33 and Getting a Bbl from Mel Ortega in Miami I Have 3 Kids and Its Time. Miami, FL

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I'm going with Dr.Ortega in Miami fl I live in...

I'm going with Dr.Ortega in Miami fl I live in Tampa fl and was looking at some doctors here but One I'm my friends had the full make over and I loved the was it came out
So she told me about coral gables in Miami and contacted them through email and Yadira all me back the next day
And sent some pic ..she said Ortega was the best for what I wanted
I really like her a lot n trusted her ..felt very comfortable
4 more days till I drive to Miami get my blood work done
Then the next day will be my surgery ..Yadira said I will be the first one
Scary and exciting at the same time
I saw al lot of reviews Dr. Ortega before and after pic
And I like what I see
I will keep updating with pics and answer any questions
I found a hotel like 3 miles away so I will be close
My husband will be taking care of me wile in Miami
Yadira said I can go home a day after the 1 day post opp bbl
This is some off my wich pics
Oh and I have 3 kids all c-section and the doctors said I can't have no more kids so I had to have my tubes tied and I'm ready to get rid of all tummy and back fat so excited!!!!!
By the way I had did a review but


More pics of me when I was skinny but no booty!


leaving tomorrow to Miami ...have to get there 1 day earlier to do my blood work!
Hope everything goes ok
Only saw a couple of bad reviews on Dr.ortega

My faja pics before bbl tomorrow

Some after pics of when I got to the hotel and some today

I will post more about everything I've been through

Finely home

Love my results

Day 2 before my husband gave me a shower

Today 5 days post op

Today 5 days post op

More pics from today

5 days post op

ortega is the bomb!!

before n after pics

5 days ago

more pix

Time to fill you in on how everything went for me

Sent my pic to Yardia and she help me with everything...like my faja I needed the right doctor for me and we text back n forth anytime I had a question...

So I really wanted a sit down with the doctor to talk about everything I wanted and to fill me in on all the good n bad and what he can n can't do ect..

But that did not happen..

Well me start from my drive to miami from Tampa....left a little late
...nervous about making it in time to get the blood work done...so wile we was on our way the car started to sputter like it was going to turn of but didn't..so I was feeling like this is not happening right now!!!!!!!
Went to a place asked some questions n turned out we had put bad gasoline in!!
Like wtf!! I was so stressed at this point I had paied in full for the surgery n hotel...
Just wanted to turn around n change everything to another date....but couldn't had everything perfect with my kids being taken care of n more..
But I finely got to miami at ????7 pm
To late to do the blood work so had too get up super early n get it done asap!!
So now we get to the hotel like 3 miles from CG & go in my room n the air didn't work!!!!
Another bad thing to add to the stress...just everything was going wrong!
So changed rooms to a little down grade...but at that point I was like...what ever....
So got up went to go get the blood work....and c I left the medicine script at the hotel...had to turn around get it n rush to get the blood done..
So show up a little late at CG started filling out my paper work...just everything was moving so fast for me I was so stressed out...they took my pics n then sat down with a lady n filled out the rest of the paper work.....like really rushing because ortega was waiting on me...sat back in the waiting room then got called back gave my husband a kiss n told him to have my pills ready when I get out of surgery And to be on time for when they call him to get me...so went to a room got undressed put my clothes folded for my nurse to take care of it n my faja as well...ortega walked in a called me by someone else name?!?!
I said no I'm Tanya...so he was asking the women's about my folder...n got the right one...by this time I was feeling my Xanax kicking in so was very chill n getting happy n excited but just a little nervous...so I took my gown off n he started to asks about my boob job n y did I get them so big...n informed me the would look bigger after..he started marking my body ...my butt my love handles hole back n the part where we have that bra fat!!
He told me he was going to put some fat on my hips...did know about that so was pumped!!
So he was done n started to walk out n I ams him what about my inner thighs? He said he could only take 4 corts of fat by law so didn't think it was going to happen...then I aske if I could show him some wish pics....he showed me one of mines n said that's what his goal was a heart shaped butt..I wanted to talk more but looking like he was rushing...sad about that..so ladies don't do what I did!!! Ask! Ask ! Ask! N ask more!!
So the anesthesiologist came in asked some questions n we was on our way!

Next thing I know I was waking up with my faja on and had to pee so bad !!!
The lady said I should wait cuz I just woke up but I went anyway...then realized how am I going to pee?! So grabbed cup n went ...didn't want to get ant on me ...
Layed back Down n my husband was not their or even got my medicine!
Oh what els can go wrong and I just wanted to punch him in his face lol!so I called him bitched him out!!lol
So I was in n out out it and was hearing and Tanya.....n the other lady nurse was saying I was in surgery still!!!! Omg I was like really I'm Tanya lmao wtf!!
N my husband was in the waiting room like no she's not she called me a bitched at me for not showing up on time! Omg!

So I'll go on with the rest of my story!!! My recovery!!! Coming soon!

8 months post opp

I haven't even worked out yet!!


Miami Plastic Surgeon

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