BBL with Dr. Fisher Today!!!

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Hello All, You know how the story goes. I have...

Hello All,

You know how the story goes. I have been following stories and want to share mine as well. I am going to Dr. Fisher. I have seen lots of his results and to me he is one of the best right now doing BBL's. I love his projection and hip to waist ratios. So I chose him. I am 30+ 1 child and I am ready to get my booty right. My procedure is June 2014 and I am just less than 2 weeks away and I am very excited. Only thing is I am on the smaller side and I am trying to gain some weight I am about 128 and I am eating late and drinking 2 ensures a day with meals. I am taking my iron pills twice a day 65 mg. My hemo was good and I was told all my levels were good. I am quite excited and I am ready to look right!

So now what I am wondering from the Fisher dolls is.. Since he doesn't do drains how is everyone draining? Is the body just absorbing and then releasing fluids through urine? Or when you do massages are they pushing fluids out through holes? This part is quite confusing for me.

I am staying on Hollywood beach about 30 minutes away and I am going to Mirian for my massages. Does anyone have any recommendations for a LDM therapist in the hollywood area? I am not local I am flying in 2 days before surgery. I am hoping all will go well.

BBL with Fisher in about a week!! Excited!

Hi Everyone,

So I am on my way to a better body. I fly into Miami next week to get my BBL. I am going to Fisher and I am just hoping all will be fine. I have been eating and eating late and drinking ensures daily to help with weight gain. I am on the smaller side but want a bigger booty! I am looking for fullness and projection. I will post pictures later I do know that is an important piece of the journey. I know that I look for pics and want to see before and after photos so I will return the favor. Just was too tired after work today but will post some later.

Ok so my Q's:
I intend to use Mirian for my massages but I am wondering if anyone knows of a massage therapist in the hollywood beach area? I think I am about 30 minutes from Fisher and when my help leaves I want to make sure I can get to massage appointments. So any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.

Also since Fisher doesn't use drains and the fluids come out through the incision points how long does this last? I am imagining the incision points close up fairly quickly? So this is something I don't see too many posts about since most docs use drains so I am wondering exactly how this works. Worst case scenario I will know next week lol. Also are you giving yourself massages inbetween so you can assist in the draining process? Just curious.

Also so some deals on groupon where this company delivers healthy meals to you in Miami area. I am thinking of using them. Food looks delish and any work I can get done before me so that my healing process will be easier I am willing to do!

Ok that's it for now.

1 Week left and BBL with Dr. Fisher

Hello Ladies,

Here are pictures of my current situation. I have been trying to gain weight but it is slow going. I am currently at 129 and eating but just can not stomach to stuff myself and I am lactose intolerant so I can't put ice cream in shakes as that would do more harm than good.

I fly into Miami next week and will be meeting with Fisher next week a few days before sx. I just wish he could do skype consultations so he can see my body and tell me if I have enough fat or not. I would hate to go down there and him tell me well IslandButterfly you don't have enough fat. I want as many CC's this little butt can take.

Anxiously waiting for my turn yipeee!

All paid up and ready to go!

Ok Ladies! I have less than a week. I fly into FLL yipee. I should be meeting with Fisher himself on Monday. I was also informed that I will need to do blood work again when I get there :-( I hope all goes well. Last week my levels were fine so I just hope they will remain fine! I am planning on going to Mirian for my massages so I will schedule with her for the day after surgery and each day after that! I am also looking in the hollywood area also so if anyone has any info on LDM therapists in that area?

I am just ready!

Flying into Miami in 2 days

Hey Ladies!

So now just doing last minute stuff until I fly to Miami. I am so excited/nervous just ready to go. I had Wendy's last night YUK but I had the spicy chicken sandwich I just couldn't do a dirty burger from burger king. My stomach is turning just thinking about it. I know I have/need to get that red meat in though... I will try. Oh I couldn't order that little pee funnel from online. That thing was shipping from Hong Kong and was going to take 3 darn weeks! I won't need it then. So ladies I ask where can I get that funnel to use to pee? I picked up my dial soap and just need to go down my list. I guess I will go pick up a 99c shower curtain so I don't mess up the sheets when draining. Ok in the last 3 weeks I drank about 30 ensures. I am still at 129lbs. But I am in NY so I am going to start just eating carbs that should help.

Chat soon dolls!

BBL with fisher this week! I fly out to MIami in the Morning!

Ok My pics that I have up are Pre OP not Post op. Tried to correct it but it wouldn't let me update it. Thanks to a RS sister for pointing that out. Green undies are pre op. I am gonna take some pics in my garment tonight to show you what I look like before.

I am ready to go ordered Arnica and don't know where the hell I put it from yesterday to today. So I am not going to stress my darn self out I will just buy another when I get to Miami. I bought my boppy online and will be stuffing that in my carry on huge purse/bag.

Ok so I have on my large garment and it is so uncomfortable I have it in large, medium and a black one stage 2 in a small providing I get down to that size. I am feeling rather uncomfortable and like a stuffed sausage and after surgery I can only imagine I will not be able to breathe so I am training my body for now. I will sleep with this garment on.. maybe.

Ok took pics to show you.

In Miami ladies came straight from airport

Getting labs done today. Fisher is on surgery right now I'm going to wait to see him then get last minute items for surgery. It is cold as hell in here brrrr.

Met with Fisher today!

Ok ladies so I met with Dr Fisher and just like everyone says he is so cool. He is so disarming and unassuming that you instantly feel comfortable with him. Wow what a personality to have. Also met Jessica she has a shape on her WOW/POW! She is so nice. Ok back to Dr. Fisher. He basically was saying I needed to gain 10 to 15 more lbs. And I asked when I sent pics if I was ok. I was told that I was ok and didnt' have to gain weight. Thank goodness my mind said eat like a damn hippo just in case and I get there and they say I need more weight. All the spinning around I didn't even get weighed. Everyone was nice and fisher was/is a straight shooter. He said he would hunt down all my fat and do his best. I ended up being called into the office like a school girl in trouble. The lady spoke low and said you paid 4k for 6 areas and you would need to pay an additional 1k for the full body lipo. I was like ok.... and what? I gave her the 1000 right there and life went on. She said she was use to some girls getting all upset. I went in knowing that if I needed extra work done I would need extra money to pay.

I am so tired. I rented a lovely condo on the beach in hollywood about 40 minutes away from Fisher too damn far but a lovely location outside of the fact I will need 40 minutes to get to him. So now operation weight gain. I only have 3 damn days to gain all I can gain? What the hell to do! I was told protein with each meal is that true? Or should I continue eating dinners and meals with ensures? I am no longer so excited I am worried I won't get my desired results because I just don't have al that fat to spare...

Had I known that I could have done my boobs this year and bbl next year. Wonder if that is still an option.... I'm tired!

Tomorrow's my butt's new birthday. lol

Ok, Ladies.

Tomorrow is the big day. I am about to get up after a nap and eat sausage, eggs cheese and 2 slices of bread. I almost went through a whole loaf of bread in 3 days. I have potato bread and whole wheat but I have been concentrating one the white potato bread. I will have breakfast with ensure! Then I will waddle back to my couch and just sit. Oh need to make a last minute run to Walmart, I need flip flops. I only have one maxi dress and that will just have to do. I may get one duster from Walmart just to wear around my condo. NO ONE knows what I am doing besides RS. I just told family I was having back lipo. I need to make sure I reiterate to Vanity I told them only lipo. Oh I bought some adult pampers so that when I drain I don't mess up the bed and the sheets will be safe. It will also protect me from the eyes of family that may take a peek at me. So I need to keep this charade up for as I can hide my new body!

Still haven't located the darn funnel. Grrr. Now where to get that in Miami? Ok off to cook then eat then nap :-)

Pics of condo

Ok here are pics from my condo. I will enjoy just hearing and seeing the ocean I can't get in. Lol. I also had a fight with a sharp butter knife last night while making my PB&J!

Just ate I feel fat unfortunately don't look it. Lol

Ok this is the official official count down we are talking hours now. SX in 5.5 hours.

I ran out to walmart again for a few items and my stomach turned on me. Vanity called me seeral times today and each time I was like are they calling to cancel my damn surgery??? Alex emailed and said did you do your labs I said yes 2 days go.. Then thought did I pass??? Then someone called about sellng me fajas I was like girl bye I got my CS's Large Med and Small needs to be returned it looks too small and it is butt out. Then they called me for surgery time 6am and a last call to check I didn't eat after 12 and what to bring. I was like whew thought you were calling to cancel lol

So now I am nervous. I have cleaned out my entire system. I should be good if I don't poop for a few days I have been pooping all day (nerves). Can't help it. So anyway I am ready to go!

I'm here ladies! It's going down!

Hey everyone I'm here and the office isn't open yet. Just waiting outside ready to go!

See you on the other side!

Damn just posted and it deleted

I'm here only patient. With two surgical assistants. One nice lady said pick a bed and it's yours. I picked the corner suite lol.

I'm so ashy the dual soap dried me the hell out! I'm so embarrassed lol. Attaching photos. It's so quiet.
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