32 Years and Much Needed BBL!!! - Miami, FL

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Hello Ladies, Looking at having a BBL in...

Hello Ladies,
Looking at having a BBL in August!!! I'm so excited and a little scared to be honest! Have been researching this procedure forever and a day and following this site for 2 years plus! So i decided i need to just get this over with and do it! Im thinking I will go ahead with Mendieta and would love to hear your feedback and general experience. Will also be sure to keep you all posted! :)

BBL Here I come!!! :)

Oh goodness! This BBL process can definitely be nerve wrecking! I must say definite emotional roller coaster ride! Some days I'm like 'yeah, definitely doing this, woohooo' and other days I'm like 'hell no!' Lol! Well I finally decided to go ahead with Dr. Mendieta. I had the consultation and he seems very warm and approachable, not to mention knowledgeable. Now it's just to decide on a date! Please please please if you are reading this and have had the BBL with Dr. Mendieta, your feedback and words of wisdom would be truly appreciated! Bye for now lovely ladies :) .

Wish Pics

BBL Date FINALLY Locked In!!!

Finally! Date locked in for August 24th with Dr. Mendieta. I'm super excited (and nervous, lol). Been dreaming of this day as most of you can imagine forever :)!!! If any of you are planning surgery date around same time with Dr. Mendieta, make sure to shout out! Will definitely keep you posted! :)

Recovery Homes in Miami?

Hello lovely ladies,

Anyone know good recovery homes in Miami?
Dr. Constantino Mendieta

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