FISHERDOLL 2015!! Asian, 5'1, 108lbs

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Hey ladies! So I've been on RS for quite some time...

Hey ladies!
So I've been on RS for quite some time. I've read a lot if stories but can't really find anyone that's my body frame! I've decided to start my journey now and I'll be posting on RS.. Hopefully you ladies can help me narrow it down..

I'm asian, 27, no kids. 5'1 and my usual weight is around 105 although ive put on some pounds lately. I currently weigh 112.

I'm from LA. My first choice is to find a doctor in Beverly Hills but all the before and after pics of the doctors in LA do not amaze me at all.

Miami doctors though, that's a different story!!
I've read many stories about fishers work in vanity Miami. His work is amazing! I'm really leaning towards fisher but I'm just scared of going through it alone and the stress vanity makes out of town patients go through.

What I want is a smaller waist, wider hips and a nice sized ass for myself. I'm a small girl so I'm not asking for a Super big butt. Just something good enough. I really want a small waist though!

I'm going to post some pics of myself.
Can you ladies help me and let me know if my body is something fisher would work on. Or any advice at all

I'm kind of busy but I'll post wish pics up soon. Thank you!!

Wish pics!

Here are some wish pics. Is it realistic? What do you ladies think? Some were taken from other RS sisters. Hope you don't mind!! :)

Waiting for consult with Fisher, some info about myself

Submitted an online consult earlier with fisher thru real self. I Hope it goes well!

Debating if I should schedule a consult with Dr Stanton in LA? Been reading about a few other doctors like Dass but not sure if it'll just be a waste of time?

I'm a pretty inpatient person but learning to be more patient. Once I want something, I'm set on getting it asap. My first choice is already Fisher. But my gosh why does he have to be so far! Not really looking forward to plane rides etc

I plan on having this procedure done end of this year. Oct/Nov. I would love to do it this summer but I don't think there's any openings. Plus, I have a feeling he's gonna tell me to gain some weight. I'm not really looking forward to that either. I feel fat right now already.

Im toning up my body now for summer because I can't stand this unhealthy feeling.
Then I plan to gain weight end of the year prior to surgery.
That sounds ok right? I'm not trying to go through summer feeling/looking all fat.

I'll be starting a list of what I need to buy for surgery tomorrow. Wow. I guess this is really happening after all. Lol. I'm kinda excited.

Questions about vanity/fisher

Has anyone ever just booked their sx with fisher without having an in person consult ? Or online consult? Basically just booking your surgery without even speaking to him?

Vanity contacted me today but I haven't returned their call cause I was busy. Not ready to book my date yet. They even CCd me on an email with someone's personal info. I haven't even spoken to them yet and I can see how unorganized they are.

In the email says 4900 for BBL, 5 massages and 1 garment.

What are the 12 areas? Can someone name them for me? Thank you soo much!

Doctors advice

I posted a question for the doctors on here and some have advised me to speak to a doctor in person. Some have said I could be too thin. And pictures are not good enough. Now I'm worried and I don't have enough fat. Although I've read other stories of ladies my size !!! But comparing pics, seems like my fat is distributed more evenly? I don't know.

Anyway, I think it's best I schedule some consults in person to see if I'm a good candidate for BBL. The first on my list is Dr Bruno.

If I'm able to find a doctor in LA who can sculpt my body like Fisher then id be soooo happy!


Hey dolls. So I just got off the phone with vanity. they gave me a quote of 4900 which includes 5 massages and 1 garment
Lipo on full back, full abdomen, waist, love handles, flanks, bra line
I asked for inner thighs and she said it's an extra $500 for BOTH - left and right inner thigh. Hehe

She said the price will stay the same until April 21St.
$1500 deposit is needed to book a date

I haven't booked yet because I told her I want to check out a few more doctors. My main concern is if I have enough fat or not.
She said she will email me and I can respond with pictures. She will show Dr Fisher and see what he says. (I wonder if she will really show it to him or is she just saying that to make me feel better?)
she said If I could gain extra 10 pounds then it'll be easier for him to work on me.
I was planning to do that anyways! i don't want to gain more than that cause the fat usually goes mostly to my face.

I sent my info to dr S too but haven't got a response from him yet.

Faja sizing

Looking to order maybe 1 or 2 of my own, not sure which size to get??
My surgery comes with one. Should I order 1 preop size ( I want to wear while washing) and one post op (after swelling)???

Was thinking 1 SMALL and 1 XS??

I Will weigh 120 by surgery!

Found this on eBay. Vedette 340. Supposedly the same one fisher uses. Can someone confirm this? Thank you!! :)

How much Time off work??

Hi dolls. So I will be making my deposit tomorrow. Yanelys said I'll be able to get a date once I make my deposit. I'm having a hard time picking a surgery date...

Does anyone know the exact dates he's vacationing in JULY?

I work in a high paced environment, hardly sitting. mostly walking in heels. Lite lifting. How much time off is good enough? I'm thinking 2.5 weeks?
Do you think that's good enough? Thanks in advanced xoxo

Sx prep

I've ordered my faja (eBay) vedette 929 in XS $64
Lipo foams on Amazon 7.50 each. Buy 5 get free shipping

Looking into purchasing the M.A.T Medical therapy sleeping system. Thank you to timelessbeauty for the info
Buying a small size foam mattress and cutting out the buttocks so I can lay on my back while sleeping.
Pics posted thanks to SideFX. I found searching around RS

I also have my list of things ready :D I'll be buying all of it and putting it in a box with a Label so I don't have to worry about it last minute.

I've been looking on airBnB but haven't found anything. plus I think it's too far to book now. I don't even have a date and vanity seems to reschd ppl often.. I don't want to have to spend extra for changing dates so I'll wait until my date is closer.

Things to figure out soon:
1. How long should I stay in Miami?

2. My SX comes with 5 massages but can I rely on vanity to come thru or will they have some excuse and leave me in the end with no massages? I don't mind booking my own, I asked vanity to subtract the 5 Massages from the quote but they said they can't deduct any money even if they did that.

My best friend is going with me. But just in case that doesn't happen. I've read new body recovery is great or assistance4life.

I've done my research!! cant wait for my time to come

Ahhhh!!!! Deposit made!

Locked in my price of 4900. Deposit is made. And my sx date is August 14, 2015!!! Lia is my new coordinator.

Booty camp here I come!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!
Jonathan Fisher

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