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I have always been tiny. No butt with wide hips....

I have always been tiny. No butt with wide hips. Kids at a young age left my body very stretched out but I was still pretty small. Years later, I have love handles, a tired belly and a flabby butt. I want more confidence and a leaner belly! I was asked to gain another 10 lbs for a better result. I'm already chubbier than I am comfortable with. Come on November.

Flight booked

2 1/2 months away. Haven't heard from recovery house about reservations but I went ahead and booked my round trip flight. Got all my vitamins from Amazon in the mail too. I've been eating like crazy and I am very puffy. Ugh.

Messing around with an app.

Look at this picture of me with a natural looking booty. I took in waist and expanded butt. Looks pretty nice right?

Just another butt

I am two weeks post op. I was debating on whether or not to do a full update. Upon arriving in Miami, I was picked up by recovery house lady. We spent another 45 minutes picking up other girls and went straight to meet with surgeon. I got like 4 minutes with him, but he did answer all my questions. I was asked to sign a TON of paperwork without much thought or time to read everything. Had to wait on a carload of others to meet with their surgeons and 4 hours later we were taken to recovery house. It was a good chance to bond with girls. The next morning, bright and early we load up and head out. I was first up. Doc comes in and says stand up and turn around and starts drawing all over me. Circling fat and making marks where he will inject. While he is marking me up, I asked "are you excited!?" And his answer surprised me with its honesty "I do this all day, I'm sure it's exciting for you, but for me it's very mechanical". I showed him a wish picture or two and he was gone. Anesthesiologist comes in. Funny guy. He looks through my labs and is concerned about one number that seems high for me being healthy and he orders it done again and tells me I will need to wait for at least an hour for labs. I don't mind at all. My life is more important than the way I look. They move the next surgery forward and once my lab comes back perfect, I wait. In a tiny room. All by myself. For another hour or two. Anesthesiologist comes to get me and I am shaking with fear. Next thing I know, he gives me an injection and I close my eyes. Wake up in recovery very groggy and needing to take deep breaths. After coming to for an hour or so, 5they move me to a bed on my tummy and drape me with blankets and a heater hose running under the blankets. My thighs are on fire. I start feeling like I have been burned and ask for pain meds and they tell me I'm not allowed to have anything. An hour or so later, they get me and another girl into wheelchairs and I am not feeling well at all. I feel like fainting but also like I have bled out and have nothing left to give. I'm very concerned and asking if someone can help and if it's normal. The doctor is on his computer across the room and I really wish he would have looked at me or come to speak with me, but he ignores me and the nurse gets me several cups of water, has me sniff a cotton ball of alcohol and rubs it across my forehead. After asking for Gatorade, and downing that, they wheel us downstairs. Upon getting outside with a cool fresh air, I finally stop sweating and feeling flush and start feeling much more like I will be okay. They lie me in backseat face down, knees bent (get used to this) and we take off for the 25 minute ride to recovery house. All hands on deck as we arrive and they help us to bed. No pain pills until you eat something so I was happy to have some soup and two percasets for dinner. I felt so much better I wanted more soup an hour later. The next day, to my surprise I awoke covered in blood very, very swollen. My eyes looked like I had been beaten. No showers allowed and we have to go in for massages. Let me make one thing clear. They are torture. I was mad after each one and cried every time she pressed on my black and blue body. Each day got easier and easier. Huge language barrier at recovery house if you speak English only. The other girls and I really looked out after each other and I will never forget them. We got drinks for each other, talked, checked on each other in bathroom.... the recovery house is nice because they wash your bedding, faja and feed you pretty decent meals. But I missed my loved ones tremendously. I wanted to go home early but stayed a full week as planned. They were nice at Anita's recovery house. Weekend lady (Sonia I think) was very kind and much more personable. I walked a few times everyday but still swelled up pretty badly. 6 days of no potty will do that. I wish girls at surgery center spent more time with you... it seems very rushed. Everyone speaks Spanish and they will discuss you right in front of you and you have no idea what they are saying. I'm home now. Flying home was not that bad, I used my butt pillow for take off and landing but stood at the back of the plane all the way home (where the airline stewardesses spoke Spanish about me getting work done but were pleasant to my face) Week two, I am still sleeping on stomach wearing faja and front lipo board a lot. I like my waist trainer better so my butt can be free. I have discovered a way to take a bath while not having my butt touch the tub (floating and putting a foot down under thigh) which is a huge relief. The surgery center forgot to mention that I needed to eat stitches removed at exactly one week post op until the day before I left. Not a huge deal, but I had no plans of that until I found out it must be exactly 7 days (mine still had skin overgrown at day 7) waiting for swelling to go down more. My lower back is still very desensitized and belly doesn't look flat yet. I gained 10 lbs for surgery but I can tell I am going to LOVE the results. Do your research girls. Get a female urinal and stool softners. Find a big support system. You may witness some things that scare you at surgery center or recovery house like I did. Eat well and drink tons of liquids. Your body goes through hell. From waking up every 2 hours, numb limps from the way you have to sleep, aching back, swollen vagina, painful massages, tired and swollen body, you need rest when you can find it. I will.... NEVER have elective surgery again after this experience but I look damn good in jeans now.

Two week picture

I can tell lower back and belly still have a good amount of swelling.

One month picture

Still have swelling in stomach and lower back. Sleeping face down and wearing faja and boards to sleep. Faja most of the day or waist trainer keeps swelling down. I sure like the results.

Made a TV watching chair

The holidays are upon us, that means Christmas movies need to happen. I ordered this lawn chair online for about $35. I cut out an opening and put a pillow under my thighs and one behind my lower back. The chair reclines as well, so this is perfect for an hour or so of tv watching.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far, the coordinator (Elena) had been really awesome! Texting right back to answer questions and never rushed me off phone. I am confident knowing they are board certified and I will be taken care of!

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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