33yrs Old 3 Kids 1 on the Way I Need That Old Thing Back - Miami, FL

Ok so here goes nothing, I recently fond RS and...

Ok so here goes nothing, I recently fond RS and I'm happy I did because I felt lost in this industry, anywho at first I thought was looking in to DR but I'm to afraid to go and go alone ,I know the same thing can happen in the states but I just feel a little better knowing I'm not so far from home. I'm married with 3 boys and I have another boy on the way , my husband is not supportive of my decision well one min he is the next he is not but I'm made up my mind that 6 months after I have my son I'm going to take back my life. I have to break my surgery up into two parts the first will be the BBl w/12 areas of lipo and my coordinator at vanity said if I use the same doctor I can do the second have 6 weeks later which will be an extended TT and a breast lift. I have not made my deposit yet but if the lord spares my life I will once my son is born I wanted to start my process back in October but I found out I was pregnant and I would have to wait well I'm tying my tubes after this baby so I won't be messing up this new body by having a baby lol. I have a good good girlfriend who I was gonna do surgery with but I got pregnant on her so she's going in March with out me ????but I'm so happy for her and I can't wait to see that ass. lol she's the only one I can talk to for hours about this obsession because that's what it has become for the both of us. I'm gonna wait till after the baby to post my before pics I must warn you this body has gone through 3 going on 4 c-sections. The doctor I'm leaning toward is DR Osak in Miami I choose him because he deals with the higher BMI and I like his work that I've seen so far I don't think no one is better than Duran but I'm to scared, who knows I have a lot of time I might just end up going to DR only time will tell. For now I'll upload some wish pics. Stick with me dolls I need all the love and support I can get even though they won't touch me until 6 months after I'm starting to get my stuff for pre and post op if there is anything you think I should know please feel free to comment.

Looking at DR's in DR

I wanted to have my surgery with Dr Osak but he won't be doing surgery for a while and my friend was scheduled with him for the 17th and they switched her to two different doctors with asking her first I'm so happy I didn't give my money to vanity I'm gonna take my chances in DR . So far I heard back from Duran's cordinator they sent me some stuff to fill out, I did now I'm waiting so ill let you guys know what's next as soon as I know. Dr Duran is actually on the top of my list so I hope everything works out.

Dr. Lima I think ????

So far I sent my pics to a few Dr. In DR they all got back to me even the hard to reach Duran , but I'm so leaning to DR. Lima his work looks really good and it's so easy to get in contact with him or Janet his assistant she always answers my questions with out a long wait I really like that she accepted me on her person Facebook page that tells me there's nothing to hide so we shall see, I haven't paid my deposit yet its just I have such a long wait until I have my son then six months after that I can have surgery I'm still a little unsure about the DR. I'm hearing you can't take a shower in the water?!? I'm not sure how that's going to work, anywho my girlfriend told me I should wait until after I have the baby to pay my deposit I think that's what I'm going to do I'm gonna text Janet tonight and let her know. I also got a shopping cart full of stuff from Amazon and Walmart .

Got a few things

Picking up a little at a time I have a lot of time and I spend my time stalking RS .

Papa The King

So today I booked with Cabral for April 10th 2017 I'm happy even though it's so far away, I have to wait six months anyway since I just had a baby and then I had to schedule my surgery when I can get my mother in law to watch my kids while my hubby is at work, I wanna book with serenity but no one responded to me as yet, I just wanna make sure I can get in April will be here in no time.


I know my surgery is going to be in DR but ladies who are going to Miami your antibiotics are free at publix supermarkets that have a pharmacy don't let the recovery houses get you.

Extra cost for Cabral

9 months is a long time but it will be here in no time,

When you thought it was a game

My passport is ready I've always had a passport so thats one less thing I have to worry about, growing up my mom always had our passports up to date so when we traveled we did have to rush to apply for one,it just something I try and keep up with, anywho I sent my deposit to serenity house. I like to be prepared, my friend is coming with me I hope she doesn't back out on me she's getting a bbl so I'm excited about that and my cousin is coming for five days to take care of me I love her she so sweet.ill update in a few days with a list of stuff I already got and stuff I still gotta get I hope all this stuff will fit in one bag. Any Dollz have advice on what's the most important to bring, how much extra money should you bring when having surgery with Dr Cabral
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