BBL With Dr.Hasan at Vanity - Miami, FL

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So I've decided I want to get a BBL, and I'm going...

So I've decided I want to get a BBL, and I'm going to go with Dr.Hasan in Miami.. I'm very excited and nervous.. They also offered me the home awY recovery house which is
Private room with living area and a private bathroom
Your garment
Your lipo board
Your lipo foam
Your massages (4 sessions)
Your medication
Your daily complimentary breakfast
Your daily housekeeping and changing of linen
Your workstation with free WiFi, computer and printer
Transportation to and from airport, doctor’s appt, pre-op, post-op, massages and discharge
1st 24 hour medical care/assist im also able to bring a person free of charge to accompany me with my procedure. Im waiting for a call back my pictures are being evaluated. Hopefully I can get surgery in March! I'm very excited and will keep you all updated :-)

Wish pics:-)

Wish pics :-) crossing my fingers

Pic of me

Just a pic of me.. I have a pudge in my tummy but I cover it well. I have a roll where my bra line is.. That's what I want to get rid of the butt is already big tho it's like 46 inches I thin. I will find out my current measuements and let you guys know =) p.s I'm 4 foot 11

Customer service

Ok so the starting Tj get in my nerves .. Let me star off by saying the first time I called was Tuesday i alike to Margaret and she told me my pics were being evaluated and she would call me that evening ( no
Phone call) ok so I called the next day and spoke on why she never called she told me she would call me in 30 minutes while she go get the paperwork for the evaluated patients that was yesterday ( no call) i call to day around 8:30 this morning another lady answered once I voiced my concern she put me on hold once she came back from hold she knew exactly who I was.. Then she said the office opens at 9 give Magarit 30 minutes to call its 10:55 no fxckin call!!!!!! I literally wanna go thru the phone becuz wtf is the hold up!!??!!

Recovery house

Ugh I'm so confused I dont know if i should pay for a recovery house or get a hotel and hire Someone to do a few massages but get my garment from vanity ugh decisions decisions please help me ????

Surgery Date

Ok Hey babies!!! I've made my deposit and set my date which is April 8 im so excited!! I hAve to be in Miami on the 7 at the clinic before noon for my preop.. Anyway I decided to stay at new body recovery for 5 nights.. I've already booked with them and got that out of the way.. Now all I have to do is get this flight together ugh!! But I hope you guys are enjoying your day and I'll keep u posted ! mwah! Thanks ladies !!

Wish pic

Oh here's another wish pic =)

Sorry I haven't kept u posted

Sorry I haven't kept u posted But dr had an was my dr and these are my results 4 months post op thank you
Miami Physician

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