26 with 2 Kids 5'4 Weight 180 - Miami, FL

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I'm considering the bbl with dr fisher at vanity...

I'm considering the bbl with dr fisher at vanity my date is June 2 I'm so excited and nervous at the same I'm flat as a pancake I can't wait til fisher do his Majic I have 30 days to go Miami here I come. I live in Chicago any dolls going around June 2 let me know do anybody knows how vanity a I heard it be crowded is hell it be a mess in there


Hey ladies I'm going to dr fisher June 2 I just got my lab wish I have 2 problems my posstasium is low and I have a evaluated liver function I'm so mad right but I have to stay positive because I took off booked my flight and hotel I have been taking phementrine that stuff is bad for you I stop taking please feel free to comment thanks but everything else in my labs were good I go back to my doctor Tuesday

I'm 26 with 2 Babies

Hey ladies I made it to the fat side I'm loving my results and booty I'm one week post op I feel a lot better I live in Chicago I'm trying to get massages done here I got 2 while in Miami it's so hard to find them in Chicago please ladies help me ASAP thanks oh and I had no problems with vanity fisher is very good I got to vanity at 7:30 I was scedule at 8 am I was back at room by 11 am feel free to comment thanks

Round 2

Hey ladies I went to fisher June 2 in Miami I had a bbl with him in not quite happy about results at all I feel like I wasted 5000 dollars my butt has no projection at all I'm considering a revision with him or going to the DR to dr Baez i love her work any tips on her ladies thanks.
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