*Slim Thick On The Way*(BBL/LIPO- 3/24/17..w/ Dr. Sergio Alvarez) - Miami Beach, FL

So, after stalking so many profiles and looking at...

So, after stalking so many profiles and looking at many reviews I've decided to go with Dr. Alvarez. If you knew me then you would know that I am very analytical. I plot and I plan! I gather information and I execute. LOL.. :) (I'll make a post later about why I am choosing Alvarez over Fisher, Hassan, Yily, Duran and others) On Nov 22, 2016 I called and talked to Lena to secure my date. (I had previously did the virtual consultation and got the "OK" that I was a "good candidate" for the BBL) Im pretty sure that is what she tell everyone.. (Ill do a post later of my starting weight and measurements) She was very nice and sweet... she then sent me an invoice to pay the deposit.. Sooooo, at this moment things were getting real. I looked at my husband and I was like.. "Mannn,, do I really want to do this"??? (My husband was so opposed to me having sx. I literally had to drill the importance of me being happy w my body into his head) He was like "YES you do.. You've been going on and on about this for months...You done spent a lot of hours on research.. This is clearly something that you really want to do and I'm going to support you.. As long as you're happy.. Yada yada yada.. <3 "..... I kinda was hoping he would talk me out of it... I then reached deep inside and asked myself... "IS THIS WHAT YOU REALLY WANT TO DO?" "HAS IT REALLY COME TO THIS?" "ARE YOU SURE?" My "self" then responded "YES IT IS" Then myself got a little more confident and responded "HELL YEAH", then "YOU DAMN RIGHT" and finally "STUNT ON DEM HOES"... lmbo.. So I was like Im gon do it. SO I PAIDDDDD a non-refundable deposit of $450 to secure my slot. Its safe to say...AINT NO TURNIN' Back NOW!!

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