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Hi! ladies?? I booked my bbl with Dr.Fisher for...

Hi! ladies?? I booked my bbl with Dr.Fisher for next year. I sure wish i would have done my research and picked him for my first bbl. I am now an official Fisher Doll stalker???? I'm 5'1, 145 lbs. I am very active. I had my BMI checked and i am at 25% moderately lean for my age, hight & weight. Lia Sexto is my coordinator. She has been great so far. I booked the summer special $5300. Which included the bbl , faja, 2 lipo foams and 2 messages. I did put down a $1000. deposit via credit card. My husbands credit card at that???? We had to send via email copies of our ID's & credit card , along with authorization form. Was a little nervous. Its been weeks now and there has not been any fraudulent activity on the card. Lia also sent me my confirmation within 24 hours. I can't wait. Oh & i was told to gain 10-15lbs before surgery. These are my current pic's

Vanity update part 1

Last week i sent my coordinator Lia an email addressing my concerns regarding vanity and the recent death. A couple of days went by no response so i sent it 2 more times. This morning I received a call from Claudia in Pre-op. Smart girl not to respond via email! As i am one to save everything. She apologized for the late response and stated Lia no longer works for Vanity. Boo!! I like Lia. Claudia stated I will now be dealing with Anna in pre-op dept. Claudia stayed nearly 45 minutes on the phone with me going over my concerns one by one and all the additional questions i had. She assured me that i could contact them at anytime. She also stated she understands vanity's sales staff do not have a good reputation however, they are a different department. The girls work of commission and it may seem they dont have it together. I must say my experience with vanity has still been a positive one. Anna has already sent me information i requested. I will post a few of the questions I asked in my follow up post. Not sure if it will fit all in this one.

Vanity update part 2

I have a few concerns with the surgery I'm scheduled for & concerns with the vanity facility. Due to the recent deaths at vanity. I know fisher was not the doctor but the facility is still the same and all the negative reviews weigh heavily on a person, especially since I'm traveling from another state. I have been considering cancelling since this last death. There has been many complaints regarding vanity. I have not experienced any issues as of this time and you have been very helpful in answering my questions.

1. I need to know if there has been any changes with vanity's operating procedure now that a second woman has died in this year alone?
No Vanity is still conducting business as usual. The facility and there operational procedures have been cleared in both of the incidents. She went on to state the facility not only needs to be detectives but also Medial Board in order to continue practice. Now the investigation is on going and they will continue to be audited. Also investigation is still pending autopsy.

2. Reviews show that Dr. Fisher does not do follow ups with his patients. I need to know if i will see him on my next day follow up so i can address any concerns?
Yes, Fisher will do follow ups if requested. He has hired a nurse practitioner to assist him. She stated when you arrive at vanity for follow up in that condition the last thing you want to do is sit for several hours and wait on Fisher to come out of OR. They can not give you an exact time frame as they are unsure of how long each surgery take.

3. How long is the recovery period after surgery at the vanity facility. Reviews state you are release shorty after surgery & your not even fully coherent/awake. Are patients required to stay at vanity for a set amount of hours after they wake from surgery to evaluate their vitals?
She stated after a surgery like that you will never feel ready to leave. By the time they wake you up to the time your released its several hours. However, it may seem like it was 10 minutes. Patients forget that they are under medication in and out of sleep. Before they know it its time to put garment on.

4. Are patients evaluate by a Registered Nurse not a medical assistance prior to release?
Yes fisher & his or team will had you over to his Nurse practitioner who will be continue to monitor your vitals and after care.

5. I have concerns on blood loss. Is it possible for the patient to have blood work done day after surgery thru vanity. Even if there is a patient fee?

She stated Fisher highly suggested the Cell Saver procedure. This will be your own blood being cleaned and filter back into your body. It is safe and helps with recovery. If you oppt to do the Cell Saver he will consider a lower blood count level because he knows you are receiving blood that day. He also takes that into consideration during surgery. Oh and yes of course its an extra $500. How she put it was if this helps with all your worries its worth it. Blood loss is something that is different for every patient. Some do end up in ER and eventually have to pay more then 500. This can not be controlled by fisher and prior to surgery they will go over all the risk.

6. How do i request an early morning surgery.

Surgery times are set my fisher once he reviews charts. Older patients & any patients with medical concerns will usually go first

She was vary helpful and explained in great detail everything this is just a little of what she stated. Over all she said patients have to understand they are need to provide all medical & health concerns to staff thats how they are screened if they are candidate or it to risky. Anna sent me they pre op instructs it is clear what they expect & require of you. Fisher has turned down patients before for not following instruction. She gave a brake down according to age what exams and test they recommend we get from our prior doctor prior to surgery. I suggest if you have any concerns send Claudia an email and ask her to give you a call. She is very nice and informative.

lymphatic message

Has anyone found a good place or person that does the lymphatic messages. I will be receiving 2 with my surgery at vanity. I asked about adding additional ones and i thought they were expensive 5 for $350 and 10 for $550 plus I asked about purchasing an additional faja. They cost $120 yikes! Does anyone know of a place in Miami to buy faja's at a cheaper price. I don't want to oder in advance as I don't want to waste money if they dont fit.

Just a little savings : )

On my first bbl i did not take care of it as i should have. I sat & started working out way to soon. I did not use any bbl pillows. I've seen a few RS dolls make their own with yoga mats & pool noodles. Well just posting my bbl pillow it works great. Has the firmness & soft comfort for just $20. I bought 2 sports/bleacher cushions that have a zipper. I cut it in half and placed it back inside cover. You can make it as firm or soft as you like. It has a convenient handle & also enough room to put my neck pillow for my flight ; )

The dreaded airport!

On my first bbl I had to wait at the airport for what seemed like hours. There are plenty of places to sit however not only does it hurt to sit on your butt but no one wants to ruin their BBL, not to mention your legs & feet can swell up too. I seen another RS doll post a similar chair. I found this one on eBay & will be purchasing it. It is a cane to help u walk & a chair to straddle and lean over one something supportive. You will not sit on your butt and you can take tension off your back. It is a medical device so I should have no problem taking through the airport.

Labs cleared yesssss!!!

21 days to go... feeling nervous, so ready to get this over with. Up 14lbs weighing 158. Ugh!!! Hate how I feel right now.

Finally back home

It has been 5 days since my surgery. I arrived home late last night after a very uncomfortable 7 hour flight. As of right now I love my results. Fisher is amazing. My stay at the recovery house Assistance for life was great and I am very thankful for Tati. I will follow up with more info and pictures soon.

2 weeks post-op

Recovery has not been easy. I'm about 70% right now. Swelling, stiffness and bruising everywhere. I am a back sleeper so transitioning to only sleeping on my stomach has not been good. Ugh!! It's impossible to find a comfortable spot. My advise is prepare yourself not only for the surgery but after care.

Almost 6 weeks post op

A few days short of 6 weeks. I'm in that love/hate stage. At times I feel my butt is huge and other times I feel it's just ok. We get pretty obsessed with it lol!! I feel my right side looks a little flat and my left is rounder. My left side is still higher and harder then the right. I did call Eres and I was told the swelling will subside differently on each side and to wait. Every week it seems to get a little better. I just hope they even out. Oh! And not to mention my ankles at the end of the day are swollen NOT cute????????

6 weeks ????

6 weeks post-op, hit the gym at 5 weeks... feeling about 75% better ???? hate the faja but not as much as my other half.
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