Surgery with Dr. Alvarez.

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Can anyone give me the run down of what to...

Can anyone give me the run down of what to expect?? Especially if you were worked on by Dr. Osak at S.A.
From booking, paperwork, blood work, surgery, aftercare, & anything else you can think of.
Step by step what do I need to do/ get taken care of??
I paid my deposit to book my date and my coordinator has been wonderful. However, I am still so nervous and being the control freak that I am, doing all of this via email is making me anxious. I want to make sure I have everything in order and squared away.
I was told my BMI needed to be (x) and in order for that I need to drop 10-15 lbs. (which I'm currently working on and will achieve.)
But the thought of paying all this money, driving that far, taking that time away from my world (aka, my three precious babies) and then something coming up and it getting cancelled terrifies me.
Plus I've seen posts about the labs and getting hemo elevated? Will I know if they need elevated?
(I obviously would have done this closer to home, but shelling out 11 grand was not an option.)

Also, I'm trying to get in touch with a recovery home. Any recommendations?

Switched surgeon

I've switched surgeons and am going with Dr. Llorente.
As with my original question... Can anyone tell me the step by steps of what happens from here? (Surgery booked, deposit made. The countdown begins.)

Silly question...

Those who have had a BBL & it's completely changed your shape, how hard was it to shop for clothing and even panties afterwards??
Did you have any idea afterwards, what size you would need to shop for??

Such a roller coaster. Beginning to question even having surgery.

You do your research for a year, find a surgeon, save your money, and he loses his license.
You get switched to a different surgeon. One whom you've researched, but not your first choice.
THEN.... a month before your surgery your surgeon decides to change his BMI standards on which he will operate.
And well, this puts you needing to lose, not 10 like originally stated, but now 30 pounds in four weeks.
Unrealistic, stressful, and aggravating. Everything I'm feeling right now.
My consultant is beyond amazing and helpful. No complaints there.
But geeze.... I want everything to be planned and finished so that all I have to worry about are my nerves from the surgery itself!
So, now on to surgeon number 3. Surgeon of the stars. Surgeon who doesn't have many pictures of his work, but has plenty of him rubbing elbows with famous people. Not what I want to see. I want to see your work.
If anyone by chance has had a bbl by Alverez, I'd love your review!

21 days until my surgery and I'm freaking out!

I know it take photos to typically interest people to read posts. But I'm not comfortable posting pictures. So, I'll just use this as my online diary, haha.
I'm 21 days away and I'm beyond nervous.
Wondering if I have everything I need. If I'm really ready. How I'll handle being away from my babies that long. (I'm a SAHM and with them 24/7.)
All these emotions have me crazy.
I have some unrealistic notion in my head that I'll have the surgery and see no changes. Crazy right?!
I mean obviously there will be changes. Hell, I'm getting lipo and a bbl, when I have no butt & fat to spare for days!! There will be changes. I think I'm so used to looking this way, that I just can't visualize myself any other way. I've become complacent.
And I'm not one who won't be satisfied.
At this point, any improvement, is better than what I'm currently sporting.
I'm having the BBL, but the butt is just the icing on the cake, so to speak. I'm doing it for the lipo. The bigger butt will give me a better shape and help with my overall look. And who wouldn't want that?!?!
I just want to feel better in my clothing. To not feel uncomfortable when someone walks behind me, where my back rolls and love handles are blaring for the world to see.


I just want to feel happy about what I see in the mirror for once. To not feel the need to put a pillow on my lap when I sit down to hide my spare tire.

I know it's superficial and won't fix everything. But I can't begin to explain what this will do for my self confidence. My happiness.
It'll make me a better wife, mother, friend. May sound silly, but it's true. When I feel better about myself and am happy, all those aspects of my life just get better.

Wish pictures.

I've tried to stay as close to realistic as possible. Some show the "shape" of butt I want, not necessarily the size on every picture. And others are just B/A of women who are shaped almost identical to me. (Giving me an idea of what's possible.)

Keyla's recovery house- 4-14-16

Any ladies staying at Keyla's on April 14th & a few days following??
(I know it's a long shot, lol)

Oh my goodness. Nerves are setting in.

One week, until I drive down. (16 hour drive.)
Just one.
I could seriously vomit.
I'm beyond nervous. And scared. Can't forget scared. I'm trying to stay as positive as possible, but every "what if" that I can think of, is consuming me.
Please, if you read this, keep me in your prayers. I've got three precious little babies that need me!

Bags are packed & leaving tomorrow...

My husband, son & I are heading south tomorrow!
I'm getting more and more anxious & excited.
More so about my little guy seeing the beach for a few hours. ;)

I think I got most of the tears and nervousness behind me. Now, I'm ready to get this over with and on with my recovery.

Thanks so much, to those of you who have helped calm me and encouraged me throughout this.
I'm very grateful!

Surgery review

No offense to anyone, but before anyone asks, NO, I'm not posting before/after photos.
It's my personal preference and to be honest, I'm just not comfortable doing so.
With that out of the way, on with my review. :) ????

I am currently 8 days post op. I'm back home & healing nicely.
To say I'm pain free would be a bold faced lie. I'm not a medicine taker (I don't even like taking Tylenol), but man oh man, I wish I still had some of my pain relievers.
I ran out night 6 (I took them every 4 hours as labeled to stay on top of, not chase the pain) & switched to excederine extra strength. (Doesn't touch my pain.) I switched to ibuprofen today per Spectrum and I've noticed a HUGE difference.
I tried on clothes yesterday (7dpo) for the first time and I LOVE my new shape. Literally love it! I started at 5'3, 195 and had a large stomach, no hips, no ass, and semi-small legs. (I don't know how many CC's were used.) But I do know from RS Surgeons and google that 4 liters is the allowed amount of fat to be removed in one setting with lipo (in FL) which equals just under 9 pounds. 1L= Roughly 2LBS.) & I carried most of that in my stomach!! He took out almost all of my stomach fat and sculpted my back nicely. (But focused on my midsection, like I wanted.) He gave me wonderful hips and a very good sized derrière. ;) (Although I had "wish pics", I told him when he asked, to just do what would look good with my frame/shape.)
And Lord have mercy he knew what he was doing! I no longer have a muffin top! For the first one in my life, I don't have a muffin top!!
Now mind you, I could have lost weight and had "better" results per a lot of people, I'm sure. But my starting size was where I wanted to be. And I'm not a perfect body, by any means. If you ask a surgeon or someone who strives for perfection, I'll need a tummy tuck eventually (but I don't know if I will ever get one! Per my choice.) I just wanted to feel good in my clothes. And for the first time in my 29 years, I looked in the mirror, still heavily swollen and said to myself, "oh my damn, you look really good in this outfit!"
So, with the very scatterbrained and confusing review, being able to say for the first time ever to myself that I look good.... I can say it was definitely worth it!! And I can't wait to see what my final results yield at 3 months post op!

I stuffed as much as I could into this review in what time I had free. (I'm a SAHM of 3 kiddos, with not a ton of time to dedicate to this tonight.)
I know I go back and forth and it probably doesn't make much sense, so if you have a question, ask away! Lol
Doral Plastic Surgeon

He was wonderful! I'd imagine going through his private practice would be much better... More time to discuss things, better communication, etc. but I was pleasantly surprised when meeting him. He instantly calmed my nerves with his confident, yet humble demeanor. He was very kind and had wonderful bedside manner. I would recommend him to anyone. I'm 100% satisfied with my results. (Even still very swollen- so I imagine I'll be even more in love with my results once I see the final product.) Ps. Aftercare follow up didn't get a rating because he went on vacation two days post op, so I never saw him. (Which he told me about when I met him, so I wasn't thrown off guard.) Phone and email responsiveness- I went through spectrum, so we don't get to speak with the surgeons. Spectrum- (which he's just helping out with at the moment, so this won't dim his review) could use some organization. The nurse Kathy... Lordy. She was my preop nurse the morning of and very unpleasant/unprofessional. Had me typing info in the computer because she didn't know what a particular thing was referred to, or how to spell it in English. Maybe it's just me, but if that's your job, you do it. Learn what you must. Don't have a PATIENT do your work.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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