22 Year Old Getting Bbl with Dr Wendell Perry - Miami, FL

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I'm from London and already started my journey. I...

I'm from London and already started my journey. I flew in to Miami with thoughts of going to 'south Florida centre of cosmetics" as they were having great deals on. I could do my bbl and breast Aug for around $6000. I was amazed, but after the consultation I changed my mind - the price seemed too good to be true and the office looked cheap, the staff unorganised. I didn't want to take the risk

After a week of shopping around I have my heart set on dr wendell Perry. Only problem was timing. I didn't have too much time and needed it done ASAP in order to heal in time to take a 9 hour flight home back to England.

The consultation was great. 3 hours and packed with information. Dr Perry told me he could fit me in TWO DAYS I was excited and ready. I had the cash ready and wanted to go ahead. Got the blood work and ecg done straight away (I came in at 5pm and left the office at 8.30pm)

The next day I went to pay the full payment and buy all the esseitials I needed (bottled water, pineapple juice, under pads, waterproof sheet)

I'm 5ft6 and weight 151 pounds.
I have a square butt with a lot of fat on the flanks/love handles.
Dr Perry showed me his work which to me looks great. He creates a nice curve in the hips and makes the waist small.
I explained I wanted more volume in the butt as well as the hips.

The price is way more than I wanted to pay. But I hope it's worth it. We shall wait and see...
8900 for the bbl, 250 for the blood work and then 60 for an extra garment. Not to mention the costs of travelling to and from the office. Damn. It better be worth it haha.

Surgery done! Officially a Perry Doll

I am writing this 4 days post surgery. So far I am happy. Let me fill you guys in on the last few days....

The day of surgery

I couldn't eat/drink until 12pm the night before. It didn't actually kick in I was going for surgery until I was in the bed, drawn on by Dr Perry and waiting for the anastesia lady. She was lovely, and I felt at ease when Dr Perry told me he remembered I want a C shape butt whilst he was drawing on my body. I really want volume as well as a curve.

I woke up after surgery shivering. Was so cold, the nurses put two blankets on me and a heater. They were super attentive and gave me juice and water and was by my side as soon as I opened my eyes. I was scared to be laying on my back.. I wNt all those fat cells to live!!
Dr Perry laughed with me and told me it's just until I'm awake enough to turn over.
They were not joking when they said how messy it is going to be. With no drains (open incisions to reduce infections) when I stood all I could see was blood gushing at my feet. This made me feel dizzy and light headed. They helped me get dressed, padded me up with thick pads, and pulled on the tight undergarment. Ouch that was painful! Felt like so much pressure on me. Then I pulled on my dress and sat in the wheelchair to go to the car. Have to lay on your front which is difficult to get in and out of the car.
The first night is the worst. That's the honest truth. U can't bend. Your draining everywhere and have to use your arms to lift you in and out of bed. It took me about 5 painful mins to pull myself up on all fours to get out of the car.
The pharmacy was closed... No pain killers the first night. But I made it.

You need to pee frequently and drink plenty fluids otherwise you feel weak to the point of collapsing. The first night I didn't even know what i looked like. I just knew how messy it was and how difficult it was to pee. Help is a must!!

1 day post opp. Dr Perry

The night was painful. Needing to get up and change padding/ pee more than expected. The mess is shocking. Blood and fluids everywhere. All I could think was I wish I could put on a clean under garment and start over.

Key is to drink and eat. This really gives you energy. With out it you feel drained, weak , emotional and tired. Not the best mix when you need all the strength you have to get by.

I like my shape !! I have a tiny waste and nice hips. My butt is bigger for sure but ut looks swollen And compact. I'm sure it Will get better.

My appointment was 4pm. Docs changed my tape under the garment. So painful!! It feels like your skin is getting ripped off. Even tho it's already ripped under neath. Breath through it. It's over quickly. Taking the garment off and putting on a new one is painful also. But so worth it.

Shower day ... Days 2 and 3 post opp

The days are like a roller coaster. After I eat and take my pain killers I feel happy, can move without too much pain. But as soon as I get weak. My body aches. I can't lift myself to get up. I can't do anything. When standing I feel like I'm going to pass out so try and get back on the bed. Which is another work out. But it's not all sad. My first shower was difficult. But amazing to feel clean! Rest is important but so is movement. It can feel really stiff when laying down for too long.
One concerne I have right now is my belly button looks a little weird in between the tight tape I have around me

Tomorrow is my first massage ... I'll let u guys know how it goes.

Before pics

This was a pic taken before. Horrible shape ..... Square butt

First massage !

Day 5. Feeling much better. Went in for my massage, it was a mixture of vibrating massager which uses my body weight on certain points, and using a yoga roll again using body weight. I feel much loser and less stiff! Totally worth it and I'm very happy. They changed my tape again. Ouch! My skin underneath the tape is well so Dr Perry said I could use another go with the tape (tape helps swelling by giving support and compression)

Dr Perry was lovely as always. Make me feel welcome and at ease. So glad I went with him.
In addition his assistant is just the best. She's so kind and real. I'm so bad with names but I'll find it out. Calls to check up, gives me one on one advice, she's down to earth and great at her job. If you go to the office you will automatically know who I'm talking about. 5 * for Dr Perry and his assistant. :)

I'll be receiving my before and after pics soon. Although there is still swelling I'll share

Another before pic

This was before I put on the extra pounds for surgery.

My next appointment with Dr Perry is in 10 days. A bit far fetched but I guess he's busy. By then it would have been 26 days post opp. I'll do the massages on my own but I'm wondering if I should be able to sit by then, and if there's a certain way to do it. Will call and find out


I've taken off the tape and now only wearing the garment. It seems to be a little loose and I'm wondering if I should buy one just for the waist that fits tighter, maybe on top for a few hours a day.
I like my front view however I feel as if my butt is still flat. Not the pop that I wanted

1month and 2 weeks post op

My swelling goes up and down. The swelling on my bum went down and I felt like it got smaller which was disappointing but I feel as though it's got more shape.

I'm still sleeping on my stomach and I try to avoid sitting. However this is impossible to avoid as you can imagine. Today I'm quite upset because I feel like I've lost a lot of the shape in my hips. I was told I could sleep on my sides at 4 weeks. But I didn't just to be safe, recently I do sleep on my sides due to comfort. But comparing photos I realise my round hips are becoming flat and square shaped ;( :(. I'm hoping that it's just because of swelling (I know deep down it isn't)

I love my flat stomach. I wish I had a bigger bum but oh well.
My last pic shows my hips looking full And my waist tiny at 3 weeks. Tomorrow I will show u how I look now....

I havnt been doing much excercise as my bum is still hard (not sure if this is normal) i do a lot of walking, no running. Some squats but it's not consistent. It's got softer but not as soft as I read online at the "fluffing period"
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Nurses are friendly. Dr Perry is very informative and seems to have a great knowledge.

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