24 Year Old, 1 Kid! 128 lbs 5'2 - Miami, FL

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Just sent my deposit for vanity!! Future Hasan...

Just sent my deposit for vanity!! Future Hasan doll!!!!! Soooo excited I can't wait!! I'm looking for my RH right now so if y'all have any suggestions please feel free to lmk

Also waiting on my pre op instructions!! I can't wait y'all I've been on real self every day for like a year now and it's finally coming true! Lol

OMG! Ok so sx date is now 1/27/15 with Hassan

Sooooooo excited! my mom is staying with me for the first 3 days and my best friend will be flying out to stay the rest of the trip with me I'm so excited and nervous I know it's a while away but I can't wait. Also I'm still going to the gym just eating more protien and lifting a little heavier but less reps so I don't lose any weight but just maintain and put some muscle on my legs. Is this not a good idea? My friend went to the DR for her sx last year and said it helped her recover faster..... Lmk!!! Also I work out 2-3 times week

Forgot to post


Wow!!! So I booked my flight for 58$ from Austin to Miami! I'm saving $$ this month so I can book a first class flight back because I'm sure I'll need to be comfy sitting on a BBL pillow and not letting my butt touch the seat LOL! But I can't believe I got that steal for a flight ticket it's trough American Airlines! :-) anyways just wanted to share that



I'm somewhat in shape but I hate my love handles and square shaped booty also I have a little pooch I can't get rid of so when I put on tight clothes it's like ewwww LOL so ready to get that POW booty and smaller waist

No longer Hassan doll

So vanity called me said Hassan will be out of the office so I need to reschedule well my flights are booked my hotel is booked I requested off of work so I asked if I could work with someone else she offered OSAK so I said lets do it! all my labs have been sent so I'm just waiting on the final confirmation.


My surgery is today!!!! Waiting on DOCTOR OSAK!!!!! So excited and nervous please pray for me

Officially and OSAK doll!!!

So much pain this is day 1 I'll post more later waiting on my meds and gonna take a nap I'm exhausted and my butt hurts so so so much pain is at a 8!!!! :(

Dealing with haters?

It's been almost a year since my BBL and the hate is too real. From co workers to friends ???? How are yall dealing with this? I brush it off but wow it's crazy how mean and hurtful people
Can be.

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