BBL decision and its crazy changes! Dr. Llorente Doll

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Finally today 2/17/2016 I put down my deposit with...

Finally today 2/17/2016 I put down my deposit with Spectrum. Candise has been my go to person, super nice. Im flying from NC to Miami and also flying my bestie from Texas so she can help me and be there with me. I will be having Rhinoplasty to remove a bump on my nose on 2/25 and im mentally prepared for that but not for the BBL. Been wanting for a long time, im 138lbs 5'1, I want to be 155lbs for this surgery, I want to have enough fat so that I can see a difference and It all be worth it. My Dr. Will me Osak, seen his work on IG and on Realself. If anyone can tell me what garment I should buy I would really appreciated!

Changed my Dr.. From Osak to Ortega

Well I found out after reading for myself that Osak got his license suspended. Theres is a difference when you choose a Dr.whos Board Certified.. Also if a Dr. Has been practicing for 15 years and is not Board Certified that should tell you something! Im so happy that my coordinator changed me to Mel Ortega and that my date is still the same!

BBL and its crazy changes! changed from Spectrum to New Life!! NO MORE DR.OSAK now DR. LLORENTE

Hello Ladies! Wow what an ordeal and changes have happened ever since I decided to open my own Realself account... I will be very brutal in my opinion. First of all I feel like having a Realself account helps but at the same time it confuses future people when it comes to having a procedure done. There is so much back and forth on good and bad results on Dr. and even Dr. one has all ready chosen. My whole choice was set and stone at least that's what I thought back on 2/17/2016. After reviewing so many pics and stories on Dr. Osak I decided to go ahead and booked him to do my BBL I signed a contract with Spectrum and gave my deposit. Now mind you that on 2/17/16 that I signed and turn in the deposit that same day Dr. Osak licensed to do any procedure was suspended, as the judge order " this is the only way the court felt that they could keep Dr. Osak from harming other patients". It so happened that in 2015 he had 2 malpractices. Now after I found out and read the court documents I immediately contacted my coordinator I left a message, called back the next day left another message, sent email letting her know that I knew what had happened and that I would not want to move forward with that Dr. and to call me asap. She return my call the next day and I told her that I knew everything and that I did not want that Dr. I told her maybe I should had gone with Dr. Ortega since he was Board Certified and I also she said that he was available and not to worried. I think at that point I should have thought about it more because I had not done any reviews on Dr. Ortega my reviews was on Dr. Osak since I though the would be performing my BBL. Well as days are going by I am finding more bad than good reviews on Ortega, and how other ladies who have literally just done the procedure are not happy because he didnt give them anything, or how he only does moderate work. Now hey Im not saying I want a KIM K ass because to me her ass is horrible. Anyways, his work was being review as not great and the Clinic has more bad reviews in the recent weeks in reference to being so unprofessional and not returning calls, being like sharks after the deposit and also patients and there horrible stories the day of surgery. I called my coordinator and said hey I am seeing more bad than good and I'm not liking it. I said it looks like Dr. Ortega does nothing to the ladies no change in the butts, she said that he was more moderate and I asked about Dr. Ghurami she said he charged 6,000 and I said what about Dr. LLorente she said that he was not available, I said u know I dont want to go thru all that pain and all this money I am spending and not see a difference. After my call with her I started to do research on Dr. LLorente his pics on IG and other pages convince me that he was the one. I decided to hunt down where else did he work and I found New Life. It turns out that he is there DR. I told the lady that was helping me everything that had happened she told me that he was available for the 4/20 which I though it was great because that meant I didn't had to cancel anything, flights can stay the same and hotel. She told me she would help me because of everything I went thru and she did I got a great deal with stuff included that not even Spectrum was offering and also If I paid cash and not thru a financial company the price would be better which at the end it came to 3,900.00 and I put down my 500.00 deposit. I already had given them 500.00 and I was not going to loose it specially with all the ordeal and unprofessional stuff that I had gone thru, so I decided to contact my bank and told them everything that had happened also I told them I had documents to back up my complaint. Withing 2 days I had been credited the deposit back into my account (thank u Jesus). My coordinator over at New Life is so amazing! I can asked her anything directly to her cell phone she answer quickly and she has been nothing but helpful. My surgery is on 4/20 I am flying my best friend from TX to meet me in Miami and I am bringing my roomate also. I am stressing like crazy putting on weight so that my Dr. has enough fat and that I get great results. I am not on real self anymore going back and forth on reviews as I dont want to stress myself anymore. If anyone has a gut feeling about the place you are schedule then make the changes you have to like I did. Thanks!

Llorente Doll completed!

Helll dolls,
I had been thinking and hesitant on writting a review of my experience. I had my bbl just 9 days ago with New Life Plastic Surgery with Dr. Llorente. Now I will start by saying that it doesnt matter who or what you read about the pain this procedure is, you have to go thru it. Now I will review my coordinator first: Mar was my coordinator at New Life, she was amazing, attentive and always answer any question I had within minutes, I could text her to her cell at any time. My review for the center is the following: Not organized, lack of Customer Service and to be honest the same things I read from Spectrum was almost the same. I for one was ready to be firmed and not be played around dumb with the waiting. I think that these places only view you as a $$ singned and are about get u in and out. My journey is the following: I started this process in Feb 2016 I had wanted to do it for a long time but was scared, I finally decided on Miami since the price was not bad. Now I had to go thru hoops to get it done to changing the Dr and Clinic (spectrum to New Life) the reason ( please read post from back a few weeks ago) now I flew my best friend from Houston to Miami so she could help me and also my roomate so he could help and assist me coming back home. We flew out of NC on 4/18 to Miami and stayed til 4/26. I got my labs done on 4/19 thankfully I had been taking vitamins and Iron pill that even thou my labs were done a day before I was cleared to have my BBL. When I got to New Life I got to meet my coordinator Mar and talk to her they took new pics of my body since I had gain more weight. I had really stress in gaining as much weight as possible so I could get good results. I went from 138 to 151 mine you im only 5'1 the last couple of days I felt horrible and fat specially bcs my clothes was not fitting anymore. The one thing that made me resemble New Life with Spectrum was the following: before leaving NC I asked my coordinator If I could please speak to Dr. Llorente so that I could show him what I wanted and my pics. Well when I got there to do my labs and asked for him they said that he was not there on Tuesday... Here we go with the first scenerio.. Okay so I leave go to walmart and buy last minute things that I needed like food and medical stuff.. I had bought a couple of maxi dresses, towels, shower curtains, sheets and like medical stuff. I have to say all those crazy list out there that they have for pre surgery is BS. You dont need all that stuff, my main thing was: sleepers, robe, neosporin, waterproof bandages, mosturizer for face- fyi: you will not be in the mood to put makeup so I decided to keep my face clean and mosturized. I also had a pee-ez which OMG it has helped so much. Also my boyfriend ordered me the Dr.Miami booty pillow and it came in handy and ill tell u why. Ok so on Tuesday afternoon I got a call from nurse that labs were good and my surgery was at 12:30 pm, mined you I tokd her earlier when I got my labs done that I wanted please an early surgery time so I wouldnt be all day without eating. She told me thats the earliest she could do, I told her that was fine. That night I took a good shower washed my hair, shaved and packed the 3 things they asked for: robe, sleepers and blanket. So I didnt eat nothing past 12 hit, the next day we got up and left around 11:45 am to New Life, when we got there I told them who I was they told me they would call me to go back but that no one could come back with me, then I realized I had to bring my cell with me since I had my pics to show the Dr. 12:50 pm came and finally they took me back. Let me tell you everything I had read was truth!! The back is freezing! Once they took me back they took a preg and nicotine test which came back good ( I dont drink or smoke) anyways the nurse name Leslie told me she would be my nurse for the day. She took me to this room where you wait, they have a bed and give you a blanket they had my paper robe, cap, compressiom socks, she told me to put that on and then they took more pics again... Well 1:30 came and Lorenzo came in the anestiologist and asked questions told me about what he would give me and what to expect then he said later Dr. Llorente would come in to mark me. Now while im back there chaos is happening the nurses are discussing other patients info and how they will keep the money if someone wanted to cancel, just very unethical, nurses on there cell phones and laughing.. So finally 1:45 dr came in, now this is my review on Dr. Llorente: he was not those Dr's that are like hi how are you with a great smile that makes you feel comtarble it was very dry and fast I literally only got to show him 3 pics from 60 wish pics and it was like him marking me and talking I was like shiet I need to hurry and tell him exactly what I want, I was like I want projection ohhh and hips I dont have any and also my Vagina area is very lump and can you minimize it so I dont have a camel toe.. Lol.. Hes like dont worry Ill fix it, i was trying to be extemely nice I told him I had seen his work on IG and admire his work and all he said was thank you.. My talk with him was not even 10 min, it was exactly how others had said: that they are rush! There is no sit down lets talk tell me what you want and lack of patient- dr- relationship.. Very dissapointed.. Now by 2 pm Lorenzo the anestesia guy got me and took me to the operating room, he told me to take off the paper robe and to lay on the table they started hooking me up with IVY and monitors he said ai would start to geet loopy and be out, the last thing I remember was the clock marking 2:10 and he asking me what I did back home.. Now here comes the worst: the waking up!! I wake up to leslie the nurse shaking me to wake up and just like urging me.. Not cool!!! As im waking up the pain starts coming in like brinks and knifes!!! Shiet it was pain worst than labor pain!!! Instarted to cry, my ass was hurting specially bcs they had lay me back on the bed with my ass down and it was freezzzinggggg! I remember asking how much CC's they put in.. I could see Dr. Llorente seating on this desk like completing charts and he didnt even bother to come and check on me... I asked for meds because I couldnt bare the pain she ssid she had to wait a few minutes since I just woke up, after crying and mad to see how they were treating me she gave me medication. My friends were called that I was ready but they couldnt be found!! Then I started to get even more pist bcs I had told them to wait and not move bcs they could get my meds in at pharmacy while im in surgery and that way it be ready when were out of surgery. Finally they came and i was out in a wheel chair and taken to car, the nurse gave some instructions to them. I had already prep the car with a shower curtain and a blanket so I would not damage the rental. Last thing I wanted was to get blood on the seats. The ride was hell, I remember crying and cursing at my friends as I told them why would u guys leave and not wait and they said they went to get something to eat and I was like what tge fuck I fed yall before going in to surgery I had not eaten anything since 8 pm the night before and it was already 6 pm when I was out of surgery. We get to the hotel I had stayed at the Elements by westin, I wanted something with a kitchen and to feel like I was at home since I would be staying for 8 days. When we got to the hotel I didnt care who would see me the pain was horrible, i got to my room and layed flat on my bed which I also had prepared with a shower curtain, padding and just my own sheet I had bought ( i was trying to avoid at all cost to damage any of the property linens.. That night was horrible the pain thank God I had bought tylenol 500mg for the pain bcs I didnt get my meds til 9 pm. I ate some soup and drank pineapple juice alot, had no problem peeing and pretty much part of the night I was in pain. The next day was just as bad, my spine was killing me I was draining so bad... I got a massage lady name Elsie to come to the room to give me my massages and drained me. She came at 7pm and i can say It felt good to get the garment off finally!!! The massage was very painful but Elsy made me feel so good when she said OMG your butt looks amazing, listen still at that point I was not even concern if my but was huge or not since the pain was in control.. I was able to rince my private part and my legs since they had blood from the draining . I started to feel very nauseaus and almost fainted after that. I laid back down and slept for a few hours. Most of the nights i barely slept the percoset didnt really work on me I either walked in the room or kneeled down next to my bed from the pain on my spine, i prayed alot asking God to take the pain away. By Saturday I felt ok that i went to the lobby to have bfast with my friends and even laid face down on a pool bench.. I can say that it was the most comtarble I had felt... I even fell asleep 3 hours by the pool. I had my post op the next day of surgery at 9 am I told the nurse that i wanted something as early as possibke bcs I did not want to be there all day waiting to be seen with pain! We got there and what a waist! Because I didnt get my massages with them the nurse did not check me all she did was asked questions regarding my massages and she only took my robe and looked at me and that was it.. I got my letter to show at airport so I could get assistance and booked an appointment to see Dr. Llorente before flying out to NC.. Okay so Monday comes I get to New Life I tell them that I have a 9:30 appt and they said to take a seat and they would let him know... Here we go again with the BS as I am
Waiting for the Dr. There is a man that his wife is getting surgery, he asked me about my procedure I asked who was doing his wife procedure and guess what Dr. Llorente was performing her surgery since 8am and guess what else these bitches had booked my appt with him knowing that he would be in surgery! Like wtf! Just so much unorganized place and nurses who just walk around texting and laughing.. It was like and hour and 30 min later and I said listen i need to see Dr. Llorente or I will leave now you will not have me here for 2 hours in pain! Immediatly he finally came out, i was taken to a room and and had my garment off they took after pics then he came in, he couldnt even remember who I was kept saying you are still very swollen and you had ur surgery a week ago? Ahh no I had it 4 days ago! Like shiet what else can I say.. He only looked at me for not even 10 min said to do massages and that I was healing nicely. I got my garment back on and left. U know I was kinda happy to not have to return to that place they make you feel like a dollar sign and thats it! Monday I had my last massage which was not good, the draining had stop completely which was good but she notice the stitches and said she could remove them which when she tried it was so painful I cried like I had never before.. After that massage I felt stress and in pain. Took a pill and started to packed back up all my stuff as I would be returning on 4/26 back home and our flight was at 8 am from fort lauderdale, didnt get any sleep the pain of my spine for being only face down was killing me. I felt very tired and sleep deprive.. Since surgery until today I have only slept maybe a total of 15-20 hours.. Anyways we got up at 4 am to start driving from miami to Fort lauderdale.. I didnt ride stomach down but more in a kneeling position in the back but facing my seat. We got to airport turned in car and got to ticket counter. Let me tell u American Airlines is amazing!! With days ahead I told them about my surgery and they upgraded my seating so I would have space. When we got our tickets they immediatly put me in a wheelchair skipped the line thru security and was boarded first to the plane.. Thru my 2 hour flight from fort laudardale to Charlotte Nc i kneeled down facing my seat with my blanket over me.. They treated me well and when I arrive to charlotte to catch the final plane bring me to my final destination they had wheel chair a assistant and a go cart to get to my gates... Even when I got to my hometown airport they had a wheelchair and assistant for me.. Thank you American Airlines! So now im home and its still very hard to sleep I got a new prescription for vicodin which does help! I take my arnica pellets every 4 hours and take daily baths to clean myself and let my body rest from being in a farment 23 hrs a day.. I try taking during the day Tylenol for the pain and at night Vicodin.. I also am taking my vitamins again still Iron pill just to make sure im good since you do drain alot. Now I know that many may say thru all am I happy with my results: Yes very happy!!! My body change so much from no hips to an hourglass figure and a huge ass. The gaining weight worked! As Dr. Llorente took 3 liters out of me and placed 1400ccs on each butt cheek and the rest on my hips.. Even thou he lacks from giving you that patient to dr relationship, he did an amzing job! No i do not regret anything from this journey bcs the results were amazing! Will I want to do it again after experiencing so much pain: HELL TO THE No!!! This procedure is not just saying oh its 4,000 dollars theres more to it, garments, prescription cost, medical stuff, flights, hotel, rental car, food and dedication of not sitting on ur ass for weeks. I myself follow Soli25 who got her procedure with a beverly hills dr and her results are amazing, she did not sit on her ass for a month! And thats what I plan to do myself! If I can ill do it for 6 weeks! Also she says to eat 4-5 meals a day and maintain ur weight so u are feeding ur fat and not loose much! If you have any questions feel free to ask.. Next ill post all pics before and after.

Before and after pics of my Journey!

Before and after pics of my journey

These pics are 2 weeks before surgery I was at 145lbs my goal was 150. I reached 151!

1 day post op getting 1st massage

3 days post op

3 days post op! Very swollen but love how my waist and hips look! I hope I dont loose all the fat!

My new butt posted on Llorente sight on IG

2 weeks post op... Booty still swollen

So its 2 weeks from BBl Surgery.. Very hard to sleep I am sleep deprieve, sore and caint wait til I am able to lay on my back.. Still swollen but bruises have gone away really good. Have tried on dresses and skirts but unfortunatly my jeans will not fit, they dont go past my thighs!

4 weeks post op

Hello can anyone tell me what is the best waist cincher or waist trainer that I can buy? Im using my leonisa legging but it indents my skin really bad and also my waist non latex cincher leaves the marks on my sides..

My DR. Was NOT OSAK!!!! It was ORLANDO LLorente!!!

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