It's Finally happening !!!!!!

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Hellllllooooooo all my girls who been on here...

Hellllllooooooo all my girls who been on here motivating me for like the past year of me stalking all ur comments and posts and journeys! ! ! ! !
I am finally ready to commit to this sx and share my story too ????????. I spoke with Helen at vanity who quoted me $4500 and the date is looking to be around 12/11/15 just gotta confirm with my job. I have been on a weigtloss journey so I can be close to my goal weight by sx, I have lost 15 already and will be losing 25-30 more by December. I have thick arms so I have to get down to 185 so I'll look proportionate after my bbl.
I'm thinking about also getting a breast reduction but I might wait til next year just to see how they look after I get bbl done.
I am super excited and can't wait, but I'm also not as informed as most ppl on here seem to be so plz feel free to leave tips, or any info I might need to know before or after sx. Thanks guys !!!! Will be updating with weightloss pics and some wish pis.

I started at 230 lbs. ..

I've been eating right without starving myself ... and working out. It's starting to pay off

Bored and can't sleep .... hmm what to do ???? RS!!!!!

Great workout today my scale said 213 yaaay!!!! Going in the right direction .... 185lbs here I come !!!

More weightloss! December is coming soon but undecided!

So I haven't been working out as much lately but I've definitely been sticking to my calorie limit and losing weight that way. I'm still hoping to go in December but I'm strongly considering waiting until March when I would be eligible for FMLA from my job.
If anyone has any info on their FMLA process please let me know Thanks!
I'm currently down to 205 ... got at least 15 more to go but shooting for 20!!

Only 1 month to go !!!!!

So I've been MIA for a while but I'm in the last stretch b4 I become a fisher doll!! My date is now set for April 5th, flights are booked, sx paid in full ... the only problem is that I haven't bought any supplies yet and I don't even knw where to start. I really want to have everything I need but at the same time I really don't want to get a whole bunch of stuff I won't even use so any recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Im also down to 192 but I plan on being 185 by my sx date so for the next month I plan on really hitting the gym hard.

I'll definitely be posting better before pics once I get closet to my goal weight

Finally reached my goal weight 185 pounds !!!!!!

So a lot has changed with me, I'm now at my ideal weight of 185 and I recently started weight lifting to really get my body in the best possible shape before my surgery. As far as the surgery, I have a new date of June 28th, that I'll definitely be keeping. I changed my date a couple times because I wasn't pleased with where my body was physically; I figure if I'm gonna invest $5000 then I may as well get the most that I can out of it cuz I see ppl who didn't lose their weight then get upset that they didn't get the most optimal results. ... and I am not tryna throw my money away!!!!

Anyways I'm super excited and I can't wait to get this over with!!! Talk to you dolls soon!

New Sx Date ... Enjoying Weightloss!!

Soooo... I've been strength training about 2 times a week for the past 3 weeks and to be honest the results are happening faster than I thought!! I'm already at my goal weight but I'm tryna tighten everything up so after surgery I wnt have to worry about all that. So I've decided to move my date a little closer so Ill be healed by the time my bf gets back to the US. I'm still working on getting a date for 6/13 cuz Dr.Fisher is booked all the way to September! but my coordinator is pretty awesome and it sounds promising so I have my fingers crossed.
My current date is 6/28 and I'll be the first person to go ... If there's any doll sceduled for 6/13 or anyday that week and would like to switch please inbox me asap! Thanks !


So I'm tryna get everything together for my sx on 6/6/16 .... but I'm so lost as to what to buy. I'm very frugal and don't want to buy things I don't need but I also wanna have everything I need as well as basic items tht will make the process more comfortable and bareable (eg.back scratcher).

I'll be staying at Miami Escape and another doll who stayed there shared her list with me. If there's anyone else here who stayed at Miami Escape and got their supply box, please let me know what items u brought with u and what u didn't bring that u wish u had and wat u brought that u really didn't need to. Thanks in advance.

As for the labs I'm waiting for results, but I had my hemoglobin checked back in March it was 11.1 and honestly I have been very inconsistent with the iron pill but I've been consistent now for like the past week. Is there anything I can do tone raise it up more in 2 weeks? just in case my results come back too low.


So I got my labs back and my hemoglobin is 11.4 .... My sx is on June 6th, so a week and a half and I need to get it up to 12.... I'm literally shaking at the thought of how much money im going to actually lose if I dnt get my hemoglobin up and have to reschedule!!!

Please if there are any dolls who was able to improve their levels within such a short time please give me as much advice as you possibly can. I can't even function right now honestly .... I really was expecting 12 or higher on my labs.

Currently I'm taking vitamin c, folic acid, b12 & iron once a day .... what else can I do ???


WHAT A DISASTER!!!! So it seems everything is just going south and I'm going insane because of it. My hemoglobin was at 11.4 couple weeks ago now it has gone down to 11.2 even with me taking vitamins three times a day! On top of that my period came which means it's probably going to be even lower so at this point I have to switch dates with some one. I am scheduled for June 6th, if there's anyone scheduled later in June and would like to switch please let me know asap! Thanks!


So I just got my results back from the test I did yesterday and my hemoglobin is now 10.6 .... I have no idea why that happened but I'm sure everything happens for a reason. So I'm just going to accept that and keep working on raising my levels. Hopefully I'll be able to get a date later in June. I do want to thank all you dolls who showed your support and gave me some great feedback and advice ... it is greatly appreciated!!

Vanity Cosmetics Customer Service Review

So I'm feeling very compelled to leave a review about vanity ... mainly because it seems they get a very bad rap when it comes to organization and their customer service in general.

So I've been dealing with them since September of last year and I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever. Currently im working with my coordinator Anna who deals with payments, and the other Anna from pre-op who deals with scheduling and labs. THEY ARE AMAZING ... TRULY GOD SENT!!! Although I've never met with them in person I can honestly say they have went above and beyond for me and I'm sure they try to do that for all of their patients.

I've rescheduled a total of 4 times and each time they did everything they could to get me a date that would work for me always with short notice. They also honored a price that was quoted me 3 months earlier by another coordinator who had stopped working there, all they asked was that I put down the deposit at that time. They have called me back every single time I ever left a message except for one day this week, but Anna told me she had to leave early and forgot to call me back that evening. I feel very comfortable with them and I trust everything they say because they have always kept their word with me.

I'm not discounting anyone else's experience, but that has been my experience so far and I feel like God has put me in the right hands because I'm usually very skeptical and not very trusting especially when a place has that many negative reviews about their service. Maybe it's something they have worked on idk but I feel 100% comfortable with this place.
I'll also be meeting them on Monday to do my in person consultation with fisher so I'll leave another review at that time and if there's anything specific you all would like to know about the place while I'm there, I'd be more than willing to do that just let me know.

Hemoglobin wars!!!! ... VETS NEEDED ON THIS

So since my last post I've been working with my pcp to find out why my hemoglobin is still low even though I've been taking iron pills since March. So my pcp ran every single test relating to blood, iron and hemoglobin. My last cbc b4 that was 11.1, 11.4, 10.6 with the last two being within the past month. The cbc from last week was 11.1 and my doc believes the 10.6 was a misread. Based on the results she believes that my hemoglobin level is normal for my body and my ethnicity, and that I'm good to do surgery. She also said iron infusions can't be done because my hemoglobin is not low enough to warrant it. And even though my doc called Dr.Fisher's office to clear me, his assistant says he won't allow it, but I'm waiting for him to get out of surgery with a response. My question is to anyone who has already done their surgery or maybe know someone on here who did this surgery with a hemoglobin lower than 12. (Please send me link to their post) I would like to know if u had any complications with sx or healing and why your pcp cleared u at a lower level.

Figured out the problem....

So my hemoglobin has been a little low for quite a while and with all the supplements I've been taking for the past month it has even decreased at some points.
So I took a pregnancy test on a whim because I was getting sick every morning...and surprisingly it was positive! Anyways two days later (yesterday) I started bleeding and cramping really bad ... went to ER found out I was having a miscarriage. Needless to say my baby was taking all my iron so I'm not mad at that lol.
I'm doingoing ok everything is fine but since I have to wait 6 weeks before proceeding with the surgery I'm just gonna have to put it off til further notice. I'm thinking sometime late winter/early spring 2017.
In the mean time I'm gonna try to maximize my body's full potential in the gym so I can come out of surgery looking like a stallion!!!
I'll be starting crossfit ... yall should look it up... I'll also be posting updates of my progress... talk to yall soon

Lost so much weight ... Gotta gain it back ! And a question at the end for vets ... Plz chime in!!

So it's been a couple months since I last updated and since then I've lost almost 20 pounds and I don't even know how!! Im now 168 lbs( haven't been that weight since high school 11 years ago!!!) . I guess I had a pretty busy summer and wasn't paying attention to my diet, plus I wasn't working out (strength training) like I used to.

Now I'm focused on gaining the weight back because I honestly feel skinny and scrawny so I wanna get back to 185 lbs asap!!! I decided not to go the quicker route which would be a whole bunch of fast food and junk, instead I'm doing a high protein diet to put on some muscle and tighten everything up but I also wanna put on some fat cuz I dnt wanna look muscular either. These days I haven't been feeling very sexy I just feel so skinny and I really hate it! My bf is Greek and only dates black women bcuz he loves the curves but since I've lost all this weight he is not very happy about it so I really need to get my weight up asap!

As i said before I did start crossfit, I'm in my second week and it's hard af but well worth it.... I'm eating a lot of food all healthy stuff but a ton of it and I'm hoping by January 24th which is my new surgery date that I'll be nice and thick again and have enough fat for my bbl.

I'm back and forth about how many cc I want because on one hand I dnt want it to be too big ... I hate the Stripper look for myself plus my line of work it wud just be too much honestly, but I dnt wanna go too small and not be happy and end up goin for round 2. I really want a nice round full butt that is big enough to notice but still looks natural on my body. I'll put up my current pic and an actual wish pic since I've never posted one before.

So for the vets ... Im 5"7 and will be 185 for my surgery , how many ccs did y'all get and would you have gotten more/less if u cud do it all over again and why.... I really wanna do it right the first time y'all and I wanna be happy with the size.

Surgery in 3 weeks!!!!!!!! A few pre-op pics

So my date will be on January 24th and Im so excited and anxious at the same time but I'm happy everything is working out this time ... I'm still trying to gain weight and it's been three months now but I've lost weight instead. I went down to 158 now I'm back up to 164 and I'm hoping to get to at least 175 by sx preferably 180... I swear trying to gain weight is so much harder than losing ... I really wanna have enough fat to get the size I want so I don't know how but I'm gaining 15 pounds in 3 weeks.

As for crossfit I did it for a month and saw major changes but once I started my new job my schedule just wouldn't allow it. Once I'm healed up and can workout again tho I'm definitely gonna do crossfit to tone everything up.

Added a few pics I took today ... will add more right b4 sx.

I'm here y'all!!!!!!!! So surreal right now!

So I landed today and so far everything has been great! I went straight from the airport to my pre-op which was weird because I didn't even meet with doctor fisher. I got there around 3pm and there were only 2 other people there waiting around so the process was really quick. The paper work looks very intimidating but it was a breeze after that u get blood draw and get fitted for garment and that's it.

As for the recovery house I'm staying at a Miami escape .... and let me tell y'all smthn I AM SOOOOO HAPPY I CHOSE THIS PLACE!!!! So I did get picked up from the airport and from my pre-op by an uber even though they website said they have a driver ... but who cares at least I got picked up safely and on time! The house is BEAUTIFUL!!!! And very well kept. Dani the owner is soooo cool and I'm not gonna lie I didn't really care for her from our phone conversations but she is a sweetheart though. The place is really nice and clean and has EVERYTHING that you would ever need. House is stocked with never ending groceries and supplies and everything is out in the open so it's there to just use ... Therese's no supply box just a house filled with all the supplies you need and you can use them as u please. I love this place ! A lot!!!! I feel very comfy here and the cook is pretty good ... I'm picky with food but the food here is homemade and very good. There are 6 girls here including me and everyone here is very cool... I highly recommend this place to anyone coming from out of town.

I am super excited the time is not going by quick enough ... I'm just so happy I'm finally here! After two years shot constantly popping up my time is here and I am ecstatic !!!! .... will update once I get out of surgery, talk to y'all in a bit!

Going under in 35 minutes !!

So I just met with dr. Fisher and he is soooo cool that it's quite scary lol ... he will talk your head off !!!! No really he will lol ! But he is very knowledgeable and goes over what to expect after surgery. He said I really don't have that much fat so he'll have to use all of what I do have but he did say I should be able to get the butt that I want though so I'm hoping he can find the fat somewhere!

Anyways dolls ... I will see y'all on the other side !! Please keep me in ur prayers

This surgery is really no joke ...

So I was scheduled as the first patient today .... but didn't find out til this morning so I ended up being the second patient. I went back around 10 got out around 1:15 .... THE PAIN IS REAL!!!! VERY REAL!!!!! ..... once the pain medicine kicks in tho everything is ok .... just gotta take them like clockwork to avoid the pain coming back. I took 2 Tylenol pm and 2 percs once I got back to recovery house ..... that was really the longest 2 hours of my life tryna wait for meds to kick in. But once it does it's smooth sailing from there. I just feel sore at this point but the pain is gone tho.

I am kinda worried that I didn't get a huge ass tho but I'll know tomorrow once I'm able to take off my garment and take some pics.... what o do know though is that my stomach .... what stomach lol ... it's very very snatched and my hip to waist ratio is perfectly the way I wanted it to be.

Going into surgery I was 5"7 164 .... before dr. Fisher saw me naked he was confident that I had more than enough dat but once I took my robe off ... he quickly said "hunny I dnt know where u hiding 160 pounds but we gonna have to use all of what you've got " lol ..., wish I had gained more weight but it's all good .... regardless of how it turns out RD 2 is not an option cuz I'm sure my booty is a lot bigger than it was before plus once I gain my 15 pounds back im sure it will be bigger .

Thank you guys for checking in ... I really appreciate it. Will add a couple pics in my garment ....ttyl

Another quick note ...

I did the cell saver and I honestly believe that's why I feel so good ... that was definitely worth it. I'm not tired dizzy Naseous none of that .... I feel great just sore in places

What do y'all think ?

I'm happy with the size it is now ... not to big but still plump and round I just hope it stays this size

Post op day 2 ... just a few pics

I love my new ASSet !!! Perfectly the way I wanted it ! A lot of projection very round and bubbly .... fisher is the man for real !!

So this is what 850 cc's look like ...

Ok y'all I'm going through it .... between the boredom of laying here uncomfortable all day and constantly looking at my butt wondering if it's big enough .... I'm just feeling so depressed.

I found out today that dr.fisher was able to get 1670 cc aspirated and used all of it which wasn't much to begin with (850 per cheek). I do like my proportions in clothes and I feel like now I have a nice round average butt .... but I'm scared of the volume loss that's gonna happen ... plus the fluffing that ppl speak of I'm really hoping it doesn't happen to me cuz I like it the way it is now. Also most ppl say their butt is really hard but mine feels normal soft and jiggly and I dnt know what that means.

I highly doubt I'll do a rd2 but I'm just disappointed that I didn't have enough fat to get it bigger. But from searching this site and seeing girls who were my size or smaller but got way more fat idk I'm just over it. I dnt feel it was a complete waste cuz like I said I do like my proportions now ... but for $8000 spent I was really hoping to be WOWED!!

Dr. Fisher and Vanity/Eres review

So I'm gonna keep it completely factual and 100% and all my feelings out of it because I feel these things aren't being said by enough people ..

So my consultation with fisher like I stated above was mostly him cracking jokes for about 20 minutes and then us discussing my goals for the remaining 5 minutes which at the time didn't bother me but looking back I wish I had cut him off and got straight to the point of what I was there for. Mind you all his jokes were rude and obscene which was a little shocking at first but he was so comfortable in his rudeness that I didn't even bother to comment on it ( dick jokes weed jokes) and of course you want your doctor to be down to earth, which all my doctors at home have always been pretty cool but never obscene if u get what I'm saying. His humor is definitely not fit for a professional environment. As for the actual work that he did on me, given the little fat I had available I am very satisfied with the shape and contouring of my butt, he listened to what I asked for and he delivered ......... to an extent. Now this is where my mind takes a turn from fisher .... when we started discussing what I wanted I said straight up I don't want a stripper booty but I do want a lot of fullness with no shelf and I showed him the same wish pics tht I have posted on here. His response was that's a stripper booty what kind of work do you do ??? Um why does it matter sir???? Once I took my robe off he said u really hide ur fat well but I'll take everything you have and I'll probly have to use it all but I'm sure I can get u there. As a patient I'm content hearing that because you do this all day everyday and I've seen your work so yea I take ur word for it. The thing is 2 dolls at the recovery house I stayed at went to blinski and Just listening to them talk about their consultation and how in depth and professional it was and how dr.blinski laid out several options of where the fat would come from and how many ccs and go back and forth about what to expect and what would happen if he did this vs that etc.... just made me feel so shortchanged because dr.fisher was just in and out and that was it.

So now fast forward after the surgery ... every time I call Eres they want to know specifically the reason I'm calling as if they're trying to find out if I'm pissed about smthn ... ultimately no one came on the phone or called back so I just waited to talk to them in person at my massage appt. Had I not went off on the phone about meeting with fisher post op then it doesn't seem as if it's procedure to meet with him post surgery which to me is very weird considering he did operate on me.

So once I got done with the massage fisher comes in to talk with me and I told him everything I loved about what he did .... THEN I get to what I didn't like which was the volume and I asked why didn't they just take the fat from my arms since I had suggested that as smthn I'm open to in my pre-op appt ... his response was that would have only added an additional 200ccs per cheek(which in my book 1000 ccs total would have made a world of difference) ... this man had every excuse in the book, cracking jokes and at some points even taking a jab at my body saying that my ass was too flat to begin with ------WHAT????? are you kidding me???? That's how you deal with your patients!!!! Isn't that the point of a bbl ???? To transform a flat ass ????? It was at that point I realized I made a huge mistake going with Eres in general because their level of professionalism doesn't even make it on the scale it's that bad!

When I told him I may consider a rd 2 he proceeded to tell me I suffer from smthn that half of america suffers from which is once u have ur mind made up nothing no one says can change it.... ummmm come on now my ass looks how it does and it's only day 3 it's not gonna get any bigger it's freakin 850 ccs wtf are u even saying !!! This man has no empathy no care nothing i felt like another patient # instead of an actual person! Yes my arch will be more defined once swelling goes down but the arch was never my issue the volume is! So in essence a bunch of lame excuses and talking in circles.... and honestly going in to meet with him I was open to him doing my rd2 if I decided to do one but now it's just like f*** y'all I can't even entertain the bullsh** anymore !

Ultimately they told me they could give me a $500 discount for a rd2 lol ..., pathetic !!! I wish I would spend anymore of my hard earned money with y'all !!! Needless to say my ass looks great with garment on but once it's off it's just like any ole regular ass walking down the street I'm just so exhausted from thinking about it and the way he responded to my concerns .... it was just so belittling and me tryna keep my composure the whole time with his snarky comments I wish I had spat in his face and walked out!!!

Final thought : you get what the hell you pay for .... and come to find out more than 50% of dr.fishers patients end up having a rd 2 .... so how much are u really saving!

Flight wasn't too bad at all !!! Pain is non-existent

So the flight wasn't as bad as I thought .... I got a preferred seat(not first class) which cost me an extra $40 and was well worth it! I sat on my bbl pillow with the seat back and slept the whole three hours .... wasn't the MOST comfortable but I can't say it was anything to complain about either.

Pain wise I've been told ever since day 2 at the RH that Im the best they've ever seen handle the pain, but honestly it's cuz I can't stand to be bed ridden and I find the sooner you start moving around the quicker you'll start to feel back to normal. The pain for me really hasn't been anything to write a review on just soreness and swelling which I'm pretty sure is expected. Sleeping surprisingly isn't too bad either cuz as I've come to find out ... cuz I guess I always slept on my stomach anyways.... I would just say a nice body pillow and a few other pillows as needed and sleeping should be ok(if u already sleep on ur stomach) Not being able to sit tho has been hard it really has ... I've had to come up with some creative ways but mostly I just lay down. I'm off for 3 weeks so I guess I'll be lounging around til then ... haven't tried driving yet.

Added a few pics ..... my hip to waist ratio is phenomenal and I get compliments everywhere I go .... even in my winter coat!! Lol .... but that's not all fisher that's 80% my mama so can't give him all the praise there ... by butt is full but projection is definitely lacking but we'll see....

I really like my results A lot .... but I wanna LOVE my results!!

Hey dolls .... I'm now two weeks post op and my butt seems to be holding its size although I haven't had a chance to take measurements yet.

I think my results are nice and I'm sure someone somewhere would love a nice heart shape bubble but that's really not what I requested lol I neeeeeed projection!! From ALL angles ! .. anyhoo a few pics for u dolls

Back nerve pain .... can't walk !!!

Ok dolls .... my recovery took a turn for the worst ! Right now I'm approaching 5 weeks post op most of my swelling is gone just tenderness and a little hardness in my stomach.

Last Monday (Presidents' Day) I was off work and decided to do some laundry, nothing out the ordinary ... later that day I started feeling pain in my lower back but not the type associated with the surgery, more like some type of muscle spasm or nerve pain smthn like that. The next day I got up and the pain was worse but I went to work anyways ... halfway through the day I ended up goin home because the pain was so bad and getting up and moving around took forever !

I ended up going to the emergency room later that day and thinking I was good to at least walk I got out the car and fell right to the ground because the pain was so excruciating I couldn't put any pressure on my leg. After meeting with the doctor she said after 48 hours of taking the medication I should feel back to normal ... ohhh no !!!! It's now almost a week and the pain is still there sometimes I can get up and walk around with little pain other times I can't even move.

I have an appt with my PCP this coming Monday but I'm just so scared of what this could be .... I really feel it has something to do with the surgery because I've never had any back pain before and I didn't fall or injure myself as far as I know.

Has this happened to anyone else ??? ..... is this supposed to happen I'm just so scared that I'll never walk normal again cuz this thing keeps getting worse when it should be getting better!!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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