24,. 5'5 186 Lbs No Kids! This Has Been Planned for a Long Time!!!

I'm always very positive! I feel thats the only...

I'm always very positive! I feel thats the only way to have POSITIVE outcomes???? So with that being said I KNOW im gonna LOVE my resultS!!!! Anyone that is a future ORTEGA DOLL or is having a BBL in miami in november HML????I decided to schedule with Dr. Ortega because i've been doing research on him for about 4 yrs and i LOVE his sculpting technique!! I am scheduled for november 28 2016!!!! The date is rapidly approaching and i am soooo EXCITED

Surgery dat rapidly approaching

I'm pretty excited about this procedure, but i have not had the time to commit to preparing the way that i should! Ladies? I need to know what are the essential things i am going to need?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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