better silhouette is all I wanted... Dr lagrasso said is able to give me what I wanted... We said our good byes and he walked me out with his assistant. I left satisfied and happy Because this wasn't planed like most ppl plan for months or years. It was A coincidence. I inquired just for the hell of it while in NYC I went to pick up my rental and received random phone call that he had a opening because someone cancel. It was perfect because I was alone and had free time...
Everything was just right and best yet the price was right. It was good to know that I didn't have to travel out the country to get a amazing deal...
1. What I love the most about dr Jeffery lagrasso team is that they work together and there no pressure or better way to explain it harassment. If you don't want something they don't call you a hundred times.

2. The Coordinators are always reachable and are there with you the whole ride and she will make sure you have someone to answer all your questions (team work)

3. The staff are super Pleasant and supportive. I wish I was good with names because I'll love to thank them for helping Conquer my fear . I was scared. It's normal.

3. Anesthesiologist.. Big shout out to him ... Very smart man he started the most funniest random conversations which I still remember.. Lol... Next thing I knew I was up in recovery... Much love for the distraction... Smooth..

4. The nurses , these ladies are your best friends after surgery. You will see them the day after surgery to make sure that you're not having any complications and that your drain is doing its job. Don't cheat yourself with your drain. You have the drain on for 7 days I had mines on for 9 days because I had so much fluid. You will be harming yourself if you cheat your drain.
Thank you my Cuban nurses. She advised me on everything I needed and what she wanted me to buy for better results

5. So I'm about 3 1/2 months post op and this is when you start to see a difference in your body don't get scared it not the final product.. So with every good comes bad on more lower back I notice some lumps nothing crazy but I know it could be the way my body heals. It could be a few things like fluid, seroma,fat pocket,or that I still swollen and still have inflammation. It could be anything.
Honestly like anyone else I never had lumps on my lower back before surgery so obviously I don't want them now that my body looks amazing. I reached out to my handy-dandy nurses and I also emailed the doctor. I got a response from the nurse and she reassured me that the doctor seen my email and to give my body 6 months and if I still have imperfection he would take care of it... So now I'm just going to be patient because my doctor has my back... literally.. lol

So my thin ladies don't underestimate anything anything and everything is possible with the right board-certified Doctor Who has your best interest at heart.

Feel free to inbox me any question
I've been in your shoes with 101 and no answer. Don't be a victim of buying unnecessary things . Save your money.

Overall my procedure and experience was great from beginning to end, even though I was scared at first.

The first week is the hardest but push yourself don't sit in bed all day. Make sure to walk a lot it, helps with healing (feel free to ask questions)
Except for My tummy tuck ladies stay put . Get your massages!!!!!! Super important ( I have a good lady if you need the number she drives to you no need to getup) (Miami ladies)

To end this post, remember, love yourself before and after and never feel obligated to do something to your body you don't want. If you're not happy with something speak up because it's your money and most importantly YOUR body.

Good luck ladies!! Feel free to ask any question, I was in your shoes once and would like to help in any way I can. I was lucky and blessed to have had an amazing staff and family to help me...
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