26, 3 Kids Ready for a New Body! - Miami, FL

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I have my surgery date coming up in 57 days with...

I have my surgery date coming up in 57 days with Dr.Alvarez in Miami. The thought of if is giving me anxiety, but I couldn't be more anxious and nervous at the same time. I've been doing my research for quite some time now and I'm just ready to get the recovery process started! I've started looking for supplies I'll need for post opp as well looking for reasonable Lymphatic Massages

Wish list ??

A few of my wish list, I'm just hoping to get the projection and the hips. I've been doing my research dolls & I think the hips to ratio look would be perfect on me. I see a lot of ladies with huge laterals and I don't want that look personally for myself! What are you all thoughts on hips vs lats?

Any Alvarez patients out there with any pictures and feedback?!

Hey there ladies! I'm just curios to know if there are any Alvarez BBL patients with pictures? Also, did he deliver exactly or close to the look you desire?!!!


Ok Ladies,
So I have been doing more and more research / lurking and now I'm getting really nervous cause a lot of ladies are saying he does not lipo the full back. I've saw may reviews who stated he only lipo'd the lower back. This SX is soo important to me and granite I'm not a big girl or have much back fat but I want to get what I'm paying for. Has anyone else had this problem with Dr.Alvarez

Spectrum Staff

Sooo I emailed my coordinator Emily about the concerns I'm having no word back yet! I will give her another 24 hours I know they're probably busy. When it was time to pay she called me back within 5 minutes of missing my calls. SIGH

Switched Doctors !

So ladies I've being doing research and I decided to switch from Alvarez to Ghurani! Now Ghurani's work is amazing and consistent and he gives out the butts of butts lol I haven't seen any complaints about him not delivering what the patient was looking for so I'm ecstatic! My surgery date had also moved up ?? 23 days to go

13 days away!

So I had my pre op labs done, have to get my Hemoglobin up, has an EKG and physical today and my doctors said I'm in perfectly good health. I'm getting really nervous it's becoming realer each day!.


I got my email today that says I'm cleared for surgery on the 26th! You guys I'm so nervous , yet soooo excited, I've felt trapped for so long in this body and the new me is finally coming. I could cry, I'm booking my flight and hotel right after this review. I have to upload some pictures for you all later.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Have not had the surgery done yet. Have read all good things about the Surgeon I picked!

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