BBL and Lipo by Dr. Tania Medina

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So I've been doing a lot of research on getting a...

So I've been doing a lot of research on getting a BBL to complete my 2016 transformation.

As much as I love how they snatch waists in the Dominican Republic, I'm just too afraid for something to go wrong :(

Places I've contacted:
Dr. Yily (DR) $3,500
Dr. Miami waitlist is into 2017!
Dr. Fischer $6,000 (Miami)
***Dr. Llorente $4,500 (Miami)
Dr. Balgobin $8,000 (Minnesota)

As of right now I'm leaning towards Dr. Llorente. His staff has great communication and that's really helping me narrow down my decision because that's really important when you're coming out of state and wiring thousands of dollars to a stranger.

His surgery cost is $4500 for 12 sections of liposuction and a fat transfer.
And $1,500 for meds, accessories, transportation and 7 days at a recovery house which includes three meals a day (I may choose this because I think I'll be making this trip alone).

Im currently 214 pounds, at 5'4 and to have a successful surgery I'll have to get my weight down to 190 to have a BMI under 33. Soooo I'll be investing in a personal trainer ASAP!

I'm shooting for mid December 2016 to have the surgery but in the mean time I'll be saving my money and continue to research doctored before I put a deposit down.

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I'll be posting about my bbl journey, my breast lift recovery, and weight loss

Switching My doctor interest...

After doing hours of research and the style of different doctors, I've come to the conclusion that I don't think Llorente is best for me. A doctor who can "shape and contour" me is more important than ass projection. Therefore I've narrowed my options down to Hassan and Yiliy (or even Cabral whose $500 more than her) I know I said I'm iffy about the DR, but these prices and results are giving me second thought,

After months and months of research I have finally...

After months and months of research I have finally decided to have my liposculpture and bbl done by Dr. Medina in the Dominican Republic on December 20th. I chose her because she gives a nice curvy shape that's not over the top, I understand some girls like that, but that's not my goal. Out of all the doctors she had the best communication as well, I've read great reviews, and she seems very professional. I chose the DR over the US for 3 reasons, the DR is half the price, they can take out twice the fat, and the don't give these fake looking basketball butts, but instead they give nice curvy natural bodies.

Date officially booked

I put my $500 deposit down with Dr. Medina and my surgery date is locked in for December 20th! She quoted me $3700 for BBL with lipo to abdomen waist flanks and full back

By the she has GREAT communication... She responds through what's app daily

First class flight

I cannot believe how much I spent on a ONE WAY return flight!!! But all the vets said to invest in being comfortable on the way back, so I'll take their advice. I've never flown first class before so this will be an experience! Even though I'm spending money, it still feels unreal.


So I decided to look at my old physical to see what my hemoglobin levels were last year January 2016 (without me trying). I was at 13.6 and I'm so thankful! My goal is to be at 14 for surgery, and I don't see this being s problem but I'm still going to take the proper precautions and prepare.

Sweatheart Recovery House

After contacting like 7 recovery houses I've decided to stay with Sweetheart!

I'll be staying in a single.
12 day package (transportation included)

Here's the quote they sent that won me over...

SweetHeart Recovery House

12 days Package for a Single Room Total Price 975$

Services Offered

?3 Free Lymphatic Drainage Massage.
?Provide a Nursing 24 hours
-Bottled Water
?Laundry services(Faja).
?Room services.
?Security(Surveillance Camera).
Round trip to the (Americas) Airport.
-All appoiments to the Clinic).
?Some expensive materials
-Bath material (towels, soap, gel, shampoo and conditioner).
?Wax therapy and cold band for inflamation.
?Ultrasound Therapy
?Cavitacion Therapy

That is the principal things that you need.

NOTE: Each Room has TV(with international channels), WIFI, AC, Fridge, Fan, Safe, Lock Closet.

*Overnight Nurse: 50$
*Go to the Beach Round Trip cost: 50$
*Go out to a restaurant/Mall Round Trip 20-25$
*Pharmacy: For free ????
*Addiotal massage cost 25$
For Quote!!

Whatsapp: 829-741-2006

Wish pics

These are all pics of Medina's work. This will be the only time I post wish pics because I personally hate when girls fill their review with wish pics lol. But these are just some of my faves and aspirations!

Starting my vitamin regimen today

I paid $13.50 for the iron w/ vitamin c and $14.50 for the folic acid with vitamin b12

Adding lipo to Arms and pubis mons

From vets they repeatedly say do not forget to lipo your arms, so I've decided to go ahead and pay the extra $300 to have that done. ( plus my arms are fat anyway, so I'm going to be working on my push-ups in the mean time).
Also I'll be also getting lipo to my pubis mons because it is fat lol and I want a smooth transition from my abdomen on down. I'll upload a pic tomorrow so you can see what I'm talking about as well as an update on my weightloss and my future goals.

Cost to lipo the pubis mons

I'm just a little disappointed that I have to pay the whole $300 to lipo such a small area. Especially when it's $300 for ANY extra area. Pubis mons compared to the thighs! I feel like I should be getting a discount or it should just be included

Weight check in

I've lost 20 pounds whoot whoot..... I went from 216 to 196... a size 14 to a 12.... by overall goal is to be 180 by the time I lay on Medina's table and a size 8 pants post surgery.

My back side two months before surgery

I pray I can get rid of these rolls and square ass... 65 days until surgery. In the mean time in bout to start working out hard!

Weight and body pics update. 30 more days to go!

May 25 to Nov19...... 216 pounds to 193 pounds...... I feel like I should have made more progress than this... my biggest fear is getting to the DR and being told I need a tummy tuck. My goal however is to get rid of this linebacker back (back rolls, upper back fat, and fat arms) and then to round out my ass a lil more by taking them my love handles... I may do a round three to be honest, where I get implants and then focus in on my stomach. But I do not! Want a tummy tuck. I haven't even had children yet !

Arriving to the DR

Arriving ---Getting to Santo Domingo truly tested my patience. First we departed three hours late due to the poor weather on the east coast, then I waited an hour to get through customs! Once through customs I quickly realized that there wasn't any FREE wifi in the airport???? and I was trying my hardest not to look like a tourist ???? especially with all that money on me! Remind you due to my delay and the hour long line for customs I'm now like two hours past the time I told my RH I would be there, so I'm so sure they left by now. After five minutes of wandering around the airport a man taps me on my shoulder, holding a sign with my name on it! ???? I was sooo grateful my driver found me. I utilized the driver from my recovery house which was included in my package instead of paying $100 extra for Medina's driver. My RH driver (Miguel) had wifi in his car and took me straight to clinic to get my labs completed ????

Day before sx

Sunday--On this day I was a little concerned because I hadn't heard from Medina on any pre-op instructions I should be did my. So I messaged her and her assistant around 1pm and was informed I'd be coming to Cecilip at 4pm to do intake and stay the night. ???? this was major news to me. I just kept thinking ???? when were y'all gonna inform me about this?? (One thing I quickly learned was- if you don't "ask", they won't tell, and you'll be pulled in every direction). Once at Cecilip which is a beautiful clinic may I add ????-- I spoke with a psychologist, psychiatrist, and seen a cardiologist. The psychiatrist tricked me into telling her I was a smoker an occasional weed smoker FOUR years ago in college and BAM ????, I was bamboozled into paying that extra $300 for a pulmonary exam ????. Besides having a migraine I couldn't take anything for, I slept great the night before sx. I went to bed at 10:30pm and was up at 5:30am????

Morning of sx!!!!

Monday-DAY OF SX????-- 5:30AM I took my shower (I was the first case of the day) at 6am the nurse came to run my IV &gave me my gown to change into. At 7am Medina came???? in a nut shell she asked me what I was getting &what my expectations were. I told her bbl, lipo to the abdomen, waist, flanks, full back& I paid extra for arm lipo. She looked at me and said, "you don't want thigh lipo?, your thighs concern me more than your arms", (yes it was Blunt but I can appreciate that honestly from my Doc) I immediately thought to myself well I'm not paying for thigh lipo,???? but told her sure I'm not opposed to thigh lipo!, and she marked me up for my free thigh lipo ???????? then she literally put the blue pill in my mouth, followed by water, and told me this will take 30min kick in. 15 min later a nurse took me to the operating room &all I could think was omg, it's not working I'm still wide awake ???? next thing you know I'm waking up in a faja ????

Waking up from sx

Monday evening after sx-- when I woke up I want to say it was 5pm. I was still out of it, I faintly remember pushing my nurse call button (WHICH DID NOT WORK ???? I'm assuming because nobody was responding to it) and I had to pee! So I attempted to get out the bed before I peed on myself-FLOP- I fell straight to the floor, I faintly remember four nurses having to pick me up off the floor and me saying " I have to pee! I'm trying to get to the bathroom!!", and the nurse telling me mami you have a catheter, and me replying, "so what do I do? Just push" ????. I hated that catheter, I'd just be going to the bathroom and wouldn't even be knowing ????. Anyways, at cecilip the nurses do the bare minimum. They take your blood,bp, and run medicine through your IV like clockwork. That's it!! They did give me an overnight nurse, but it's not like I really needed her because I was confined to the bed with my catheter and IV bag.

Night at Cecilip continued

Night of surgery continued -I slept a lot during the first day, I also threw up twice on day 1 when they tried to feed me tea.. I tried to push my non working call button to let them know I was about to throw up but instead my Luke just made it on the floor ????. Anyways... I didn't realize the pain until it was time to take the faja off and get a massage ???? when I'm lying still, the pain is nothing, but once it's time to move omgggg I was so weak and barely had any strength ???? ALSO! The first night they had me sleeping on my back/butt?? I'm not sure if this is normal or not ????

Day 2 post op

Day 2 post-op---- at 5:30am is when they started cleaning me up. There was so much dried up blood in my sheets and on my faja (which is normal). My overnight nurse got me out of my faja changed my sheets all by herself (bless her heart ???) she was so gentle &patient with me. Then around 7am these two ladies came in &honey they knew what they were doing! One washed me up with a warm rag &soap &the other one finished with a massage and got me into my cleaned faja all by herself (I had to tip her!) but that massage was the fckin worse ???????? it burned sooooooo bad. Around 8am medina came in with her assistant &gave me a list of meds &spoke to me briefly. Around 9am,my driver had arrived to pick me up. That 30min car ride to the RH felt like the longest ride ever!

Just a thought

Just a thought ????-- I remember some dolls while at the clinic after sx complained about nurses leaving them in a bloody faja all night and bloody sheets and didn't change them or clean them up. Well after having gon through the exact same thing, it actually makes sense that this happens. When you come directly out of surgery you're going to continuously leak from your lipo holes, so there's no point in changing the sheets until the next day. Also you just had surgery, they can't be cleaning you up all night and day--you need to rest. MOST IMPORTANTLY, you're not even gon want them to touch and change you because you're in so much pain. That one clean up and change the following morning after surgery was enough for me! And that was the hardest thing on its own. I was weak and sore as ever !!! I couldn't imagine having to endure that multiple times just following surgery. Just my opinion.

Day 4 post-op

Day 4- My morning
One of the worst feelings after aggressive lipo is the feeling of fluid in your stomach just whooshing around ???? I took my faja off to get it cleaned, and when I laid on my stomach I just felt the warm fluid spread out across my stomach ???? anyways, besides that I'll be getting a massage with Fede in a little bit and I'll try to get some footage, i have my first post-op appointment with Medina tonight at 6pm (so I'll give you guys some updates), also after my massage I'll snap some pics of my swollen ass as promised ???? overall on day 4, I slept in today till 11 instead of getting up at 7 like I usually do AND I was extra sore today. I think it's because I missed my 7am pain meds????

Day 4 follow up at Cecilip

Day 4:
So today I went to Cecilip at 6pm for my follow up. (Please make the right people know you're present otherwise you'll be sitting there like a deer) anyways, I went back to the room, undressed, Medina popped in for maybe 15 seconds, poked my body, said I had a lot of fluid and she'll have Annie drain me. Man let me tell you, Annie is the shit, she gives off good energy and she knows what she's doing. So Annie started to drain my lower abdomen using a syringe with me standing up. After one drain I started to see stars, my ears got plugged, and started ringing. She immediately laid me down and finished draining me. Then with lots and lots of effort she put on my stage 2 faja and arm compressors (ps: Annie is really excited about my new butt lol she smacked it like 5x and kept calling me big booty, and mind you Annie is built like a Dominican Delicious, you can't miss her if you're ever at cecilip).

Day 5 post op blues

Day 5--Today I woke up with the post op blues ???? I asked myself, "why did you do this to yourself?". I'm tired of feeling weak, I'm COMPLETELY SICK OF THIS FLUID in my stomach, it's absolutely disgusting to me, and then I fear that my stomach isn't going to snap back ????. Last night I ended up taking my stage 2 faja off at 3am. It's too tight and when I was looking at the back of my thighs they were purple. I couldn't remember if there was previous bruising back there or if my circulation was being cut off ????. Then after reading the internet, it stated you don't have 100% intact sensation after lipo and you could be losing blood flow ¬ realize it. Plus my vagina was turning black &bulging out too which made me freak out, SO I TOOK THE STAGE 2 OFF???? I put my stage 1 on with one lipo foam in the front. For right now I'm going to have to ease my way into the stage 2. Maybe I'll do 6 hours one day then 8 they next. But I can't do 24 right now.

Total cost of just be sx

$4000 total
Lipo to abdomen, waist, flanks, and back
Arm lipo $300
Inner thigh lipo free

Day 7. Finally had a bowel movement

Day 7
I'm officially ready to go home but I'm still stuck here til Friday.
Monday morning I'm meeting with Medina.
Today I had every intention to keep my stage two faja on throughout the night buttttt I felt like I needed to go number two so it had to come off ???? but at least I finally had a bowel movement. Again my cold is in full effect and I'm coughing and nose is running terribly. Also I really don't feel the need to take any pain medication before bed ???? maybe I won't

Day 7 tummy pic

Tummy is improving with massages
Day 4 vs day 7

9 days post op

Before versus 9 days post op. Loving my results at the moment. My stomach is retracting beautifully and my back rolls have disappeared. She rounded out my butt like I asked and didn't give me a stripper booty! I'm happy :)

3week update

My focus right now is massages and getting my waist to shrink. Currently at 32.5in with a goal of 29in!

Six week update

Aug 1, 2016 to January 29 2017 216 to 187 pounds

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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