23 Year Old Can't Wait For Dream Body - Miami, FL

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Ahhh so finally called vanity cosmetics the other...

Ahhh so finally called vanity cosmetics the other day. I heard horrible reviews about their staff but dealing with them the first time they were quick to answer questions and very informative. They sent me info asap and now I am just waiting two more weeks till putting dwn the dwn payment. I can not wait and will be flying there from NJ to Miami. Any recommendations for a place to stay with included meals etc?

Have to lose 27 lbs before Dec 8

So right now my BMI is 32 I weigh 207 lbs and I am 5"6. The staff at vanity told me to bring my weight down to 180 before the procedure. I am starting the 1234 diet drops again today which works amazing. Wish me luck on my weight loss journey! Also what is the lowest weight you guys think I should get to for better results?

I Currently Now Weigh 204 lbs

I am thinking of getting dwn to 170 I carry a lot of my weight on my chest.

Need a recovery home!!

Heyyy! I am going to travel from NJ and need a recovery home to stay in! I am going to travel with my best friend there and need a place where they will accomendate my best friend also even if I have to pay extra... Please let me know guys :)

Anyone want to buddy up ?!

So I am looking too bring my bf with me but I cant seem to find recovery homes that will also accomendate her. I am looking to get surgery Dec 8 with Dr.Fisher. Does anyone want to buddy up?

Making Deposit for BBL next week :)

Ahh so excited so ... I am putting my deposit in next week for my BBL with Dr. FISHER YAYYYYYY ... So now I weigh 207.4 went down already 27lbs ... In the process of losing 40 more lbs before surgery :D anyone recommend any excersices before bbl ... Let me know

Losing weigt before bbl

Ahhh have 30-40 more lbs to go ... If you have some loose skin will lipo help?

Just Put My Dwn Payment

Just made my down payment with doctor fisher now scheduled for June 2016!!!! Ahhh can't wait!!!

Vanitu Cosmetics Truly Suck

so vanity cosmetics suck! They lost my 1,000$ dwn payment and never sent a reciept. Thank God i kept asking for one cause they wouldnt have said anything and thank God i went through the bank. My bank is no trying to relocate the money and now i am skeptical to doing business with them


Dr Miami himself I choose - I have no time to deal with Vanity and their damn mess especially Margaret who does not do her job and lost my 1,000$ deposit and never called back after that - I am so done with them smfh should've went with my gut about their services - next month will be booking with Dr Miami they are top notch so can't wait I am going to do the works BBL - BL - TT

Vanity Cosmetics Magically Found My Deposit

So Margaret didn't even call me to tell me they had my deposit months later I get a random call from Doctor fisher assistant saying they have my money and to reschedule but i have changed my mind and don't want them to mess with anymore of my money so I will be doing my refund now and going to doctor Miami

Dr maimi wait is to long

So I will be getting surgery nov 7 and will be staying with fisher ahh so much back and forth but waiting until 2017 // 2018 is unrealistic to me right now ... So my date is Nov 7th now


So I had to fly out of the country and had other things stopping me from going on my actual date so now I am rescheduled for dr Fisher on feb 7,2017, I am looking for a surgery buddy ?! Anyone going on this date

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