BBL W Llorente- I Want a Butt! - Miami, FL

I have always been tiny. No butt with wide hips....

I have always been tiny. No butt with wide hips. Kids at a young age left my body very stretched out but I was still pretty small. Years later, I have love handles, a tired belly and a flabby butt. I want more confidence and a leaner belly! I was asked to gain another 10 lbs for a better result. I'm already chubbier than I am comfortable with. Come on November.

Flight booked

2 1/2 months away. Haven't heard from recovery house about reservations but I went ahead and booked my round trip flight. Got all my vitamins from Amazon in the mail too. I've been eating like crazy and I am very puffy. Ugh.

Messing around with an app.

Look at this picture of me with a natural looking booty. I took in waist and expanded butt. Looks pretty nice right?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far, the coordinator (Elena) had been really awesome! Texting right back to answer questions and never rushed me off phone. I am confident knowing they are board certified and I will be taken care of!

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