27 Years Old with 3 Kids and in Need of an BBL I Have Always Wanted One I Have NAAO! - Miami, FL

I have been looking into going to Miami to get my...

I have been looking into going to Miami to get my bbl am having trouble finding the perfect doctor for me if anyone has any suggestions please comment. Also I have looked in to Dr. Orlando Llorente but haven't seen new work also I was quoted to different prices including a 7 day stay at there recovery house I really want this for me . I plan on putting a deposit down but I was told I would not get back if I change my mind and this is at new life. Am really looking for support and help making a decision on Real self are a travel buddy also the give buddy discounts. It's so much to information to take in this is my hard earn money that I will be spending and I want it right!

So I have been really confused!!!!!????

So I can't make up my mind what doctor I want for my bbl Dr. Alvarez or Dr. Ortega. My Cordinator is so not a help I've been calling and emailing her and she haven't answered any of my emails are messages I really would like to switch to someone who who cares cause is does her name is Stephanie Luna I pay my deposit and Its like whatever am now having 2nd thoughts on Spectrum cosmetics anybody having the same problems ?????

Bout damn time I got my contacts

I have finally revived papers I been waiting on for a week and a half I couldn't stay with Dr. O he didn't have my date so I will be going with
Dr. Alvarez November 15,2016 I have 7 weeks left before I go under I will be staying at new life recovery house with Its under William

I found so old pictures of me I can't wait to get my sexy back????????

My waist as been small I have hips I need the but what y'all think I got so big ????

Here are my throwbacks????

Well since I had a fourth child for my aunt as a surrogate I wasn't about to bounce my body back so getting this bbl means a lot to me and my self esteem I was bad once just hoping for good results ????

Talked to coordinator!

When I talk to my coordinator today Stephanie and I was told that my schedule appointment would be pushed back a day to November 16 still excited its just a day back I'm still going to be with Dr. Alvarez he is all booked up.

What y'all think?

Hey I was looking on Amazon and I was wondering what y'all thought about this so I what have to stay in bed ?

Hey Dolls !

I have a code to get $40.00 off and hoppy pillow you just pay shipping and handling A6A73DA6C wed site www.nursingpillow.com just as back up method.


Well dolls I'm getting a little nervous because it's getting closer and closer to my time but I'm kind of scared but excited at the same. I still have to get some of my BBL supplies I've got most of it but I need a couple more things and dresses. Also I want to at least lose about 10 more pounds I was 200 pounds now am190 so either about 5 or 10 more pounds and I think I'll be good my BM I is 28 now I'm just waiting on my labs I get those next week hopefully Everything is great just keep hearing about the pain and I'm just scared.

Let the countdown begin!

So am 28 days away and I am so excited now I can't wait to see my new shade I'm just crazy nervous but I'm also happy that I'm finally going to fix something that I been wanting to fix for a long time it's be over due i'm really just hoping and wishing for the best everyone is going before me and after me I want to wish everyone the best of luck I hope everyone gets the best results that they wanted and I'm just so excited for everybody who is going on there little journey to finding a better U!

Just checking in????

Hey dolls I was just checking in and I want to say I'm waiting on like the last few things for my trip to get my BBL in Miami as soon as they come through I'll upload a supply list of what my friend told me that you really need and what you don't need til you come home but I'll take pictures of everything and I will upload it soon probably like next week Friday that's when I should have everything so I take my time out and upload for you guys but I'm just really excited now and I'm kind of freaking out now

Ok just started clearance prep

OK so Friday I did my blood work to get approved and Monday I finally get my medical clearance and get my EKG so I can't wait I'll let Yall know the status soon talk to you dolls later
Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon

My surgeon is Dr. Alvarez I haven't been in contact with him am going there Spectrum so hope everything turns out well

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