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Hey ladies! First post on here..excited! I've read...

Hey ladies! First post on here..excited! I've read a lot of different reviews on here and it's giving me a lot of information. I've met with one doctor in Los Angeles twice and I decided to not go with him (dr Dennis Dass) . He pretty much told me he couldn't contour my body and I'm not going to pay all this money for someone who can't do what I want... So I am looking else where. I've talked to kenneth Hughes located in Los Angeles and got s quote from him and a quote from dr salama in Miami. Can't decide which to go with or to go with any other doctors? Looking or suggestions. I live in Hawaii and would have to travel.

I am a healthy 23 yr old with enough fat to transfer to the desired areas such as my hips and butt. I'm looking for the skinniest waist possible and biggest hips and butt (of course).

Thank you!

Really excited. Been researching doctors for a...

Really excited. Been researching doctors for a long time and Ive always went back and fourth contemplating who would do a better job and also assure me I'm in good hands and I believe it's Dr. Jimmerson. He does great work, has awesome reviews and he has a whole team behind him which really matters to me. I'm really active on social media and it makes me feel comforted to see his actual patients on snapchat, Instagram etc sharing their journeys. It shows me how my experience will be! Plus I really want to go to Atlanta <3 I've met with doctors in LA and I'll say Dr. Jimmerson is LEGIT. Can't wait for my procedure and it's going to be well worth the hard work in putting in now to pay this off financially. ((: will post before and afters along this journey of mine.

Need surgery date Dr. Blinski

I need to get my surgery this year and I want to go with Dr. Blinski. Anyone want to give me their date within this year? I know it's crazy to ask but you never know who might need to cancel etc.

Dr delvecchio

Leaning toward dr delvecchio to do my procedure. I feel like he can fill in my hips the way I want and give me lots of projection in my hips (hopefully)
Dr Jimmerson

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