*Slim Thick On The Way*(BBL/LIPO- 3/24/17..w/ Dr. Sergio Alvarez) - Miami Beach, FL

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So, after stalking so many profiles and looking at...

So, after stalking so many profiles and looking at many reviews I've decided to go with Dr. Alvarez. If you knew me then you would know that I am very analytical. I plot and I plan! I gather information and I execute. LOL.. :) (I'll make a post later about why I am choosing Alvarez over Fisher, Hassan, Yily, Duran and others) On Nov 22, 2016 I called and talked to Lena to secure my date. (I had previously did the virtual consultation and got the "OK" that I was a "good candidate" for the BBL) Im pretty sure that is what she tell everyone.. (Ill do a post later of my starting weight and measurements) She was very nice and sweet... she then sent me an invoice to pay the deposit.. Sooooo, at this moment things were getting real. I looked at my husband and I was like.. "Mannn,, do I really want to do this"??? (My husband was so opposed to me having sx. I literally had to drill the importance of me being happy w my body into his head) He was like "YES you do.. You've been going on and on about this for months...You done spent a lot of hours on research.. This is clearly something that you really want to do and I'm going to support you.. As long as you're happy.. Yada yada yada.. <3 "..... I kinda was hoping he would talk me out of it... I then reached deep inside and asked myself... "IS THIS WHAT YOU REALLY WANT TO DO?" "HAS IT REALLY COME TO THIS?" "ARE YOU SURE?" My "self" then responded "YES IT IS" Then myself got a little more confident and responded "HELL YEAH", then "YOU DAMN RIGHT" and finally "STUNT ON DEM HOES"... lmbo.. So I was like Im gon do it. SO I PAIDDDDD a non-refundable deposit of $450 to secure my slot. Its safe to say...AINT NO TURNIN' Back NOW!!

My Before Pics 223lbs... BBL w/ Dr.Alvarez March,24,2017

So, 1st thing im going to say is.. yes I was 223lbs(a month ago when that pic was taken)..I am 218 now! people say I carry my weight well.... Thats so nice of them lol.. As far as my body.. my husband loves it.. he loves the jiggle...(his words not mine) But as for me I want it gone.. This belly has to goooooo.. It doesnt look that bad on the picture but a month ago i was 250lbs so im a little bias.. I have hips naturally.. but I have no booty.. My hubby and other ppl swear im thick.. I be like... ughhhh where? Smh, ppl will say anything.. What do I like?? I like the dimples on my booty lol.. I didnt know I had those until I lost weight.. Nah, seriously IDK, I like my curves.. I think that once i loose this belly i will have laterals and a nice shape. I do want my hip dents filled in... and my waist is already small its just that darn belly.. But i plan to loose 30 more pounds and do some weight training to help... SHOULD I GET MY BOOBS DONE? I THINK THEY SAG..MY HUBBY SAY THEY JUST BIG...WHAT YALL THINK????

Updated body pic & Wish pics????????????????

Here is a more recent picture of my body. I feel as if I have a good starting point to achieve some of my wish pics.. What do yall think... I have my sx March 24 2017 with Dr. Sergio Alvarez.. I am super excited! Any tips from the veterans out there?

Anxious for March 24, 2017- Thanks For Your Continuous Support <3

I am so ready to have my sx. Like, thats all that I have been thinking about. I'm going to cancun for my anniversary and I want to look bomb. As the time draws near I am a tad bit nervous.. but I really think i have planned for everything.. I have got most of my supplies.. the rest are sitting in my cart on amazon.com. I've been thinking will it be tough carry all of the post op supplies on the plane. I heard that they charge additional fees for the amount of luggage you have or something like that... I have been taking my vitamins like crazy, I just added more iron to my diet... "liquid iron".. and I've been eating fairly clean. I plan to do a final weigh in a day b4 my sx... just to log my weight and measurements.. I am worried about this whole... no birth control thing 2 weeks prior to sx.. I have no desire to have anymore kids.. We just will be abstaining from sex.. i do not trust spermicide, I do not trust condoms.. especially for well endowed men... lol..and i darn show dont trust the pull out method.. given that sometimes I can get all wrapped up in the moment and forget all about pulling out,, I might say some crazy ish like... just leave it in there... heck nawwllll.. anywho.. so yea I'm super excited guys.. I already look good.. and i know that this body will be the icing on my cake... Oh yea, thanks for all the support.. i really appreciate it <3

23 More Days- SX w/ Sergio Alvarez 211 Pounds

Whatssss up yall, I know it has been a minute. I've been just working stacking these coins since I'm paying for my SX in Cash! (Pic was taken today) Just to give yall an update.. I have the $$$ for my SX, I was gon pay it but I dont want to pay it beforehand and then I pop up pregnant and I'm missing my 4k.. We paid for our house rental via airbnb.. I lost an additional 7 pounds since my last post.. smh, it was rough I kept losing 3 pounds then eating bad and then having to work it off.. I really need to stay away from the Japanese food. But its just something about how the white sauce touch the rice & shrimp... hmmmmmmmm.. Anyways,, I went and got my lab work done yesterday.. They talking about I got a heart murmur and they cant clear me for sx until I go get checked out.. I think they just trying to get a check bc my insurance paid for all my labs and they did a ton of work and didnt make no coins off of me.. lol.. But I'm going in the AM to get an ECHO to see whats up with this so called heart murmur. On a happier note all my labs came back fine.. I'm going to post something about that tomorrow along with the vitamins I started taking in July. I went from anemic hemoglobin to a 12.8.. so thats pretty good. I am too hyped for SX, I'm literally going to be the only one in my area with a body like "heeeeyyyyyy looookk at thatttt". I'm gon try to flex...... siiiiikkkkkkkkke, I'm gon be flexxing every chance I get. I'm gon be going to the gas station for no reason.. I'm gon walk in the mall and go in every store. I'm gon make sure everybody see this lol.. Say what you wanna but I worked to hard to get down to 211lbs from 250lbs for me to be keeping all this to myself..

Finally Cleared For SX(labs).. Vitamins I took.. "Rant about BBL Hater"

Yes, I was finally cleared for sx. It was so stressful because after I got my labs done I had to go get a Echo (ultrasound) of my heart because they said I had a heart murmur. (At end I Rant about my convo with a lady who knew I was getting a bbl) So, I was a nervous wreck. I went and got that done… and after waiting a week for my results they said that the issue was minor and that I was CLEARED For SX!! I literally just found out less than a hour ago. My husband has been telling me that everything was going to check out.. But I'm just a very anxious person… so I'm going to book my flights this weekend..and get the rest of my stuff next week. I already paid the deposit for my massages.. I will be going to Medical Massage Professionals.. I've heard so many good things about them.. I have only 15 days left before my actual sx..and 14 days (2 weeks) before my flight. I'm wondering if I book 1st class will they let me lay down…anyways… I am so excited yall…. It doesn’t feel real yet.

As far as my labs,, I have always been anemic so when they told me that my hemo was 12.8 I thought that was pretty good given that I just started taking vitamins the middle of January. I have posted a picture of what I took. I got the multi vitamin and the chlorophyll along with the calm forte from the vitamin shop. The multi vitamin is made up of green superfoods and its gluten free,, The chlorophyll is great for building up blood and iron deficiency. As far as the calms forte.. I used to be on heavy drugs (controlled substances) for bi-polar depression and anxiety and severe insomnia (no sleep for weeks..) and the calms forte places that & its non habit forming & its only $7.99. (If yall want more info on that let me know) The liquid iron I got from amazon.com. I only used it for 2 weeks. It says take 1tbsp a day.. I was just drinking it lol.. So it only lasted me 2 weeks . I plan to get more for my recovery,

Lets take a moment to talk about my experience when getting my labs done. Not the actual lab stuff but the women who was doing my labs.. So, there was two little ladies that was doing my labs.. One of them asked what type of sx I was getting done.. & I told them.. And one lady was like that sounds exciting…yada yada.. But the other lady just looked like she was so sad for me.. She asked me to stand up and she was like "but you are beautiful.. You have a nice body.. You are beautiful"… I'm like lady I'm not getting this done because I don’t think I'm beautiful.. (I didn’t say that) and she went on to say how I should be happy with what GOD gave me..and how she's going to pray for me. I started to say " Lady me & God already discussed this. How you think I lost all this weight… By chance.. No ma'am it was holy spirit." Then she was like well if you think you are beautiful then why you want to do this to your body.. I told her that I had some extra weight from when I had a baby and I want to look nice in a bikini and basically I want my belly gone. She gon tell me.. "You know how many women would love to gain weight from having a baby.. But they cant because they cant have babies.. You should be thankful that you had the priveledge to give birth".. Then she was like "they have pants and shirts that can cover that up.." (I was getting aggravated at this point) Then the other lady was backing me up saying "I'm happy for u.. You should go for it.. Don’t let her change your mind etc.." Then the other lady was like "well personally I wouldn’t do it.." (she was very round) Then she asked how much it cost. I told her and she was like " DO you know how many kids you can feed with that amount of money?")

GRRRRR!!!! I made it out of there with my intergity. I really wanted to tell that lady.. "This is my body, I work hard for my $$$ & If I want to spend my coin on getting a bbl then I will do just that. As far as "they make pants and shirts to cover up that" you can wear that If you want to.. I have tried those things to "cover up" my imperfections and its just not for me,. I will let you wear those as I seek a permanent fix. You know if you had the coin or funds for to permanently fix your problem areas then you would do it. The thing is that you don’t have the money for it.. So stop downing ppl who do..& I don’t want to hear anything about you happy with yourself.. If you so happy with yourself then why you wearing spanks and tummy control garments???? Why you wearing pants to make you look slimmer…Why you eating that apple..huh??? You know you don’t want that apple… As far as hungry kids,, No offense but my sx dont got nothing to do with them kids being hungry…Its not like they get that $$$ anyways,, the organizations and the government get it.. Why don't you give them your whole paycheck every month to make sure they have food??? How about you give them all your extra money and savings.. If you care so much.. Because I do a lot of volunteer work. I know ppl from my old hometown that's hungry that’s why I give away $100 every month to a family in need. Like darnnnn, Let me be great!!!

But this has taught me that everybody is going to have something to say about us getting our sx. My mother in law almost got told off the other day.. SMH!! Thankfully my hubby stepped in & had my back.. There is not a woman in this world that if they had the means to do this..would choose to turn it down. So, don’t yall start feeling like yall are making a mistake or yall don’t want to get it done because of other ppl.. FORGET them.. They be the main ppl saying something about your weight.. They be the main one jokingly saying "you don’t got no booty or no shape" Do this for you.. If this will make you feel more confident, more sexy..more attractive even if its temporary then go for it.. In this day and time we live in.. US as women.. we have to feel good about ourselves.. Even if its only for a moment.. We are the backbone..Ppl gon have find everything and anything to say.. But at the end of the day they cant deny that our body is going to be the BOMB.. That they are going to envious.. That we are going to own whatever room we walk in… I will tell a chick quick, you over here hating but why your man checking for me tho, let me give you the number to my surgeon so your nudes can be lit!!

Surgery Day 3/24/17 Alvarez Miami

It has been a long behind day. I'm here waiting for my sx. It's 4:50 they told me to be here at 5:30. I had my preop appointment at Mia esthetics yesterday at 4:00.. the receptionist forgot to give me back my drivers license and I didn't realize it until I tried to fill my prescriptions. This is after we missed our flight and had to find another car rental place last minute.. (we had already paid a deposit down for one).. like the stress is real. I'm the first one Alvarez is going to see today. I'm excited but also super nervous. I was thinking about sending out a massive text to all my family letting them know I love them.. but I think I will be fine. I'm sitting in the car trying to hold my peers because I think they are going to do a pregnancy test and the fact that I haven't had fluids since 6pm last night.. I don't think they will get more out of me. I have my bag packed with my booty buddy pillow and other things I need. Mia cosmetics is running a special on fajas for $80.. im having my sx at imagenes and its right in the same shopping center as a Faja store.. I'm super nervous yall.. but this is normal for me. But hey I done paid in cash, I don't took a flight, I done sacrificed so much to get here so it's no turning back for me. See yall on the other side...

The Sergio Alvarez experience...Day of Surgery

So where do I start as you may know I had my surgery with Mia Esthetics and my surgeon was Sergio Alvarez. But he did my surgery at imagenes. I was kind of nervous because it was like 5:15 and nobody was there. Then all of a sudden at like 5:26 I seen this Maserati pull up.. then the whole Squad pulled up. So I get in there and Gabby comes out she's like the coordinator and she get a urine sample then I come back to my room with my husband... and she has all of my surgery like clothes to wear. So they gave me a Faja compression socks the surgery dress after I got dressed the anesthesiologist came in and he got some information from me. He was very thorough and cute of course. I mean Alvarez whole team was beautiful. So after he loved he was said that Alvarez be there in a minute. So then the man of the hour came in with his handsome self. He was very thorough as well and knowledgeable and easy going you can tell that he care about his patients for me and my husband was impressed. He made me feel very comfortable. I let him see my wish pics. So he then begin to Mark me up. He explain to me that he was going to give me a shelf instead of an upside-down heart. And then he was like are you ready?? I was like now he was like yeah. So I kissed my husband and send out a message to my sister and told her I love her LOL. Then we went back into the operating room and when I say the teamwork of everybody involved was phenomenal. Everybody was working together making sure that I was comfortable making sure that I was educated and they even had me laughing. So they use general anesthesia. They inject into your veins and they put the oxygen mask over your face. So there is no way that you're going to wake up. That made me so happy. So the anesthesiologist I was like take deep breaths and you going to be out in less than 10 seconds. Y'all I literally knocked out and woke up and it was over. Honestly I don't remember where I was I just knew that I was already in my dress and my garment and everything. The lady was like are you ready for your husband? I was like yes please! My husband help me walk to the car he's been so supportive. So things were a little foggy at first but like less than 30 minutes later I feel good. Like I don't have no pain in my stomach I just feel like a little tension and soreness in my butt. They took out four thousand cc's and they injected 2000 cc's in each cheek. Dang like OMG! So right now it's 7:11 p.m. I had my surgery at 5:45 this morning. I don't know if the drugs are still in my system but this pain is very bearable for me. It takes some getting used to. As far as my husband was helping me for the first 11 hours. I just started to do some things on my own you know just to get used to it I haven't took any oxycodone yet. Oh yeah my prescription meds was only $13. I'm bleeding everywhere right now but I will post pictures soon as everything gets right. Thank you all for all your prayers and concerns and all your love and support throughout this whole thing it really means a lot to me. If y'all have any questions that I didn't answer feel free to ask them and I will make a post answering them for you.

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