20 Year Old College Student with a Much Need Bbl - Dominican Republic

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Hi beautiful ladies of R.S, so I have though long...

Hi beautiful ladies of R.S, so I have though long and hard and I've decided I really need a bbl. I love my body really do but I really need a projection at my back, cos it is really emphasis on really flat. I had my consultation and have decided to go with vanity.my consultant is lia sexo .cant wait

Ladies I need help in making my list

Hi ladies so I have my date for May and I have started making my list.i work and go to school so I don't have the time to wait until the last minute to get the stuff I need.any suggestion on what faja's I should get

List guys list!! The things we need

Omygosh so I've been living on RS for a couple of weeks now and I found this amazing lady who has the most hilarious reviews I forgot how to spell her name but would add it in my next review. Anyway I screen shot her list she's amazing it's like my step by step guide she should write a book and a couple other amazing ladies as well and finally made a list

More on the list!!

Some of the items are repititive but that's Kk.

Girls I finall made my down payment I took advantage of the sale and got a good price !11th July

Guys would be at vanity on the 11th yay kept on changing dats because of school and work but know am ready am still thinking of what recovery house to say in , I've realized lately Marian has been getting bad reviews so just to be safe I would talk to Madga heard she's amazing, and her rates are good and make a down payment cos July is right around the corner

Vanity workers full of shit!!!

I am so mad right know, I got a quote from my consultant for $4000 and paid my deposit and now their telling me it's $5000 .wtf!! The price increased over night? Am gonna ask for a refund and move to a different doctor. They used to call me but now their avoiding my call am so angry cos I just paid my deposit and their messing up!!

Does any one have Madjas number for rh

Hey ladies I need Madjas number for rh, I done my research and realized her rates are really good

Yily yily yily!! Rates are amazing

Her rates are amazing bbl+breast lift+recovery house(10days) +medication +compression socks for $4500 am gonna take that!!! Dominican Republic here I come

I have to wait 4-8 weeks for a refund !!

So I requested for a refund and I was told I had to wait 4-8 weeks. Am like wtf!! I took me less then 30mins to send the money to them and now it's gonna take two months to get a refund!!

Ladies it's so hard to gain weight, I need help

For the past month I've been binging every food I can get my hands on and I have only been able to gain 4 pounds and it's driving me nuts am going to dr on the 22nd of June since I ended up switching to dr yily who is amazing and the deal she gave me was to die for. I need help what should I eat?

Cabral Doll in the Making!! July 2016

Got my refund back after 6weeks!!

This was the most ridiculous wait of all time, I made my deposit and called vanity a day later to ask for a refund because they changed my price and they told me to wait 6-8weeks!! Really I had to call everyday until finally I got it back. Thank God was about to take a flight to Miami

July 26th !!!Bought my ticket DR here I come .

So after all the tussle and bustle with vanity , I recieved a quote from the king himself for a breast reduction and a full body lipo with a bbl and I bought my ticket confirmed my surgery date and still thinking about the recovery house . So July 26th see you on the other side, I have never been out of the states before but I trust Dr Cabral and his amazing staff even though it's really hard to get in touch with harm personally but at the end of the day you get him and his booties tho????????????

My body now !! Trying to get weight

So I am 5'10 and 181 and am trying to gain about 20pounds before surgery so I can get more ass. Any tips on what to do to gain weight more quickly

Weight gain

Starting a

Weight gain 30pounds before surgery

I decided I needed to gain more weight before sx, so I can get more booty. So I looked around and found apetamin would start taking that in hopes that I can gain 30 pounds before july


Getting re

Countdown to July!!

Getting ready and taking those double shifts
Hector Cabral

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