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Hey everyone, I've been stalking this site for a...

Hey everyone,

I've been stalking this site for a while (as most members here have), and after doing research and finally saving up enough money, I was able to pay off the whole BBL procedure and book my date for June 26th, 2015 with Dr. Fisher at Vanity Miami. :D

Breakdown of Costs:

BBL Special (abdomen, waist, love handles, flanks and bra line) - $4300
Extra Thigh Lipo - $300
Extra Arm Lipo - $300
Recovery Home for 7 days/6 nights - $1500
One extra bed (I'm bringing two people) - $100

For a total of: $6500

My Statistics:
Waist - 27 inches
Hips - 39 inches

I realize that I am quite curvy to begin with, however my biggest concern is my hip dent. My butt has projection and size and my waist can be really small (it was 24.5 inches before my weight gain), but I've always hated my hip dent so the main goal for this surgery is to fill in my hips, give me that hour glass figure and if there's any extra fat left, then use that to make my butt rounder and bigger.

23 years old, 5ft, 127lbs -

Before my weight gain, I was 110lbs, and Liane, my coordinator, have told me to maintain my current weight now. I feel so heavy and gross though. :( I have all this extra fat around my stomach and bra line. My face and neck have also gotten fatter too. When I walk, my thighs would rub against each other and it would actually bruise up. My self confidence has completed dropped in the last few months but I just gotta keep telling myself that this is worth it and I only have to feel like this for another 5 weeks. :( on the bright side, Liane told me that my body frame now makes me a great candidate for the BBL. and when I sent her a simulated wish pic she replied: "That's nothing, Doctor Fisher will have you looking better than that. Even if you are petite you'll be able to obtain ridiculous curves! You're in great hands, especially with your type of body frame. You're going to obtain miracles.". This got me all excited. :) But do the coordinators say this to everyone though? Haha. I just don't want to go in with too high of expectations.

Health conditions - No kids, non smoker and non drinker.

Anyways, I'm super excited to share my journey with you guys. :) Thank you everyone else who have shared their experience!

Some questions and would love to get feedback on:

1. After the BBL, I would like to lose some weight due to the excess fat I've gained in my face and neck. How soon do you think I should start trying to lose weight without it affecting my BBL results?

2. I've heard that arm lipo isn't worth it. Has anyone done it? I hate how flabby and fat my arms are.

3. How soon would I be able to ... ahem ... "be intimate" again? LOL.

Thank you so much! :)

Ps. I'm still gathering up the courage to post up pre-op pics, haha. Soon though!

7 days or 10 days?

So I've been reading a lot of reviews and I read somewhere that it's recommended that the drains stay in for 10 days, but because a lot of the girls are only there for a week, they take it out on the 7th day. Do you think it would be worth it to stay an extra 3 days to make sure I'm completely drained? I want to recover as quickly and with as little complications as possible.

Pre-Op Photos

Here are my pre-op photos, 5ft, 127lbs, 27 inch waist and 39 inch hips. Ugh I feel so fat and disgusting :( 20 more days for a new body!! Don't mind the redness on my legs, I woke up with an allergic reaction and have been scratching my legs all day LOL.

Wish Pics

Here are some wish pics. What I want the most are my hip dents to be filled in and to have that nice hourglass shape and then of course to get that perfect round ass ;) I hope Dr. Fisher can suck all this fat out of me. I want to have my old waist again. :( I uploaded a picture of me in November 2014 when my waist was 24.5 inches. So I know my waist has the potential to be tiny, so pleaaaase Dr. Fisher, get rid of this for me!!!

Frustration with Vanity + question about "CMP" lab work.

Ugh, everyone was right about Vanity and how frustrating they are to deal with. I am from out of the country so I have to get my lab work here first and fax it to Vanity, and it's been a headache hearing from them back. I've been calling everyday, and everyday they tell me that they'll call me back but I hear nothing. And then I call today again and the girl tells me "Have you faxed it to us?" Me- "Yes. Three days ago. Even the girl I spoke to yesterday told me that she has printed it off and will get back to me. But that didn't happen". Her - "She doesn't work here anymore. Can you refax it to us again because we don't seem to have it". I completely lost it then. I'm fairly easygoing and I don't like getting angry because I do realize it might not be the girl's fault, and maybe it's just the flawed and inefficient system but my surgery is in 20 days, I want to book my tickets, I can't be going back and forth like this!!! So I told her "No. I have been doing this with you guys for the last three days. Am I gonna have to go through the whole process again of sending the results, then calling only to be told that they will "get back to me". Im frustrated because it shouldn't be this difficult and I don't want to have to call again. And she's like "Sorry, let me check again". And wow, what a surprise, ten minutes later, my results were found. SO ANNOYING.

Anyways, she tells me all my labs look good however I'm missing my CMP test. She says I can do my lab work for CMP tests the day before my surgery, do you think that's too late? Has anyone done this that late? The girl on the phone told me that it's just testing for your glucose, enzyme, sodium and potassium levels but even if my glucose levels are high, I can still go through with the surgery. Can anyone comment on this? Thank you!!

10 more days!!

AHHH I can't believe how fast time is flying by. Ten more days and I'll finally get the body I've been waiting for. :D So far I went out and bought:

Gauze pads
Arnica gel
Baby Wipes
Merderma scar cream
Bio oil for stretch marks
Antiseptic wash

I still need to buy a BBL pillow. I was thinking of getting a boppy pillow since a lot of the real self girls on here recommended it but I can't find any at the stores. Where do you girls get them? I can't order any online because I know it won't come in time. If it comes down to it, I might buy a BBL pillow at Vanity. Does anyone know how much it costs there?

I also need to buy compression garments for my arms since I'm getting arm lipo as well, I wonder if vanity offers them at their place because it's also too late for me to order them online now. AHHH why did I have to leave everything so last minute. LOL. Speaking of compression garments, since Im staying at Vanity, they're providing me my first compression garment, but I hear that you definitely need a smaller one once the swelling goes down. Can anyone recommend me a place to buy them while I'm in Miami?

Other than a bbl pillow, second compression garment and an arm compression garment, I think I should have all my supplies. Am I missing anything?


So I've landed in Miami two days before my surgery and my experience so far has been really good.

I was picked up at the airport by Raul who is by far the sweetest man EVER!! He's so friendly and so helpful. He was telling me all about Vanity, the doctors, and the healing process. So first we stopped at Vanity clinic where I signed papers and re-did my lab work (apparently my lab work from Canada isn't good enough which is kind of annoying cause I shouldnt have even done them in Canada then, but whatever) After that I stopped at Walmart to pick up groceries, water and other things needed for healing (ie. Pineapple juice, gatorade and etc). Then it was back to Vanity's recovery home. The home is on a ranch with horses in the front, you can smell them coming in but inside the actual home you don't smell them at all. I was able to get the biggest room at the RH because I brought my sisters with me. The room itself isn't too bad, its got a microwave, mini fridge and drawers for your clothes. So far everything has been good, I didn't have to wait super long at Vanity and the girls working there were all nice to me.

Tomorrow I'm gonna go shopping with my sisters, get some more groceries and I guess just enjoy what Miami has to offer before I have to go into surgery. I hope my labs come back ok, although they should because my labs done in Canada all came back fine. My hemoglobin levels were high so they shouldn't fluctuate that much within the two weeks that I've had them done. I've also already met other girls at the RH who have gotten a BBL and it's making me really excited but nervous. I'm praying that Dr.Fisher gives me the results I'm looking for and my recovery process is smooth with no complications. If I can get results like what Nitd (a RS member on here) got, I would be ecstatic! Seriously, I can't stop looking at her before and afters. She looks amazing!!! That's what I want, a nice tiny waist, no back fat, good full hips and a nice round ass. I'm not looking for a HUGE ass, I just want to have a nice figure. I hope he can get my arms and thighs skinnier too. 2 more days girls!! Ahhhh so excited. :)

Some questions that I have:

1. Does anyone know where I can buy a second compression garment from in Miami? At vanity they sell it for $120, which is just ridiculously expensive.

2. Im only booked at Vanity's RH for 6 days and I'm gonna be Miami for 11 days so does anyone know a good place I can stay at that's close to vanity and the airport for the last 5 days? I was going to look on airbnb, but just thought I'd ask.


Hey RS sistaaahs,

Sorry for the long delayed update. I've just been so tired these past few days. Ive read dozens and dozens of reviews, but honestly nothing could have truly prepared me for this journey. I've been going through a roller coaster of emotions since the surgery. This post is going to be quite long since I'll be talking about each individual day post-operation.

I was scheduled at 12 noon but the girl before me was cancelled so Gretel (Vanity's recovery home manager) knocks on my door at 9am saying my surgery is going to be pushed to 10am. So me and my sisters quickly get dressed and off to Vanity. The wait to get in wasn't too long. I was called to the back by 10-11:00ish, and I'm not too sure but I think my actual surgery wasn't till 12.
--?DR.FISHER: He is exactly as what everyone described, very charismatic and funny . When I told him that I dont drink, smoke or do any drugs, he looked at me and said "You must be really sad....." LOL. He was also very honest with my wish pics. He said that my left butt has a large irregular indent that he thinks could be from antibiotics or a needle that I could have gotten when I was younger. Cause when you compare my left butt to my right butt, youll see that it's really flat on the bottom with a way bigger dent. But he says it will look better after the surgery, just don't expect it to be as perfect or round as my other butt. To which I told him, ofcourse .. Im not expecting a miracle, I just want an improvement.
Then it was off to the actual surgery room and its weird but even as I walked into the operation room, I wasn’t too nervous, just ready to get this done. The anesthesia guy talks to me for a bit, asks me to show him my teeth (not sure why), I laughed and next thing I know I woke up freeeeezing. This was the first surgery I’ve ever had and the first time I’ve ever gone under and it is really weird. I had no idea when I actually fell asleep off, and it definitely did not feel like 4-5 hours when I woke up. When I woke up, I was kind of in a daze, I just remember little bits, nurse giving me Gatorade, asking me if I was cold, me freezing and mumbling “gracias” and “are my sisters ok”? LOL. Then they wheel chaired me outside to meet with my sisters and back to the recovery home. As soon as I got back, I immediately laid on my back cause I was so tired (LOL ooops). And the nurse was like “NON NON” and my sisters yellng at me “What are you doing?? Roll over!!” LOL Me “I don’t even care, Im sooo tired”.
---- PAIN LEVEL: In terms of pain, I felt nothing the first day. I got my arms and thighs done as well and I was still able to use my arms to get myself up. I didn’t take a pain med neither. But I think that’s cause the anesthesia was still in my system.

The first day post op, I was feeling gooood. I felt no pain. Didn’t have to take any pain meds. I was just stiff, sore and uncomfortable from sleeping on my stomach. However I was getting up and peeing by myself. I even had an appetite and because I had my sisters, I barely needed the nurse. However she was very sweet and she made me soup since I had no liquid foods with me. I only had solid foods. I was really feeling myself thinking “Wow this is nothing. Im gonna be recovered in no time” but that changed …

By the second day, the lack of sleep was killllling me and by now the pain finally kicked in so I started taking my oxi meds. I was honestly miserable. It was a struggle to get up and pee, not because my arms were lipoed but because my stomach, back and sides were sooooo swollen and sore and every time I got up I could feel it in my back and stomach. Everything you do involves your core so when your core is injured, you reaaaaalllly feel it in every movement. So on this day, I probably got 3 hours of sleep in total. My neck was hurting, I hated getting up, and I couldn’t find a good position to sleep because my whole waist down was stiff.

Same thing as my 2nd day post op. Everything was still hurting. My sisters would encourage me to get up and walk but every time I walked around, I would get light headed and wanted to get back to bed. But even getting back into bed wasn’t that much better cause my neck was hurting and laying on my sore stomach was hurting. I started questioning myself whether this surgery was worth it . I kept thinking to myself: How am I gonna hide this from my mom when I get back? How am I gonna go back to work? How am I gonna sleep on my stomach like this for another 6-8 weeks? I was feeling like shit and I don’t cry often, but I know if my sisters weren’t with me, I definitely would have cried. Thank god I didn’t. :)

So the fourth day, I wasn’t feeling too lightheaded whenever I got up so I would force myself to get up and walk around. I even tried to stretch my legs and hips. I was texting my friend who told me I should try kicking my leg out a bit when I sleep so it’s like Im sleeping on my side but Im not putting pressure on my butt. So that night I painfully moved my leg to the side for a bit, and omg… it felt sooo much better. The pressure was off my neck, my legs felt better, and I was able to sleep for 4-5 hrs instead of the 3hrs I was getting the previous nights. When I woke up, I was able to walk better, not as hunched and I could take bigger steps.

So that’s today, and I feel a lot better. Im still waddling, numb, sore and stiff, but not as lightheaded, and no pain. I haven’t had to take an oxi all day. I try to not lay in bed so much. Im actually typing this while standing. :) So ladies, definitely walk around. I know youre not going to want to in the first few days but it reaaallly helps with the stiffness. I can bend down a bit now too WOO!

The massages have been painful. I already went through the 4 massages I have at vanity and I don’t know if Dr.Fisher just went reaaaallly ham on my stomach and back but the massages never made me feel better. It just made me feel more in pain. When the masseuse touches my stomach, I hunch over and have to bite onto my hand to prevent myself from wincing away. The massages were never enjoyable in my experience. It hurt every single time. However I could understand why they are so important for the end result and the recovery process.

Ill be getting my drain out in two days (so officially 1 week post-op). I hope I can walk 100% back to normal by then. Im so scared about my mom picking me up from the airport and her seeing me waddling around. :/ She thought me and my sisters were just going on a vacation.

AND ofcourse … what you guys are all waiting for:
My ass looks huge LOL. Like hugeeeeee. I never wanted it to be so big, I was in this more for the hip dents to be gone but I guess to do that, Dr. Fisher had to fill out my butt. I would not mind if it got smaller but we’ll see in the next few weeks. My waist is sucked dry. It’s still swollen and it still looks tiny so hopefully it will get even smaller! My stomach is completely flat. It’s a little lumpy though, which is expected in the first few weeks or stomach lipo. Ive been wearing my compression garment with the lipo foams and the triangle. (It’s soooo uncomfortable wearing this, I absolutely HATE it. I cant wait for the next 6-8 weeks to be over) I’ll post some pictures once I get my drain out so Im actually comfortable wearing regular clothes.

So that ends my update. I’ll try to post more and answer any questions you girls have. This site has helped me tremendously so it makes me happy to be able to help back. :)

11 Day Post Op!

Hey guys, just to update on everything, I'm back in Canada now. The plane ride from Miami to where I am was only three hours but it was the most uncomfortable plane ride ever. I sat on the front edge of my seat so I was only putting pressure on my thighs, and I put my forehead on the front of the seat in front of me. I can try to draw a diagram to show you what I mean, haha. I didn't tell my family about the procedure so when I got off the plane, I took off my lipo foams and only kept my garment on. When my mom went in to hug me she didn't feel anything and probably thought I was just wearing a tank top under my baggy sweats. Unfortunately I had to sit on my butt in the car ride home to not be suspicious, but I measured myself when I got home and I'm still holding at 41 inches. :)

So my waist is now 25, and my hips 41. I know it's only a 2 inch increase in my butt but I wasn't getting this done to get a BIG ass, I just wanted my hip dents filled out, nice small waist, and an overall better silhouette and I think Dr.Fisher has given me exactly what I wanted! These past few days I've been getting the worst sleep ever, around 3-4 hours a night, so I decided I'm gonna sleep on my back but with a bunch of pillows stuffed under my back and my thighs so my butt is barely touching the bed and it worked like a charm. I slept through the night like a baby, no neck pain here!! Wooo :D I measured myself as soon as I woke up too and I'm still good haha. I felt so good that I decided to try on cute underwears and take pictures. I'll post one here now. If you girls have any questions, don't hesitate to ask ! :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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