29 Yrs Old BBL Set for 1/6/16 W/ Dr. Omulepu. Miami, FL

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I'm from California, and after going to several...

I'm from California, and after going to several doctors here in the Bay Area and being disappointed by the results they said they could give me, I decided to get a breast augmentation in August. I still wanted the bbl done and just recently I found Spectrum's work here on real self!! My 30th birthday is in March, and what better way to celebrate than to give myself a gift I've always wanted!! From the first call I had with Liz, I began to feel that I was in good hands. I researched Dr. Omulepu's work and even found a wish pic from some of his work. The more I seen reviews and seen his work, the more confident I became that He was the right doctor for me. From the videos he has that show him talking about the procedure and actually performing the procedure, it shows that he enjoys his work and that he's really good at it! All of the post op pictures i found of his work seem like the patients kept most if not all of the fat that was transferred. From researching the procedure, I've learned that the amount of fat that remains after the procedure depends on the dr.'s technique and experience. Seeing this makes me feel confident and secure that I have finally found the right doctor and excited that I'll finally get the results I'm looking for. Spectrum is also used to people flying in for the procedure and they do many bbls at spectrum. That too makes me feel secure that their doctors specialize in the bbl procedure. After the doctor evaluated my pictures and wish pics and I was told he could give me similar results, I was beyond excited!! Yay, finally!! And I get to travel to Miami!! I just put my deposit down and booked my surgery date for Jan. 6th. Please, If anyone can give me some advice on supplies, tips, etc. (i will traveling from California to Miami!) based on their experience. I would greatly appreciate it!! I will keep you all posted!

dr. Omulepu & dr. Ortega patients please help!!!!

I'm so bummed!!!! I continued to do research on dr. Omulepu and was scared to find that around April-may, a lot of his patients were getting staph infections :( i found some reviews of people getting staph infections and one had to get a blood transfusion. She said she was going to take legal action!! I'm sooooo scared now and don't know if I want to get surgery by him or even at spectrum for that matter!! Not sure if the staph was due to the recovery house the patients stayed at, sx tools not being properly sterilized and doctor's fault or the patient's fault. Im really considering canceling my sx at spectrum its just not worth it to me!! I will call Liz, my coordinator tomorrow and we'll see what happens! If anyone want to see those reviews on him, go to his page and click reviews, I believe it's "lowest"
If you are dr. O's patient, any info would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!! Also if you're Ortega's patient, please show me your results!

57 more days!!!!!

I can't wait to get my body back and some!! And get the body to match my new boobs!! So, I've always had a nice shape, but always lacking in the hip area! However, during these past few months I have gained so much weight!! :( especially in my mid section!! I got a BA in August and that didn't help with getting back in shape!! As a matter of fact everything went downhill from there! Ive gained about 20 pounds in less than a year and I'm sooooo depressed! Im trying to preserve the fat I have so that I can get the results that I want, since the last time I went for a consultation I was told I didn't have enough fat to get the results I wanted!! I mostly gain weight proportionally, and so it's difficult to look at myself gaining weight and not being able to do anything about it!!


So far my experience with spectrum staff has been terrible!! Liz was great up until I put down my deposit, still waiting for my surgery date in writing and I also told her my concerns about not finding dr. Omulepu on the board of plastic surgeons and the staph cases they had this year and she has yet to help me with any of that!! I called and left a message on The questions and concerns voicemail and have yet to get a call back!! What's terrible is that the coordinators are the first experience that we the Customers have of spectrum. This is a reflection of Spectrum!! Most of the spectrum patients have had negative customer service experiences. I just wonder how this continues to go on. I'm really considering going somewhere else where they actually show they care about their patients. Although I will loose my deposit, my health and feeling secure is more important!!

Emily is the best!!

Thank God I was able to switch coordinators!! Great customer service goes a long way!! I feel like I'm in much better hands now and feel that I am making the right decision choosing Spectrum! I'm excited again about my BBL procedure! And thank you everyone who replied to my previous post. You all were a huge help. Thanks :)

Before pics front & back view from earlier this year

32 more days!!

I'm soooooo excited and nervous at the same time as the day gets closer!!!!! I quit smoking 4 days ago!! It hasn't been easy, but I'm trying to stay focused on getting good results!! Today I got a call from Emily at spectrum about my blood work, unfortunately I missed the call and when I called back she didn't answer. I'll wait till Monday to give her a call again!! COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS!! Still don't have all my supplies but at least the surgery and flight are booked!! Yay!!!!!!

Help!!!!! Need advice!!! Got lab paperwork today!!!!!!

I got my lab paperwork today, but am bummed because just my luck I got my period yesterday :( sorry TMI!! Has anyone else had this happen to them? I'm not sure if I can get labs done while on my period or if it's better to wait until after my period?? Please any advice on this?? Thank you


Yay!! I was cleared this morning!! Omg, it's getting close!! I'm excited, but not looking forward to the ups and downs of post-op recovery!!

On my way to the airport!!

It's getting real!! I'm on my way to the airport. Leaving out of SFO and have a layover in Chicago and I land in Miami tomorrow at 11am. The plan is to head straight to Spectrum to sign my final paperwork and make my final payment. Surgery is scheduled for wed. The 6th. I'm super nervous and scared!! I pray that my trip is smooth and that the weather doesn't cancel or delay my trip. I also hope and pray that everything goes well with my surgery!!


So as I'm waiting in line to get something to eat at SFO, I realize that one of my favorite football players (Anquan Boldin) is standing right in front of me!! Awesome way to start our trip!!

Today's the day!!

It's 5:25am and I'm sitting here in the lobby at spectrum waiting on the doctor to get my sx done. I'm so nervous and this waiting isn't making it easier!!

Surgery days!! God

Hello everyone!! I finally made it to the other side!! I arrived in Miami yesterday and went to Spectrum to pay off the rest of my surgery. I've had a Great experience so far with spectrum staff and Dr. O l. (The only time I had a bad experience was when Liz was my Cordinator and that changed as soon as I got a new coordinator.) So here it goes, my surgery day experience:
I arrived at spectrum at 5:30 AM, I was the first one to get there then three other girls who had surgery that day as well arrived. In a couple minutes after I got there they did a pregnancy test and once they got the negative results, they took me into the back and had me dress into a paper gown, compression stockings, etc. the nurse then came in and took pictures as well as completed the paperwork that I signed. Soon after, the anesthesiologist came in and hooked me up to the IV. ( for anyone having an upcoming surgery I recommend you guys bring a blanket. it's really cold!! I was the first one for today and therefore I didn't have to wait long, (but I've heard a lot of stories about how some people waited hours in a paper gown in that cold room before their surgery.) As soon as the doctor arrived, he came in and explained to me the process. (He also told me that for the pre-lipo procedure he injects a liquid the breaks down the fat and he will also put in the equivalent of one or two of the IV pouches and therefore I should expect a lot of draingagedof the fluid and blood in the days ahead. And as a matter fact the more drains the better and to drink at least a gallon a day of water.) he marked me up, answer my questions and concerns and right after we walked over to the surgery room. The last thing I remember is laying on the surgery table receiving oxygen and the drugs going into my IV. When I came to, I didn't know where I was and woke up from a dream. Lol i woke up and I t was all over I also briefly remember them putting me into my garment, I was in and out for that. I completely started waking up, I just remember shivering and shaking really bad from how cold I felt, even with a heated blanket that they placed on top of me. The nurses notified My boyfriend that I was ready and tget dressed me. My boyfriend an I got an uber and left. Spectrum staff has been so friendly and helpful and comforting. The nurses were great and very comforting even up until I got in the car and left. The nurse that took me out on the wheelchair waited with me until our ride showed up and she was very comforting during the time we waited. I'm. Really bummed, because the assuage lady is out of the office until the 11th. My boyfriend sat in the lobby and was recommended a massage lady who comes to your place if you'd like and does your massage, bathes you, and washes your garment. We contact her and have an appointment for my first massage tomorrow at 6 PM.


Forgot to mention in last post that after surgery I had a terrible taste in my mouth, most likely the anesthesia. My ride home was annoying! I layed face down and across the back seat, I really wasn't worried about pain as much as I was worried about my putting pressure on my booty and getting fluid on the seat. When I got home I was starving and couldn't wait to get taste out of my mouth. I never experienced nausea. I ate a bunch of crackers and pineapple/orange juice. I took antibiotics and pain pills. My boyfriend brought the bed out into the living room and I layed on stomach and fell asleep. When I woke up, there was a lot of fluid that came out and I felt better. I got that taste in my mouth again, so I drank pineapple juice and ate crackers. I then walked around the apartment for about an hour(slowly) my boyfriend made me a smoothie and jello, I ate and back to sleep. More fluid came out and this time I felt a burning pain around my lower stomach incisions. I layed down for a while and back to sleep! The pain went away when I woke up. I walked some more and ate some more. What I did was I bought a plastic curtain and placed it on the mattress, then put sheet on mattress, I folded a flannel robe and another folded sheet and that helped to not get the fluid and blood on mattress. To pee, I've been using the pee-ez (a must have!!) I wash the clothes with the fluid and blood as soon as i get up, and keep disinfecting everything around me. Every time my boyfriend helps me with something, he washes his hands with anti bacterial soap and then uses hand sanitizer. This morning I woke up at 3am and then went back to sleep till 6am. It very difficult to only sleep on your stomach!! Today have an appt at spectrum in about an hour and a half. I posted some pics.

PHOTOS- One day post op

I'm at the doctors office right now. They took my garment off and took pictures. My doctor isn't here, but his assistant is the one taking care of me. They say everything looks great. I have this hard and swollen spot on my stomach and I'm worried!! They say it's just swollen and will go away, the massage will help too.

Day 2 is Hell!!!!

Yesterday I got my first massage(1 day post op) after the massage I feel good but after the shower I felt dizzy and nauseated. I even threw up. Also I know this might be TMI but I had my first bowel movement last night after massage. I felt really drained after the shower as well as dizzy, nauseated, and just plain out of it so I went to sleep. This morning was day two post op , And from the time I woke up, I woke up in extreme pain on my back my legs, my arms, and I believe it's due to sleeping in one position all night. I'm sleeping on my stomach and it's already difficult, and if I'm not position right I have an even more difficult and painful time considering that I just got a breast augmentation four months ago. I woke up extremely stiff and in lots of pain! All day today I have felt drained and have been sleeping most the day. I had my second massage today and it was extremely painful!! I'm still training in certain parts of my stomach are more swollen and tender than others. The middle section of my stomach is very swollen and feels sort of hard . I asked about it and they said it's normal the massage lady says the same thing she massages at three and drains me for about 30 minutes. Once again getting out of the shower I felt drained, dizzy, nauseated, and even threw up a little. This day has been terrible and I'm just hoping that it gets better . I'm supposed to be traveling back to California on Tuesday the 12th but I'm worried that I may not be ready.

Day 3

Ever since my surgery every night I try to figure out a different way to sleep that's comfortable and I have yet to find one. Because I got a breast augmentation in August, sleeping on my stomach is very uncomfortable for me. Last night I used the Boppy pillow around my chest to leave room for my breasts and put a pillow under my pelvic area to help with The back pain (I've been experiencing a lot of back pain) and I put a pillow under my feet. This helped the back pain however it was not the most comfortable. This morning I woke up having to go to the bathroom (#2) I have found the best way to go #2, is to put my BBL pillow in plastic bags and set it at the edge of the toilet, sit my legs on the pillow and hang my butt off above the toilet. Sorry TMI!! I haven't had to take my strong pain meds today I've just taken 1000 mg of extra strength Tylenol, except for an hour before I got my massage. Massages are so painful!! She massages me, does ultrasound therapy, and drains me. Today though, I felt better after my massage. No nausea!! I do have a spot near my belly button that is lumpy and swollen. At the dr.'s office and the lady that does my massages says that it's normal. Has anyone experienced this? I'm draining more out of one side and the middle one has stopped draining completely. I have an appointment with Dr. O on Monday and we'll see what happens then.

New pics!!!!!!

Sorry ladies, haven't posted in a while. I'll post more details of my past few days on the next post. Here's some pics. Dr. O said he was able to put 1,700cc's.

Day 10 of healing!

Healing is coming along great, but it's been more of an emotional roller coaster for me. I'm not too happy with my results and I start panicking sometimes because my right butt cheek has gone down faster than the left, I feel like they look uneven and it stresses me out!! I know it's just a part of the healing journey and it will take time, it's just scary to think that I'm going to be worst than I was before surgery. A couple of the women's journeys that I follow have been so encouraging, helpful and such live savers!! I don't feel like I'm the only one that's going through this!
And thank you everyone who has been following my journey and has been so encouraging and supporting!! They tell me it's normal and just give it time! I also wish my booty was bigger!! :( My boyfriend says I'm crazy and that it is big and looks amazing! I just hope I don't lose more fat!! While in Miami for the first 4 days I kept getting terrible headaches and even got a cold, which got better once I got home.
Well, I bought a second garment while in Miami (I posted the info in the previous post) I got 4 massages from a lady that came to where I was staying and I got 2 massages at spectrum. I stopped draining at my 5th massage. Dr. O recommended 2 more weeks of massages (every other day). So far I've only had one and am still looking for a massage therapist that I like. The airplane ride home was not so bad! I took pain meds and my Valium before and during the flights. I missed my flight and had to wait for 5 hours, thankfully there's a hotel at Miami airport that you can rent for a few hours for $55 dollars. I was able to relax for those few hours. I showed my letter and was allowed to board first during pre-boarding. During take off I used my bbl pillow and as soon as I could take seat belt off, I was on my seat on my knees facing the back of the chair. I would alternate between this and standing up by the restrooms.
Since the day of surgery I've been drinking lots of water infused with fresh ginger and strawberry, I've been eating lots of pineapple and pineapple juice, spinach, ginger, and carrot juice, and smoothies.
foam boards have been annoying!! It's really difficult to get them even and with no gaps! One of the ladies on here told me about a full torso foam board that is sold online at: inthepinkroom.com. I notice one side of my waist has a better shape than the other one and I hope it's just the swelling! Did anyone else have this experience?
I'm not taking any medication anymore, not even Tylenol.
I still use arnica gel and I also bought the actual dried arnica flowers that I boil and use a washcloth with the liquid and place where it's swollen and bruised. I massage myself and my boyfriend massages me as well. I found a you tube video on how to massage post lipo. On tight spots, it's a circular motion. On the hard spots(which is melted fat and blood that the body will re absorb) it's more of a kneading massage to help break it up and help the body re-absorb it faster.
I've been bored out of my mind and am so tired of just laying down, kneeling, and only walking around my house :( I still don't feel comfortable going out unless I have to!!


Getting my 8th massage tomorrow, I'm going to try another place and hope the lady has more experience with people who are post lipo. It's called massage envy. When I spoke to the receptionist and I explained to her my concerns, she told me she was going to book me with the person she knew had the most experience. My whole left side is more swollen than my right! Still taking arnica pills, and I also bought some dried arnica flowers at the Mexican market and boiled them with water. Then used a wash cloth and my bf applied the juice to my tummy and back. I've been self massaging my tummy and sides in the shower and my bf or I massage after shower with arnica gel. I went to my surgeon that did my breast augmentation and asked her if laying on my breast all the time would affect my breast augmentation results (she said it shouldn't be a problem, but if it hurts, to try and move around) and I also asked her if she could recommend someone for post lipo massages. She told me that for her lipo patients she advises them to use a rolling pin and use that to massage and that should help with the lumps. (Haven't tried that yet, but will once the swelling goes down more) when I travel in the car, I slide the passenger's seat and recline it all the way back and I kneel in front of the seat and lean forward. (I tried laying in the back, but didn't want my sides to be pushed against the seat. I have one more week before I go back to work, and two weeks before I go back to school. I work as a counselor and am required to sit for increments of an hour at a time when I'm with a client. (I still don't know what I'm going to do at work) i do have the option to have a standing work station, so I'm not worried about that part. I have the bbl pillow and plan to use that at work and school. With school I'm not worried about having to stand every few minutes, but with work, I may not be able to stand every few minutes within the hour I'm with a client. Feeling better physically every day, but it still sucks being limited to what I can do. I still panic about asymmetry, but thank God for some of the women on here that have been life savers!! I'm reminded that it's all a part of the healing and recovery process!! Does anyone know how long Dr. O said to wear the triangle and the foams? I still have a lot of swelling on back as well

Has anyone experienced this???????

I'm noticing that on my right side, I have a deeper, more noticeable and more uneven mark and dent where the zipper is on my garment. I wear my foams every time I have my garment on and I'm still wearing the garment from spectrum. I also have more lumps on my left side of my abdomen. I hope those marks aren't permanent. Has anyone else experienced this?

20 days post op

I called spectrum yesterday and spoke with my coordinator. I had a few questions and concerns. I noticed since day one a spot on my belly near belly button is lumpy, raised and soft. (Feels like it could be fluid or swelling) it's not improving and I'm concerned. (Did anyone else have this problem too?)
I also asked about the stitches. I found out that they're not dissolvable and I'm upset that nobody told me at spectrum the day I had my last post op appt. I ended up going to the plastic surgeon that did my breast augmentation and had them removed for $200. I also asked her about the spot on my belly and she said to give it time and just keep watching it. She was kind enough to say that she can look at it later if it doesn't improve and drain fluid with syringe if I needed. She told me I'm healing nicely, keep compressing and not worry so much!! I'm still Using foam boards and I ordered a full torso foam board from inthepinkroom.com last night as well as a different garment from Leonisa.com
Left side of my torso is 1/2 an inch bigger than my right, I'm still very swollen. I've had 3 massages since I've been back home and have another one scheduled for Wednesday. I'm having a difficult time falling asleep. I go back to work tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it!!

Booty progress so far!!

25 days post op

Went back to work on Wednesday at 21 days post. It was tough!! I didn't sit at all. 2nd day at work I had no choice, I had to sit. ( I had to train with my supervisor and had to sit for the most an hr. Of continuous sitting without pillow, but at least a cushioned seat, then I had to sit for another hr.) it was very uncomfortable and somewhat painful. The third day of work I sat more often and the longest I sat for was 1 1/2 hrs. When I'm at my desk I started using a memory foam pillow under my thighs, the problem is when I'm training with my supervisor, I don't use the pillow. That night I had to sit for over an hour, but I placed my jacket under my thighs. (this was also uncomfortable. I have a bbl pillow, but the bbl pillow is too hard and very uncomfortable. I'm still getting massages (the lady uses an lpg endermologie machine and also does manual lymphatic drainage massage. (I've added photo of what the lpg endermologie is. The only reason why I chose this massage lady and this type of massages is because she's the only lady I have found here in San Jose, ca that is very knowledgeable and experienced in post lipo massage. I'm still not driving and I'm still laying and sleeping on my stomach. I have been wearing a Leonisa garment with mesh on the booty when I'm out and about, and the spectrum garment to sleep in with foams and triangle. That spot on my stomach is still there, I'm still worried about it (doesn't get bigger or smaller), left side of body is still bigger, more swollen & slower to heal!! This recovery from surgery had been tough!! I'm very busy all the time and always running around, and I'm still not back 100%, it's frustrating and inconvenient!! I start school tomorrow as well!!

32 days post op!!

Hey ladies sorry I have an updated in a while I've been very busy with work and school. Today I'm 32 days Post op. I don't feel that a lot has changed, there's days when I feel that my butt and hips are shrinking, and then there's days when I feel like they're back. A couple days ago I noticed my torso was really swollen and started freaking out. I am soon due for my period and I'm thinking that that's the reason why. My measurement are still: waist-28, hips/bootty-43. I think I'm just getting used to my booty now! Lol. I'm sitting at work and school but most of the time I use a pillow to support my thighs and get pressure off my booty. I received my Full torso foam from in thepinkroom.com and have been wearing it at night along with my ab board. And that seemed to help my swelling. I ordered a garment from Leonisa.com and have been wearing that during the day when I'm out and about, and at night I wear my spectrum garment with my Full torso foam and sometimes add the foams on top of that and the triangle. I'm still sleeping face down. I still get my LPG endermology massages twice a wk. and it's still painful. I am now currently looking for a waist cinched to buy and I'm really leaning towards buying one from waist gang society. Has anyone used a waist cincher from waist gang society? Any feedback on their waist clinchers is greatly appreciated! Thank you

46 days postop

Here's some updated pictures. I couldn't get a really good angle myself. At this point my waist has dropped 4 inches and my hips/booty has dropped half an inch. I'm now sitting as normal for the most part it's still somewhat uncomfortable but it's getting better. Last night I went to the movies for my first time since my surgery and although it was somewhat uncomfortable after a while and I had to sit up to shift the weight to my thighs mostly I was able to sit through the whole movie overall. I don't know if I've just gotten used to my results, but I still wish my booty was bigger. everyone tells me I'm crazy! Lol although I am not seriously considering a round two, i'm seriously considering lipo on my thighs. i'm still continuing to get massages twice a week (a combo of LPG Endermology and lymphatic drainage and deep tissue) I still wear my faja all day and night and I wear my lipo ab board and full torso foamboard at night. At night I wear the hall from spectrum and during the day I now wear the faja that I bought in Miami that was too tight before an alternate with my leonisa. It's really weird but I feel secure and safe with my faja. Lol I'm waiting on my waist cincher to start waist training.


Going on 9 weeks!!

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, been super busy with school and work. I'm going on nine weeks and this has been by far the best week. I can finally sit comfortably. Yay!! ( I started sitting at three weeks but it was very uncomfortable ) I no longer with my garment, but I do sometimes wear a waist chincher. When I wear waste cente when I wear a waist cincher for over eight hours, I find that I get swollen. My hips/booty is still 43 inches, and my waist is 27 inches. The Lightbow area 43 inches, and my waist is 27 inches. The Lipo areas have been the slowest to heal and the most frustrating. So far I'm very pleased with my results!!!!

Almost 5 months!!!!!

Sorry haven't updated in a while! Here's an updated picture.
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