24,. 5'5 186 Lbs No Kids! This Has Been Planned for a Long Time!!!

I'm always very positive! I feel thats the only...

I'm always very positive! I feel thats the only way to have POSITIVE outcomes???? So with that being said I KNOW im gonna LOVE my resultS!!!! Anyone that is a future ORTEGA DOLL or is having a BBL in miami in november HML????I decided to schedule with Dr. Ortega because i've been doing research on him for about 4 yrs and i LOVE his sculpting technique!! I am scheduled for november 28 2016!!!! The date is rapidly approaching and i am soooo EXCITED

Surgery dat rapidly approaching

I'm pretty excited about this procedure, but i have not had the time to commit to preparing the way that i should! Ladies? I need to know what are the essential things i am going to need?

Y'all...... 4 weeks away????????????

I am BEYOND excited at this point! Me working two jobs has really made the days fly! This is something that i've been wanting for so many yrs an im finally DOING IT???? did i mention i'm 4 weeks PRE-opp????????????????


So TODAY i'm 30 days pre-opp and i was suppose to be getting my labs done.... so this morning i was expecting a call or email or SOMETHING from spectrum regarding my labs... i was not contacted, so i called them to inquire about them since they failed to call,email ECT.... an the woman that answered the phone could barely speak fuckin english and all she kept saying was "you gotta wait till you are 30 days pre-opp" i'm like clearly you aren't aware of the date today because if you were you'd know that I AM 30 DAYS PRE-OPP TODAY. So she then put me on hold for FOREVER just to get back on the phone an say the same dumb ass shit she had already mentioned. This is a SERIOUS red fuckin flag!


Well..... i just got my labs done! NOW the irritating waiting to find out if i'm cleared for surgery or not BEGINS!!!!

Plzzz go TF away FAT!!!!!!

I have 25 days till Dr. Ortega rids me of this fat ass shit!!!! And im honestly THRILLED about it! After SX it's nothing but flat tummy tea, water and GYM for me!


I was so worried but now im EXCITED!!! 3 weeks to go!!!!

Im getting nervous as hell!!!

Well , my SX is literally so super close an now im kinda scared!!!! I just want great results

Finally started buying supplies!!!

Here are a few things i picked up from the CVS, i also ordered my Abdominal board, compression foam, arnica gels and (FEMALE) urinal on AMAZON today!!! Hopefully they arrive before i leave! I decided to wait and buy the FAJA from miami so that i can get the correct size


Since i had to stop smoking i've gained more fuckin weight!!!! I just cant wait for this shit to be over foreal for fuckin real!!!!


I'm soooo excited!!!! Almost time!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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