19 Year Old Getting BBL and Possibly a Breast Lift and Augmentation - Miami, FL

Very excited to get the surgery. Already put down...

Very excited to get the surgery. Already put down a deposit and my date is set ! I have not decided if I want to do the breast lift yet. The doctor is out of town until the second or third week of August. I have not had many problems with vanity like I have heard happens but I'm still cautious. I'm am hoping to get a very large booty from the bbl but I am most worried about my hips looking natural too. I want him to aggressively lipo my abdomen too. I'd love to have an online consultation with Dr. Fisher but he seems to be on vacation a lot.

My little booty for now.

I really need to take some regular before pics. I will sometime today. I'm really hoping to get it about 47 inches ????????????

Need to plan where to stay !!

So my best friend is flying out to stay with me for the first week of surgery ! I am still deciding how long I am going to stay. I think that my friend will be great with helping me out after the op so I won't need to go to the recovery house. Any suggestions of where to stay if you don't need a nurse ? I am considering getting a Airbnb like my friend (a fisherdoll) did two months ago. I think that it will be cheaper. Has anyone done this ? If so, which place did you stay at.

Also, I know that it depends on each person but how soon should I be able to sit and walk on my own ? I was hoping to be able to spend some time doing fun things before she leaves. My surgery is on dec 1 and then she leaves the 7th.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I have not met him yet but the vanity girls call me back when I call or answer right away

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