Bbl with Dr.ortega Spectrum - Miami, FL

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Hello dolls i am schedule for a bbl with doctor...

hello dolls i am schedule for a bbl with doctor ortega at spectrum miami august 20th pay deposit waiting for them to send my labs so i can get clear stephanie is my coordinator soo far she reply to all my emails very quickly . i weight 150 right now im 27 no kids was told i can gain 5 to 10 more lb if i wanted for better results i am traveling from washington DC i will update this and my journey

wish pics

33 days

33 days for surgery waiting for spectrum to email me the info for lab work


receveid a email thursday to do my lab test no hello no nothing just go get your labs done asap to make sure u keep schedule date for surgery wich i didnt like because i am big on customer service no hello no nothing the email sender said evelyn sanchez i went to lab corp the next day im sure they receveid that my ekg went to my primary doctor and and he gave me a copy for me to fax or scan since he try reaching and nobody from spectrum reply back to him i left multiple message no one call me bak as well as i call this person evelyn sanchez and she did not return my call i actually left work early to get all this done a lil upset i never gor a reply from them communication is very hard sometimes with office besides my coordinator estephanie is been hard will wait till monday to call other than that anxious and ready to be over with


guys i am frustated with the communication at spectrum is the worst they never call bak or reply to emai


finally got a cold from spectrum labs were clear my wbc was high due to a cold inwas fighting antibiotics were prescribed but everything seems to be going great


besides stephanie luna commnunication is very bad with spectrum they never get back to you and when they do they have no idea what they told you before just frustating


receveid a call today that doctor ortega has a opening friday because of a cancelation so i will be getting my surgery one day prior i said yea since i want tk get out that way i have been completely cleared will updated with pics after dolls

1 day post opp wil post once i feel better

1 week

1 week post opp loving the natural look and coutour waist i was looking for

1 month 1 week post opp

almost 3 months

8 months post opp

with all this crazyness going on in miami seen on the news of dolls passing away i am so glad over and over i picked ortega i could ot be more thankfull he was amazing and he such a great doctor he some updated pics dolls remember i be up here more if snyone has questions good lucj to feature ortega dolls you are in great hands 8 months post op here

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