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I first started thinking about lipo three years ago...

I first started thinking about lipo three years ago to get rid of all my torso/ab fat. I never followed through and a month ago, I stumble on the BBL site on RS. I've been a lurker ever since! Wow, I could not believe the transformations! I knew right away that this was the procedure I needed, even if it meant traveling to Miami. Within a month, my flights to Miami were booked and my deposit for Dr. Ortega is down - there's no going back now :).

Thank you so much to all the supportive BBL ladies on here who share their stories, pics and advice. The pics are so helpful as we newbies try to make decisions. I have learned so much and know that I'm going to need you as my date gets closer. A little bit about me - Asian, 5'3", 34C, 29 waist and 36 hips, 120 lbs. I blame my top heavy, lots of fat in stomach and back, no butt on my mom, lol...she had the exact same body! I really don't know about wish measurements because I can't even fathom what having a butt would look/be like...but maybe this - 34C, 27, 41?? My goal is a nice hourglass shape for my frame with a big bubble, round butt and S curve that is natural looking (but without a shelf).

I contemplated several Dr's who were in my price range since I would be traveling and this would add to the cost - Fisher, Hasan and Ortega. I knew I wanted to stay in the US. In the end, I went with Dr. Ortega. I did a lot of research on the Dr.'s, looked at their before and after and talked with staff. Vanity emailed me once but then never replied to my 2nd email and was short with me over the phone, so I knew that I was not going to be comfortable with going with them. I'm sorry but I am a detailed planner - I need answers before I can just drop $2000 on travel expenses! I have been talking with Vivian, who has been very patient with answering my questions, and she even arranged a phone consult with Dr. Ortega as requested. I am comfortable with them - and Vivian told me that if I am not happy with the results, and need a touch up - I will only be charged Anesthesia fees. Dr. Ortega wants his patients to be happy. No one wants a revision but knowing that gives me a sense of security.

Dr told me I will need a tummy tuck afterwards due to my protruding stomach due to my "separated muscles". I was in shock, this scared me and of course I googled it, lol. Good to know it is normal during pregnancy. This is my ultimate hope - that my stomach pooch is due to mostly fat and I will have a flat stomach after BBL. The reason is this - because when I squeeze my stomach, it is very soft, like fat is, and when I lose weight, my stomach does go down. I'm hoping this was hard for him to tell from pics, but that on the day of sx, it will be a different story and when he touches it, he will say "yes, most of my stomach is fat and it will be lipod out." In my pics, I look 5 months preggo. I just want the fat gone, I don't care to show my stomach or wear a bikini so the loose skin won't bother me too much. I don't plan on having a tummy tuck - personally, it's just too invasive for me and the healing time is too long. Did that happen to anyone- Dr thought you would need tt, but afterwards your stomach went down pretty good?

Dr Ortega addressed all my concerns - burns, hips, bubble butt, and he will lipo 80% of my fat in my entire torso. I am fine with 80%, I don't want agressive lipo and riskIng burns. That fat was put there for a reason in the first place, right? He had a special for $5000 for BBL, lipo of 12 areas, 2 massages and a garment! With the 12 areas, I could add in my arms or inner thighs if I want - haven't made my mind up about that yet. Anyone do arms have an opinion? I am thinking about arms because I want them to match my body.

My hubby is going with me to take care of me. We are staying on Miami Beach and "trying" to make a vacation out of it. He is very excited by the way! :) I also just found out that Dr. O's office will transport me for free to and from! So happy about that because I was kind of stressing about renting a car or finding a driver. They normally have a van for transporting within a 10 mile radius but because I didn't know this when I booked my hotel, they are willing to come get me. YAY!! One less thing to worry about now, things are falling into place for sure.

We booked a condo on Miami beach because we love to vacation on the beach (coming where we get snow for 5 months) and our condo has a patio that has beach access...I figure if I have to walk around, I might as well try to avoid people, lobbies, elevators, etc because I will probably be in pain and I don't do good with pain and I won't be at my prettiest, that's for sure. 

Hotel list and Iron recommended by Dr

In case it will help someone else. Here is the hotel list given to me by Spectrum Aesthetics and the iron supplement they recommend if I want to increase iron. I also want to clarify about the EKG and physical from a PCP before sx because I was very confused whether I needed it or not. This is only required if your BMI is at a high level (can't remember the exact number). So if you don't have a high BMI and your PS hasn't asked for it, that might be the case.

coming out very small

PM me and I can send you the actual file. Hopefully it will pm bigger. The iron is called Floradix.

Flora Floradix Iron + Herbs 8.5 Fluid Ounces Liquid
Product Label
Liquid extract formula rich in iron and B vitamins. A good source of vitamin C, * Easily absorbed * Non-constipating. Iron is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in the world. Floradix Iron + Herbs provides a very highly absorbable form of iron and combines it with B-vitamins, vitamin C, digestive herbs, specially cultured nutritional yeast (Sacharomyces cerevisiae), plus ocean kelp, and extracts of wheat germ and rosehip. Floradix Iron + Herbs offers nutrients required for proper growth, energy, and for maintaining optimum health. All family members can enjoy the health benefits of this liquid formulation. Unlike other iron products, Floradix Iron + Herbs is non-constipating.
Adults (12 and over): Take two teaspoons (half of measuring cap), twice daily before meals. Children (4-11 years old): Take two teaspoons (half of measuring cap) once daily before meals. For Kosher use: Mix two teaspoons (half of measuring cap) into half a glass of water or juice.
As this product does not contain alcohol or artificial preservatives, it must be refrigerated after opening. Do not drink from the bottle! This product must be used within 4 weeks of opening. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Does Not Contain:
Preservatives or alcohol.
Read more: Floradix - Buy Floradix Iron + Herbs Liquid at vitamin shoppe
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Oh man, I told my older sister yesterday, who acts like my mom (love this btw) and she said all I'm doing is asking for pain/complications when I get older and I shouldn't do it. It kind of just slipped out... I didn't even think about telling her, but out of the blue, she asked me to get together in August, and I said I couldn't because I'm having bbl sx. Oh my, she doesn't think I should do it and I see I have a missed call from her this morning. I'm sure she was up all night worrying about me. Love my big sis! ...Moral is, if you don't want to tell people the truth, make sure you have story prepared ahead of time!

Dr O's work is amazing

I am getting so excited for my bbl after seeing all these ladies now getting crafted by Dr Ortega. I have to be honest, when I first booked, he had limited reviews but I am so glad I went with my intuition. The recent updates on him are of amazing transformations! Bori123 is my new wish pic!! Dr. O, please do what you did to Bori, to me. Lol. Can't wait. Less then two months away. I will upload pics later....still kind of shy.

Dr Ghurani now at spectrum?!

Just surfing the web and obsessed with my Dr. So thought I would go on his website and saw that Dr Ghurani is now at Spectrum Aesthetics with Dr O and they price match!! Dr Gs work is absolutely gorgeous love his bbls. Check it out!!!

blood work

Less then 2 months away! So excited, I just hope everything goes well. I'm gaining weight and am up to 127 lbs. My face is so fat, whole body feels fat. Yuck. I plan to lose 5 lbs after sx..I hope it doesn't come off my butt! I had my sister test my blood cuz she works in a lab. Everything came back perfect! Yay!

My wish is to get Lipo on my abs, full back, arms, armpits, inner thighs and chin. And 1000 cc in each butt. I wish, I wish!

Getting excited!! sx in about 2 weeks.

Dr O, anything you do to make me not look 6months pregnant and move this bump to where its supposed to be, aka my butt, I will be very, very happy!! Please fix this body.

Items I've gotten: arnica pills and gel, multivitamins, iron flordix, bormelain, scar away gel, Lipo foams, Maria e faja, compression socks, massages booked with Marian of medical massage, transportation from airport arranged with Vivian. I also booked 5 RF and ultrasound treatments with Marian. I'm going to surprise the hubby with some ultrasound to his beer belly and get Rf to my face. I'm hoping it will help tone and trim my chubby cheeks down since I had to gain weight for bbl. I've gained 10 lbs and am at 128 lbs now. This pic was before weight gain, now I look like 8 months preggo :(

Found out I need to go to Spectrum day before sx to sign papetwork, etc. Vivian will pick us up from airport, then after she will take us to our condo. How much more awesome can she be???

playing with the plastic surgery app

Is this wishful thinking? I hope not. :-D

Got my preop and postop instructions too. After I contacted them. Stay on top of what you need to do by reading up on RS and talking with vets. If you want to get a hold of Vivian, be sure to call. She will get back that same day usually!

count down

6more days. I'm getting excited and nervous. I pray there are no complications. Quick update - all paid off as of today. Yahoo, but watch out fir care credit fees. I didn't take that into account! Is that the norm to charge such a fee of 14%? Anyway...booked a rental car, condo paid, got some probiotics and now just need to make my foam boppy and start packing soon!!! Can't wait!

price match

Oh. Take advantage of Dr. Os price match program at spectrum. You get a great rate with excellent service and care. Week before sx, spectrum calls to make sure my labs are in and I have all preopp and postop instructions. I read that is an issue with Vanity. Spectrum is Dr Os personal clinic so every appt will be with him and not a different Dr is what I'm told. They even matched a price for me for Dr O...I gave them a quote from Imagenes for bbl with Dr O nd they discounted my sx. Vivian goes above and beyond. Yes you do have to be persistent bc she is busy but she never makes me feel like a pest and always follows through.

made ut! post sx today. am I suopposed to be drainng?

Yay! I made it to the other side. Dr O does not use drains but am I supposed to be draining??? There isnt one drop of liquid! Let me know please!

post op day 3

I'm feeling so much better today. Sorry for the delay, I've been having WiFi issues aty condo we rented. So here is a quick n short update, my butt is much smaller then I expected. However, I am still very peased with my outcomes. I asked Dr O fir a high round full butt and I think he delivered. My butt was very small to begin with and I'm guessing he couldn't fill it anymore bc the day of sx, he said he would get it as big as he can. Dr O is an awesome Dr. Very personable, friendly and a good bedside manner. He listened and looked at my wish pics, no problem. I will elaborate more when I get better WiFi connection. The first two days are the worse!!! Marian at medical massage is the most awesome woman, partner and supporter one could ask for. Coming from so far away, never being through this, she feels almost like a big sis helping me along with wisdom, advice and expertise. And her massages and service, is out of this world.


one more try pics

Its not letting me update and my pics aren't uploading....the hubby says my butt is big, I do hope it doesn't go down anymore though. Its 150% improvement from before so I am very happy. Now I just hope the Lipo sites go down nicely so it looks even bigger.

one week post op

Omg. Just lost a lengthy update! Too tired to retype. Short and sweet...I'm doing better, still tired. More sore then in pain except for sleeping. The body gets stiff and I get Headachs. Its good to get up and walk around. Bruises almost gone. I massage in hot shower, then again with emu oil and arnica gel. The way Marian showed me. Helps with the swelling and the vajayjay swelling for sure.

I'm losing weight bit not trying too! Went in at 134, now 128 lbs. Gotta keep this butt bc it cannot go down anymore!! Measurements

33.5 under armpit, how I measure back fat
28.5" waist
39.5" butt

I wish it was one inch bigger. I'm hoping when I fluff it will hit 40". My hubby and sister thinks its plenty big lol. Dr gave me a nice hourglass shape. I do wish more fat was taken out of my abs but we will see when I'm done swelling. Overall I'm still pleased just praying my abs go down and the butt does not!!


He took out 2.5 Ltrs and put in 1080 per cheek which incudes hips

lost another .5" today

Butt is now down to 39". That is small! I don't know why he didn't make it bigger, I have plenty of fat in my abs still. I gained 14 lb for sx and went in at 134 lbs! I know I always said I wanted lipo, butt will be a bonus but 39", really?? And my arms and face is fat. I asked him to Lipo my arms and he said I didn't have enough fat there. :(

I'm just going to try to think positive bc there is nothing I can do about it now.

post op 9

Since getting home, I have been sleeping on a massage table I bought off craigslist. This has helped immensely with the pressure headaches and pain in my neck. I still have to get up and walk a bit 1-2 x a night but I would say this has been a good investment. Body is still bruised.

Todays measurement:
34" underarm
28.5" waist
39" butt
Washed my garment while I showered and massaged myself. Hubby then took outy stiitches. That stung a bit, wasn't expecting that so I had him put emu oil on it and then it was painless. I will start putting scar away on now.

Lipo sites feel tight and hard, some pain now and then. Tingling sensations began 3 days ago. Research tells me this is the nerves healing. Itching is starting now too. I massage it every day the way Marian showed me and that loosens things up. I'm hoping if I keep this up it won't have too much scar tissue. Butt is starting to feel soft and not so hard. The top of the butt is definitely soft now and has been fir days. It does not look round or bubbley anymore, but flatter in the middle. However, side view still shows projection...of course as much as it can for 39",smh. I'm blessed that I can take vacation days for 4weeks to just focus on healing.

swelling and inflammation

Having never been through this, I don't know what normal swelling is. I would say I have minimal swelling though. Marian also told me this too when I saw her. I determine this by how much is collected in my lower belly and pubic area every morning when I massage. I credit a low salt diet, multivitamin daily, and massage with emu oil and arnica. My tightness instantly goes away after massaging too.

Benefits of emu oil:
Emu oil fat lipids mimic those found in the top layer of your skin. Emu oil is almost 100% triglyceride lipid, this type of fatty compound is so similar to the fatty acids found in human skin that it can absorb into the skin faster than other oils and creams.

The Forsyth Institute in Boston, Massachusetts released a study on Emu oil and its anti-inflammatory properties, showing the remarkable effect topically applied to the skin. The results were promising in that Emu oil significantly reduced swelling from inflammation within 6 to 12 hours when applied directly.

Another research study at Boston University discovered that Emu oil may actually stimulate skin-cell regeneration and help those with thinning skin, bed sores, and arthritis.

A Major Antioxidant and Healing Agent

The Aborigines have used the Emu for thousands of years as a source of food, clothing, jewelry and even the oil as a natural remedy. The Aborigines discovered when applied to the skin, Emu oil offered protection from the sun, was an excellent moisturizer, relieved muscle and joint pain, and was effective on bruises.

Vitamin E is added to Emu Oil as a natural preservative. It is also a major antioxidant and healing agent.

Emu oil also contains:

• Vitamin A, a known skin repairer and antioxidant
• Linoleic acid, which helps to ease muscle aches and joint pain
• Oleic acid, a proven skin cell regenerator and anti-wrinkle agent
• Sapogens, proven skin softeners
• Terpines, known antiseptics
Enjoying the Beneficial Results of Emu Oil

Emu oil is the 100% natural way to pamper your skin while avoiding any trace of chemicals or harmful additives. Unlike other oils, Emu oil is totally void of phospholipids, just like human skin is also lacking phospholipids.

When you’ve used oil-based products containing phospholipids, the skin naturally attempts to block penetration. This barrier leaves the lotion or cream on top of the skin surface. Because emu oil has no phospholipids, the skin allows it to penetrate and enter much deeper and faster. This deep penetration allows superior skin moisturizing and more effective delivery of healing properties of medications, and helps pain relievers to thoroughly reach muscles and joints.

When combined with pain relieving ingredients, such as menthol, Emu oil’s deep penetration allows it to go directly to the muscles and joints and contributes to a reduction in:

• Inflammation
• Joint pain
• Stiffness
• Bruising
• Muscle pain
Emu Oil Moisturizing Properties Can:

• Smooth and condition rough elbows, knees and heels
• Soften and moisturize hands and cuticles
• Reduce the itching and flakiness associated with dry skin
• Protect the face and hands from wind and weather
Emu oil skin care products contain powerful antioxidants, as well as a known skin cell regenerator and anti-wrinkle agent, helping to improve the condition of aging skin. Offering both skin-thickening and moisturizing properties, by moisturizing, lubricating and replenishing dry or irritated skin on the face, hands and body, emu oil skin care products help counter wrinkles and dry, scaly, thinning skin that commonly occur with aging. Plus it prevents additional moisture loss by forming a protective barrier.

Emu Oil Benefits Do More Than Just Moisturize and Soften The Skin

Emu Oil is a great makeup remover. Try a few drops in your bath as a moisturizer. Emu Oil can also improve the appearance of:

• Scars
• Burns
• Stretch Marks
• Wrinkles
• Sun Damage
• Damaged skin after Surgery
• Damaged skin after Injury
• Damaged skin from Acne
• Damaged skin from Pregnancy

how do u sleep?!

Okay. Spoke too soon...I had major pressure headaches last night, even on my massage table. Vets, please tell me how you slept at night. Any tips or suggestions will be appreciated! Sleeping is the worse ever! Thank you!

two week post op

Pain and soreness is almost completely gone at this point. Still wear my faja 24/7. Still massaging morning and night with emu oil and arnica gel. Lipo areas feel tight and hard in some places. Numb in lower back...all normal for healing. Swelling is at a minimum and itching is starting now. I think I am dropping and fluffing. lmk what u think from the pic.

Butt is much better then before 100%! and Lipo sites are going down nicely too. butt- I would like it to be 1-2 inch bigger and one small dimple on the bottom of one cheek. I think the right is slightly bigger then the left but its hard to tell, I'm probably the only one who notices. Hips are a little assymetrical, right being bigger but then my body was asymmetrical to begin with. Patiently waiting for one month mark. I'm very pleased and learning to love my body and new curves!

Sleeping still sucks. Always waking up so stiff and a little pain, needing to walk it off every 4,hours. Still taking extra stregth Tylenol to help sleep.


This is the probiotic I took one week before sx and for three weeks after sx. This will help you keep your good bacteria while on the very strong antibiotics. It will also help you go after sx...having my first bowel movement was no problem at all, occured two days after sx. My entire family uses this probiotic as needed and have been for the last four years.

3 weeks post sx

Hi all. I am 3weeks and 3 days today. I think I am fluffing a bit. I am putting two pics up. One from last night and from this morning. I look bigger in the pic from last night but I think it is swelling. I'm back up to 130lbs after I got my appetite back. I did swell up more after week 2 then before. I think its due to me eating salt again. But overall, swelling in abs has greatly decrease from week two to 3. Lower tummy is starting to look flatter.

Waist is 27.75-28.75 throughout the day
Hips go from 38.75-39.25"

Soreness and hardness in Lipo spots still. Butt aches sometimes. The top part feels soft and fluffy but the bottom part is still hard. I'm hoping when it becomes soft, it will fluff too. My right butt cheek is now smaller then left. I'm not sure how that happened because it used to be bigger. Right side also has a dent on the bottom and the middle part is flatter then the left side. I've lost a lot of projection, especially from the top to middle part of butt. I can tell this by comparing pics if me laying on my tummy.

I got a butt out Lipo express faja. I am hoping this will increase projection and size. I've worn it fir two days and when I do, butt increases to 39.25, and once to 39.5" I'm going it will work.

I never heard from Spectrum post op since coming home. I sent Vivian an email asking she share my concerns with Dr Ortega since I can't come in for a post op. I was told all post op appts are included in my price. If I don't hear from her or Dr soon, I plan to call front desk and schedule a post op appt over the phone or skype. That should work, shouldn't it.?? Its just as if I was living there and came in.

side pics

These show loss of projection and flatness on right side. I like how my left looks thhough, much rounder and bubble. Hopefully its a fluffing thing, but I don't think so since the right used to be bigger and now its not. I'm still going to be patient and pray for the best....

4 week update

Never heard back from Vivian or Dr O from my email last week. What do we out of towners have to do to get a postop????? And it wasn't like I emailed about frivolous stuff. I was using the email like a post op because I can't go in to see him. And I had important questions, like can I sit since I was starting work again.

Started sitting at work this week. Just intermittently at work when needed, I alternate with kneeling at my desk. I've been telling peole I hurt my back, lol. I hate lying but oh well...

I wear my faja 24/7 and I look very fat at work. Some people have asked me if I am pregnant. It will be quite a transformation when I don't have to wear it anymore. Lol.

It seems that when I sat, it may have pushed some of the fat upwards and to the surface. I now have some surface irrigularities, but nothing too alarming. After sittting, the bottom of my butt went from hard to soft instantly.unfortunately, I dont think this gave me more volume or roundness. After sitting and this week, I range from 38..5-39.25". Waist is ranging from 27.25-28.5". If I keep my faja off too long, I swell way up. Last week, I had pretty bad swelling for no reason, so I started taking arnica and bromelian again. It has helped a lot. I'm no longer swelling up bad unless my faja is off.

I massage every night pretty goood. There is no tightness or hardness in my Lipo spots. Just some tenderness and soreness, esp when sleeping. Butt gets sore now and then.

I gave up on the Lipo express garment after three days. It is very tight and rough on the skin and makes my skin hurt. Not worth it. I'm back to wearing my Maria e. I did cut out the butt part a while ago though. I felt it compressed my butt too much. My swelling in my abs keep going down.

My butt looks much bigger in real life. Especially when I wear clothes. I am very happy with my overall shape. Dr O did a great job.. I have a nice hourglass and butt is much bigger then before. My torso is the smallest its ever been. At 130lbs, I fit the shirts, I had at 115 lbs so that speaks for itself. Of course not the pants though, I have to buy all new pants. Just for that Dr O is amazing!

Yes I do wish it was a little bit bigger and rounder. In my pic you will see this lip above my bellybutton. It has decreased in size but I sure hope its not left over fat or too much suctioned on top of the lip causing it to jut out. It seems like fat in abs also fluff with time. Can't wait to see my final results at three months!


Sleeping is better now, but still sucks. I now sleep on my hips and stomach. Alternating through the night when one position hurts too much. Have not slept on my back yet. At home I don't sit yer either

losing volume, all this to still suck in my stomach and wear butt pads??

Well, I still havent received a response yet from Dr Ortega to my post op questions from 2 weeks ago.

I'm 5.5 weeks and am now at 38.5". Waist is now at 27.75". My hips have gone way down and as the swelling goes down, uneveness in my abs is obvious. There is a pocket of fat in upper right and lower right. Plus I have 1-2 inches of extra fat that was left in my abs. My hips are unevern where he grafted fat and my right side is one inch higher then my left. I sit only intermittently at work and sleep on my sides and back.

I'm so sad, I don't even want to put a picture up. I wish he would respond to address my concerns. Some validation and suggestions would help my frustration and sadness. I didn't pay all this money and go through this tough recovery to still have to suck in and wear butt pads!! please just answer my email and lets make a plan for addressing these issues.

I see all these reviews, even from Dr O patients where there stomachs are smaller then mine and butts are bigger. You can see before I gained weight my waist was already 28".


Oops. I mean I sleep only on my sides and stomach. Not my back! I'm trying to preserve as much fat as I can.

Yes, my body is much better then before. What I struggle with is that this recovery is soooo difficult and it cost sooo much money, and to still have to suck in and use butt pads bc volume is going down makes me sad. Maybe I will magically fluff and round out, but that's hard to imagine.

love your body

I have to love my body. Its only one body, the only one I have....this recovery has been hard. I'm still wearing my garment and swelling up without it, but I do love my body. Yes I wish it was 1 inch bigger, yes my right hip is slightly bigger. Yes, I wish my abs were a little flatter. But I my waist is small and my butt is bigger then before. My waist/abs has gone down more and so my butt looks bigger even though its still at 38.5". I love my body.

I went out for the first time and had the big reveal and everyone loves the results. I am more proportionate and mybooty is much improved. Thank you Dr Ortega!!! You did a great job on improving this body of mine.!!!

Waist 27"
Bellybutton 30"
Butt 38.5-38.75"

9 week collage

Presx at 118 lbs and 9weeks post
Waist 26.75"
Butt 38.75"

When u see this collage, you can see why I say I love my body even though its not perfect. Its so much improved.

3.5 month update

Sorry I haven't updated much. Just been focused or recovery and work. Here is a quick pic. My butt looks much better, bigger with clothes on and its very natural. If you remember, I had to gain weight for my bbl and my goal was always to lose again after. I'm down to 125 lb now and butt is maintaining at 38.5 so I'm happy about that. I will probably reassess at 123 lbs, don't want to lose too much booty. My ideal weight before sx was 118, but not anymore! Now the fat is is the correct places :)

I'm wearing my garment and foams only at night now. By the end of the work day, I swell up still. Not much, but its there. Slowly going down every week. Waist is at 26.5-27". Legs are no longer swelling. Up until 2 weeks ago I still had to wear my compression socks. My butt still hurts when I sit on it or if someone hits it...I wonder if this is normal? Stomach us still lumpy and uneven but I'm trying to lose weight so that the stomach is smaller.

4 times a week I rebound while using my arm dumbells. I watch what I eat and count calories.

more pics

Upclose pics - still wish it was 1-2" bigger

quick update - loving my bod

Dr O have me such a lovely butt and hourglass shape. I feel great and love the way I look now compared to before sx. I wore a backless red drss for NYE and got so many compliments from everyone about how hot I was. Lol. This dress would never have looked hot before bbl, maybe a hot mess only, lol.

Current measurements
I fluffed a little in the butt but I also fluffed in my stomach :(. Its still a little sore when I sit. I still get swollen every two days or when I eat something salty so. I still wear my garment and foams at night to sleep.

Im looking into getting coolsculting on my abs this summer to get rid of the fat left over in my abs. I'm still working out 4-5 times a week. Its been really hard to lose the fat and tone up my arms and thighs from the weight gain for sx. I've noticed that if i gain weight it quickly goes to my arms, face and inner thighs, the places that weren't lipoed. It also wants to go to my stomach and back cuz that is whete I naturally gained first...its just less noticeable then the other places due to the Lipo. So be careful, Lipo is not a free pass to eat what you want.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ortega gave me a body I can be proud of and never would of had without the BBL!! He changed my body from boyish and boxy on top to hourglass and well proportioned.

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