25 Years Old Looking to Give Myself a Upgrade. Miami, FL

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So I have been debating for a long time if I...

So I have been debating for a long time if I should get my body done. At first when I found this website I wanted to get a breast reduction but I decided to wait. But then I stumbled across the wonderful world of BBL. I knew I wanted to stay in America to have it done. I finally decided on Doctor Hasan at Vanity Cosmetics in Miami. I was quoted 4000 for full body Lipo and bank, now I just have to get my money saved up. I'm looking to get it done the end of September/ early October.

Recovery Houses in Miami

What's the best recovery house in Miami, or should I just stick with the recovery house that the recommend me to?

Wish Pics?

Ok so at this point I don't really care for collecting wish pics to give to Dr Hasan, because I do understand that everyone's body's are different and produce different results. I really trust that Dr Hasan is going to work his magic and shape my body. Tiny waist, HIPS HIPS HIPS (that's really want I'm dying for) and a nice heart shaped booty. I still attached some wish pics to give you an idea of what I'm looking for

When can I start getting my lab work done?

How soon before my sx date can I get my lab work done? I'm due for my physical so this would be the perfect time to knock two birds with one stone.

BBL Supplies: Foam Roller

I found this when I was trying to put together all the different supplies I needed, thought I would would share with everyone

Lab Work

So last Friday I decided to go ahead and get my lab work done just to see where I was with my health. Today my pcp called me to tell me that everything was really good(hemo 12.9!!!) but my cholesterol was really high. He said is not bad that he wants me to put me on medication, but I have to change my diet. So my question is do you think having high cholesterol would stop Dr Hasan from operating on me?

Finally put my Deposit down!!

So on Friday I was actually supposed to put my deposit down, to lock in the price of 4500 that I was quoted. But because there was a drama with my bank I was unable to transfer the deposit. But first Monday morning I handled it my coordinator Margaret was amazing, through this entire process. Next I need to get my date.

Post Op Massages and Recovery House is booked!!

I put my deposit for my 3 massages with medical massage professional. I'm super excited to have them get me right. And Val is super helpful on IG. And I sent my deposit for my 5 night stay. My cousin is also having surgery with Dr. O the same date as me. We're staying 1/27- 2/1.

Flight Booked!!!

I bought my ticket. It's getting real for me now. I started buying some supplies. With the Black Friday sales I got the bbl pillow for 59.99 and I got the Vedette 944 for 48.50!!

HELP!! What should I tell my job?

What should I tell my job? I know they will give me the time off but I don't want to say that I'm having a bbl and chin Lipo. What can I tell them my reason for needing time off. Please help ladies. 1 month away

My time of has been approved!!!

My time off has been approved. My email just said that I have been scheduled for surgery at the end of the month and I will be requesting these dates off. Long story short they're approved it and I'll be using some of my vacation time.

Lab Work is Done (kinda)

Got my lab results and sent them over to Vanity. I have to go back and do my urine test because I didn't have enough pee. Hemo is 13.2!!!

Supplements I've been taking

Morning: Shot of SSS Tonic, Blood Builder, Vitamin C Iron, and Chloroxyen.
Evening: Folic Acid, B12, Chloroxyen and Cranberry. 2 drops of vitamin d

Final Payment Made!!!

Made my final payment today, and got my updated invoice shortly after. I pretty much have all my supplies I just need to get a few things.

Chin Lipo

Ok I really want to get chin lipo. I told Margaret I wanted to add that area and she said wait til my consult and see if Dr Hasan recommends it. Then I'll pay 500 in cash. I need it. This thing gotta go I had this when I was slimmer it's forever going to be here unless I remove it.
Miami Physician

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