To All of My Out Of Town BBL Sisters - Miami, FL

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My search has begun for my bbl doctor. I've...

My search has begun for my bbl doctor. I've noticed its so many great doctors and with reviewing everyone personal experience its making me hard to choose lol!

However, being a Out of Town patient has become tricky with, Where shall I stay...., transportation, should I bring a friend and so on.

While receiving consultation and researching by myself I've discovered some useful information and would like to share with everyone.

-Out of town patients should fly in a 2-3 days before surgery. Why you ask?

There is a health risk involved in transcontinental flight combined with surgery. The flight over, the surgery and the flight back all carry some increase risk of deep vein blood clot formation and pulmonary embolism. I believe the risk of blood clot and pulmonary embolism would be reduced by staying two or three days before and after any surgery. (This is from one of the Dr. I had a consultation with)

So this explains why doctors ask us to come a couple of days before.

I believe it's wonderful that we want to have these wonderful bodies but we need understand the process.

If any other patient received useful information, please share.

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