27 Years Old with 3 Kids and in Need of an BBL I Have Always Wanted One I Have NAAO! - Miami, FL

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I have been looking into going to Miami to get my...

I have been looking into going to Miami to get my bbl am having trouble finding the perfect doctor for me if anyone has any suggestions please comment. Also I have looked in to Dr. Orlando Llorente but haven't seen new work also I was quoted to different prices including a 7 day stay at there recovery house I really want this for me . I plan on putting a deposit down but I was told I would not get back if I change my mind and this is at new life. Am really looking for support and help making a decision on Real self are a travel buddy also the give buddy discounts. It's so much to information to take in this is my hard earn money that I will be spending and I want it right!

So I have been really confused!!!!!????

So I can't make up my mind what doctor I want for my bbl Dr. Alvarez or Dr. Ortega. My Cordinator is so not a help I've been calling and emailing her and she haven't answered any of my emails are messages I really would like to switch to someone who who cares cause is does her name is Stephanie Luna I pay my deposit and Its like whatever am now having 2nd thoughts on Spectrum cosmetics anybody having the same problems ?????

Bout damn time I got my contacts

I have finally revived papers I been waiting on for a week and a half I couldn't stay with Dr. O he didn't have my date so I will be going with
Dr. Alvarez November 15,2016 I have 7 weeks left before I go under I will be staying at new life recovery house with Its under William

I found so old pictures of me I can't wait to get my sexy back????????

My waist as been small I have hips I need the but what y'all think I got so big ????

Here are my throwbacks????

Well since I had a fourth child for my aunt as a surrogate I wasn't about to bounce my body back so getting this bbl means a lot to me and my self esteem I was bad once just hoping for good results ????

Talked to coordinator!

When I talk to my coordinator today Stephanie and I was told that my schedule appointment would be pushed back a day to November 16 still excited its just a day back I'm still going to be with Dr. Alvarez he is all booked up.

What y'all think?

Hey I was looking on Amazon and I was wondering what y'all thought about this so I what have to stay in bed ?

Hey Dolls !

I have a code to get $40.00 off and hoppy pillow you just pay shipping and handling A6A73DA6C wed site www.nursingpillow.com just as back up method.


Well dolls I'm getting a little nervous because it's getting closer and closer to my time but I'm kind of scared but excited at the same. I still have to get some of my BBL supplies I've got most of it but I need a couple more things and dresses. Also I want to at least lose about 10 more pounds I was 200 pounds now am190 so either about 5 or 10 more pounds and I think I'll be good my BM I is 28 now I'm just waiting on my labs I get those next week hopefully Everything is great just keep hearing about the pain and I'm just scared.

Let the countdown begin!

So am 28 days away and I am so excited now I can't wait to see my new shade I'm just crazy nervous but I'm also happy that I'm finally going to fix something that I been wanting to fix for a long time it's be over due i'm really just hoping and wishing for the best everyone is going before me and after me I want to wish everyone the best of luck I hope everyone gets the best results that they wanted and I'm just so excited for everybody who is going on there little journey to finding a better U!

Just checking in????

Hey dolls I was just checking in and I want to say I'm waiting on like the last few things for my trip to get my BBL in Miami as soon as they come through I'll upload a supply list of what my friend told me that you really need and what you don't need til you come home but I'll take pictures of everything and I will upload it soon probably like next week Friday that's when I should have everything so I take my time out and upload for you guys but I'm just really excited now and I'm kind of freaking out now

Ok just started clearance prep

OK so Friday I did my blood work to get approved and Monday I finally get my medical clearance and get my EKG so I can't wait I'll let Yall know the status soon talk to you dolls later

It's going down shit got real????????

I got cleared for surgery am happy as hell and scared but I've wanted this for a long time and am ready????

All packed and ready????????

If y'all have any questions are want me to make the whole list let me know am being lazy I didn't have to buy a bbl pillow my friend gave me here doctor Miami it's so soft my goodness oh I added some list that I used as an referral!

So I been browsing around!

I see more pictures that I hope to accomplish yes I got it from other people pages but they I really like the shaping curves of the woman on these pictures

So I have 8days left !!!

So I have eight days left until I fly to Miami and 10 days left before I have my surgery to have my BBL some am very excited and I can't wait so I will be posting measurements soon also my final weight before I leave thanks doll for all the support and love and blessings!

Surgery date update

So surgery day changed to the 14th instead of the 15th 1 day sooner I weighed my safe and am 185 I feel like that's a good weight for me am nervous it's right there 5 days away I still need to do measurements

Having second thoughts?

So you guys I'm having second thoughts on surgery it is literally now down to 4 days away oh my am scared anxious excited I don't know I'm just having second thoughts like damn do I really want to go to this pain so be buttiful ????

So am I have my time?

I will be dr Alvarez 2nd patient @7:30am so am hoping am not waiting long because I have to meet him but it on Monday 14th get hella fine project lol

Have an IG now!

My Instagram my Instagram name is teamalvarezdol so follow me will be able to post more are send Instagram name so I can follow you dolls

Changed recovery house!!!

So I have changed my recovery house heard some bad things on new life recovery house I will be stay at love shows recovery house now if anybody stay at either please let me know!

The review I read

So am not sure


So why Spectrum called me and moved me back to Tuesday y'all am mad ???? changed everything around now have to change everything back they are really starting to mad me mad talk to three different people telling me the same thing my appointment it's Monday at 7:30 now it's back to Tuesday this shit is stressful

Finally arrived at hotel

So am staying at the right behind spectrum

Spectrum Right Here!!!!

So the hotel is literally right behind Spectrum like 1 minute. I walked there just to see how far it is cant wait to meet Dr. Alvarez...

Pre-Op pictures

So here are some pre-op pictures of me I started this journey weighing 203 weight as of today is 185.5 measurements are 32 bu

Pre-Op pics and measurement!!

I start this BBL journey weighing 203 now am 185.5 might as well say 186 still great well my measurement are
Bust 34
Waist 31
Hips 41
So not right I wanna be 34, 26, 41. I don't know I wanna be nice coke bottle shape you can see the difference in my back rolls not so bad lol

Prayers for dolls with surgery today

Hey doll am asking god for study hands and speedy recovery for you guys good luck in I'll will keep you all in my prayers!

So its finally my big day!

So am on my way to being doll up wish me luck am nervous !!! My weight as off today 183 lol crazy right


Sorry you dollars it took forever to write a review the pain is so real it's ridiculous but Dr. Alvarez is a great doctor he delivered exactly what I want lm very happy with my results I'm just not happy with the pain!!

Feeling much better!

A little pain but way better ready to go home assistance4life was great the food was god for nice and clean!

Update 9days

Bust 31
Waist 29
Hips 44

Going back to work!

Hi doll so I went back to work Monday and I sat oh my doctor Miami it was OK it fit in my car just fine but I only have to sit on my butt for about well my legs my thighs for about 10 minutes to get to work but I'm off of it and I'm on my feet all day and so Then back home 10 minutes and then I'm home so It definitely works so I don't think it hurt to go back to work after 2 weeks if you're standing up all day like I am so am any down 20 minutes a day I lay on my stomach or I'm kneeling down

How much dr.Alvarez took!!!!

So I called and wanted to know how much fat was took out and how much he put back.

On my way out

I took my Fiji off which is only gonna be for about a hour or two and then soon as I get home I'll put it on but I can wait a day and night I'm just I just need to get out of it

So results before and after

Well it's been 6 weeks I didn't lose a lot of volume it like depends on what I wear


Just checking in results are still looking good


Sorry pictures didn't up load

Hey Dolls

Hey am going for a round 2 in march well a revision because my booty is long lol is is a nice size it just need to be filled in you cant really see with clothes on I don't want a bigger size but the doctor has agreed to fix it with no problem I love doctor Alvarez he is the best

My surgeon is Dr. Alvarez I haven't been in contact with him am going there Spectrum so hope everything turns out well

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