40 Yr Old 1 child Body needs help- Miami, FL

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Just want to change myself for the better. So far...

Just want to change myself for the better. So far everyone has been so nice. I'm excited. I have never done anything like this before. Very worried about pain and anesthesia. Hopefully it will all go smoothly. I have waited for this for 20 years. It's finally around the corner. My stomach is in knots

Wish vs Reality

I know I have a pretty body but the sides are very square. I really just want that guitar shape. I wonder how realistic this is.

Forgot to add all of my wish pics

24 days to go

This week I do my labs and see if I get cleared for surgery. I have been fighting a cold but I hope my lymphocytes aren't too high that it sets any red flags. Anyone have any advice? I stopped smoking 1 week ago to give my body time to recover properly. I am trying to stay healthy as possible and be good. I really just don't want any complications. I did this for pregnancy and I can do it to make sure I stay at 100% now. I'm reading everyone's experiences and kind of freaking out with the bruising and the lumps and the blood but I am praying mine will go ok. Everyone else seems to recover quickly even though it looks nightmarish at first. I hope I can recover too but it is still scary. You never know how a body can react under so much stress. I will try not to think about it and just remain calm and positive.

24 days to go......

Went for Labs today

What a crazy mistake it was to not eat or drink. Please hydrate before labs. I had to be pinched 4 times because my blood wasn't coming out. It was a nightmare. She was so sweet and she is amazing but my body wasn't responding. In between all my school stress, the fear of taking out blood and not being hydrated it all culminated in this. I fainted 2 times. Everyone in the office did all the could to mske me feel better. The doctor then came to speak to me. He really is so kind and so calm. He put me at ease. I know I am in good hands with him. I'm more scared of my body than I am in his ability.

Photos from today's preop lab work meeting

These are the photos from today

Surgery is paid in FULL

Wow so this is really happening. I keep wanting the days to go by faster so I can already start healing. I want this to be over with already so I can get on with living. I have a lot to do. Will be going to work out of town in the next few days and that should be fun and will get my mind off of things. I'm terribly anxious and the fact I can't drink or smoke really have my anxiety on high. I also don't want to eat more because I don't want to gain excess fat. I'm probably going to end up just doing exercise or reading to pass the time. I'm out of school, no work until Friday and just bored at home. My nrain is racing at a million miles per hour.

My dad died 4 days before my surgery

So my dad died suddenly. It was a stroke and they found him on the floor. I postponed for a few months. August 15th is my new day. That day is weird though bc my friend had told me a long time ago he had a dream with virgin mary that told him the world would end august 15th. I may change it again. Still too early to even bother.
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