BBL , 120lbs . 5'3 - FISHERdoll(SX-APRIL 11th))

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Hey loves ! I've always dreamed of having a bubble...

Hey loves !
I've always dreamed of having a bubble butt , and I'm finally ready to move to the next step of achieving that ! I contacted a few doctors in Miami and they all said I have to gain 15lbs. I'm just curious if I should get the BBL or butt implants ! I'm a mortified to get implants but I feel ill have better results since I'm petite.

Dr.Fisher or Dr."Miami"

Hey Dolls,
So I've been really contemplating whether to go with Dr.Fisher or wait until 2017 for Dr.Miami.
Dr.Fisher office has been on top of EVERYTHING! They're constantly calling , sending emails and etc. Dr. Miami office is ...... slacking . Im in LOVE with the results Dr.Miami produce , but i like how Dr.Fisher office is reaching out and making me feel better about this whole process.
My family and friends are skeptical , so right now i need all the support i can get!
I've been stalking a lot of people post and pictures to help make my decisions a little easier! Also Dr.Fisher reviews are good , but the bad reviews made me really scared! HELP

***Im a Mail Carrier , did anyone else get a BBL working for the USPS

Im concerned that if i go thru with getting the BBL that my results will vary because I'm a mail carrier and i walk allllllll day and i don't want my but to vanish ! HELP

No one EVER responds to my post - kind of discouraging

Whats the point of venting if no one response ?

This weight gain journey

So I was told my Dr.Fisher office that I need to gain 10-15 lbs ! This isn't easy for me . Gaining weight has always been a struggle. I weight 120 and that fluctuates ! My metabolism is extremely fast and PLUS I'm a mail carrier so I'm constantly walking and burning calories. I plan to eat everything and anything plus ensure plus. I have until Feb to gain this weigh. I'm not a huge eater , so I'm using this vitamin to make me hungry . If anyone has any recommendations Or advice ... I'm all ears.

Made my DEPOSIT TODAY ! Fisher Doll soon <3

i made my deposit today for my BBL .
Im nervous and excited all at the same time !


Im curious on the amount of time i should take off work.

My BBL surgery date is March 1st - I'll be a Fisher Doll

Everything is surreal!!

I still need to figure out where I'm staying. My boyfriend will be coming with me , I think we are going to stay at a hotel but how do I get a personal nurse ?

Ugh I feel so lost lol.

My family and boyfriend is finally starting to approve of me getting my BBL

Has anyone dealt with their families , friends and loved one NOT approving your surgury ? In the beginning .... omg my family and boyfriend was so against it ! they really don't think i need it , but i was trying to explain to them why i wanted it and how it would make me feel better about myself ! they wasn't understanding AT ALL! Especially my boyfriend ! He thought i wanted it for attention and all this other BullCRAP and it was making me so mad. They kept calling me " impulsive" ....
Honestly , i've always wanted my butt done but never told them , so of course it will seem out the blue to them because i wasn't telling them how i was feeling . SO after months and weeks of convincing , their finally starting to lighten up and support me and I'm finally starting to feel complete . i ALWAYS want the approval of my parents and my boyfriend and its starting to happen . so I'm excited about this journey .

i appreciate ever RealSelf sister that always took the time out their days to respond and post their journey !

March 1st is 98 days away and I'm more excited than ever !

Pictures from my birthday

Whenever I'm on my period my body gets wide and my butt gets big ! Im the girl on the left and my butt looks perfect in this picture! if my butt could have more projection like this everday i'll be a happy camper !

Surgery buddy March 1st 2016?!?

I'm definitely going to need a SX buddy because my boyfriend is getting on my last nerves and I don't want him coming with me lol.

Gaining weight

I'm stressing myself out by trying to gain as much weight as I can by March 1st. Im eating everything in sight. I'm drinking ensure with every meal. I hate stepping on the scale so I avoid it at all cost.

I'm a mail carrier so I'm walking all day burning a shit ton of calories. I'm stressed out.

Weight Gain Update: I've gained 8lb

Hey Dolls!
So I've gain 8lbs ans I feel like a pig , Dr.Fisher wants me to gain 10-15lbs and slowly but surly the weight is packing on now i have to maintain the weight gain.

Changing my SX Date from March 1st to April 11th

Hey beauties ,
i haven't been here for a LONG time . I've been working and stressed out ! i had to make the decision to change my sx date because i need more time to gather my things and i have to admit i waited until the last minute. i wanted my surgery the end of March but Dr.Fisher is BOOKED. if anyone wants to switch their days from the last week of march to the 1st of march let me know . i feel so down and out of it !

i hope you guys are all recovering well and having a blessed day!
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