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Hi ladies! I have been contemplating on doing a...

Hi ladies! I have been contemplating on doing a review. Since I would like to be VERY discreet about this, off the net. Seeing as how reading reviews from other women helped me out ALOT in making my decision. I will do the same.

I originally had a BBC done back in 2010. I actually did not use Real Self, a majority of the females on there are going out of the country to have it done. I went to Mexico to have mine done. I paid 6,000, total, for everything (sx, flight and hotel). I've gotten good reviews for the doctor, but I feel as if my results could have been ALOT better.

I had lipo to my lower abs, flanks and back. I had fat transfered to my butt and hips. After all of the swelling went down, my butt was bigger than before, but there was NO shape to it. People always told me that I looked good. But I would always have to tell them (people that knew about my sx) that, with clothes off, there is not much to look at. It did not turn out terrible, but there is no bubble. Also, my hips are distorted. The fat never settled properly. So now my hips stick out (not in the good way) and I have fat necrosis. I cannot lay on my sides for too long becausethey are hard and they hurt. Mind you I had this sx 3+ years ago and I still feel pain.

I will not blame the doctor for this. I never got the lymphatic massages I was supposed to. So I will blame it on that. I voiced my concerns to the coordinator and they agreed to fix it in June 2011. I could not do it because well...I was pregnant! Now that my "bugs" is more independent and can be watched for longer periods of time by other people. I will be having my revision.

I chose Dr. Salzhauer because of how welcoming him and his staff made me feel. I was still in the deciding process and they took time with me. I also like that Dr. S speaks to you personally. He did not make me feel rushed. He even asked me if I had anymore questions for him. There was a pause after that. I was taken back. I wasn't expecting that. Arianny has also been a tremendous help, so far. My original date was scheduled for May 20th. But days of calling/emailing, she was able to bump me up to May 5th. Now I am a little over a month away from my date and getting anxious! Right now I'm trying to gain weight so that hehas enough fat. (I might as well transfer more fat ;) It's funny how when you're not trying to gain weight, you pack it on. But when you intentionally try to put it on, it's damn near impossible lol I'm going to take another reviewers advice and try ensure. I'm also buying things that I will need post op. I am lost right now. I am now on this site multiple times a day to collect enough info. Any other pointers, please feel free to share. :)
Also I am in the process of adding my before and afters. I am.on my phone so I have to figure out how to get my pix from the other website.

First surgery pics

I am now adding pics from my first surgery

More photos

...more photos

and more pics



I am hoping that Dr. Salzhauer can fix where the other doctor left off. I really don't want to have to do this a third time. I have alot of faith in him. Him and his staff makes me feel good about my decision.

Dont want to purchase a Boppy...

Im looking online for pillows for post op. Ive looked on so many sites but I am not seeing any that will work. I really dont want to get a Boppy. I actually had one for my daughter but gave it away. I just dont want to be stuck with it after I am fully healed, so I was looking for alternatives. Does anyone know of any sites/stores where I can either get it or make it?


Has any Salzhauer girls have trouble getting they're scripts filled, using the paper they gave everyone you? I went to Rite Aid and they said they do not accept prescriptions on that paper. I don't k kw what to do at this point.


Hi ladies. I'm officially 15 days away from sx...YIKES! I got the situation with the prescriptions handled. I just went to another Rite Aid. They took them with no questions asked. OMG thank God for insurance! Those meds are no joke. He has you on 2 forms of antibiotics. Luckily I still have my yeast infection pill the urgent care Dr. gave me, back when I had a stomach bug. I know I will be needing it after everything is said and done. I know I won't be using all of the meds though. With my last surgery, I can remember feeling drugged on a daily basis. I hated that feeling. I went to the ER, and they prescribed me a muscle relaxer and Percocet. Ugh, between the two of them, I felt like a zombie. So once the pain becomes manageable, I will stop taking the pain meds.

I love Dr. Salz response time when it comes to his patients. I asked him about possibly having a breast lift. Arianny got back to me and told me, according to him, that I didn't need it. I didn't know whether to feel flattered or bummed lol. But i came him a week later. I text him my concerns. I was so shocked when he called me back an hour later! Mind you this was on a Sunday morning. He stuck to his original decision, but agreed that when he saw me in person and it looked different (pictures can be deceiving) then he will reconsider it. I can respect that. In the meantime i have been trying to gain weight. Let me tell you, when you have to gain weight, it's no fun. Not to mention seeing your body change everyday. Looking in the mirror isn't easy lol For ladies with upcoming surgeries, keep in mind that whenever you gain weight, your butt WILL grow. My butt is huge right now. Some days I wonder if I even really need to put anymore fat back there. I think I've gained enough weight though. Those Ensures work! I'm 185 now. My scale at home said I was 172 before. But the scale at my house never corresponds with the scale in the Dr. Office. So I have no idea how much weight I've gained.

I had my Medical Clearance appointment on Friday. I've been taking iron for approximately 3-4 weeks. In the beginning I was looking around. So I tried the gummed first. But i was satisfied with the how much iron was in them. So a week later I bought Women's One-a-day. Then a few days later I bought iron pills. In total I was getting 46 me of iron PLUS the iron from the Ensures. I only took them once a day since your body will just eliminate what it doesnt use. So there's no point in doubling up on it. So I'm hoping that my levels had enough time to be raised. I had an appointment back In November and I was an 11. So we shall see. I go back for my results on Monday. Wish meluck! :)


Please excuse the typos and grammatical errors. Geez Louise! I hope you gals can make out what I'm trying to say -_-

weight gain


I'm on the other side. Erica came over to take off my tapes. I also took a shower and changed my garment (you get two) She said my results looked great. I had my hubby takes pics because I just wasn't into it. Taking the takes is NO JOKE! I'm very weak, but I've been walking. I can't walk for too long since I get very lightheaded. I've been taking mymeds like clockwork though. I had a scary episode last night. My heart has been beating alot faster since the surgery. But when I woke up last night it was double that amount. I was so scaredthat it would stop. Now I'm trying my best to keep my head elevated. I will update more soon. When I have more energy.

Now that I got that out of the way

Happy Mother's day ladies! Ok. I'm 6 days po. I know I am VERY late with my update. But, my recovery this time around, has been a challenge. Everyday, there is something new. I cant wait to feel normal again.

Day of surgery

First let me say Miami Beach is BEAUTIFUL! (I've been to Florida, but not Miami Beach) I will definitely be back there once I'm completely healed. So theday of surgery I was scheduled for 1pm. I met with Ruth and she took some pictures and asked me EXACTLY what I wanted done. It took awhile for Dr. Salz to enter the room. Once he did, I was a little taken back. He's slimmer than I thought lol He asked me what I wanted done, and I pointed out my problem areas. He saw where I was coming from and said he could fix it. He said that I didn't have enough fat so he would like to take some from my thighs (I was hoping he didn't say that) But he said he didn't want me to come all this way, to go home unhappy. So I told him go ahead. He said that I didn't need my breasts done (now I'm so glad I didn't touch them) He left the room and the anesthesiologist came in. I forgot his name. He pretty cool. Once my IV was in,it took awhile before i was sent into the surgical room. I think it was a little after 4 or 5. The last thing i remember is him saying "don't worry, I'm just messing around with the medication" then I wokeup in the recovery room. I couldn't stop shaking! The nurse had to up my morphine.

I was in and out if it. The car ride home, I didn't care who saw me or what my butt looked like. I just wanted to lay down. The first night was hell! My inner thighs were in sooooooo much pain. The next morning Erica stopped by to give me a shower and change my garment. She's nice. She said I looked great. But at that point I was still in pain, so her words didn't matter lol. I was able to look at myself in the mirror and was instantly pleased to see that my side bulges were gone! Then I turned around and asked her if my butt will go down. I actually don't want a donk, just a nice bubble and projection.

Everyday I feel like I take a few steps back. My best day was Wednesday, until the antibiotics started messing with me. I've stopped taking them since then. Having the runs in this state is a no go. Plus if I get too hungry, it's a wrap for the rest of the day. I will be miserable with gas pains and a migraine. I don't know if this is normal but...whenever I do ANYTHING for more than 5 minutes, I feel like I want to passed out. This limits me from walking. I get EXTREMELY hot and my heart rate sky rockets. I have to immediately sit down, drink something cold, and blast the ac. Has anyone else gone through this? I'm also very scared that I will have alot of fat loss because I end up on my butt so often. Even when I'm sleeping, I will wake up lying on it (my sides) I need to figure out how to stay off of it as much as possible all while being able to stand without getting lightheaded.

Well that has been my experience, so far. I know some of you are waiting to see my results. So I will post them. I took alot with my digital camera. But forgot to take some with my phone. So the ones on my phone didn't turn out that well. But when I feel better I will post more....tootles

6 days po

...side note

Call me a dork. But i wanted to see Bernice lol I'm a fan of the show (south beach towing) I did glimpse Chrissy though

Anyone else?

I can't stay out of the bathroom! It's like every hour I have to empty my bladder. Please tell me that this is normal. I'm guessing that it's just my body getting rid of the excess fluids. Hopefully it's not a UTI. Does anyone else wake up with a dry mouth?


I'm in desperate need of a lymphatic drainage massage. My inner thighs are rocks. It's becoming difficult to walk or lie down. Does anyone know what I can do until I see someone? I'm also feeling a tingly sensation in each leg because of it.I need relief asap. TThere's no way I can sleep tonight feeling like this. Does anyone have advice?

13 days po


I've made it to 13 days po. I'm feeling ALOT better. My only concern is my garment. I would like to change it now. Does anyone have any suggestions to a good second stage one? I'm still wearing the one from the office. (Not in the last pictures. I took it off because I'm am so swollen and it got uncomfortable) I no longer have any pain or stiffness. Now, I'm just dealing with the swelling and hardness in my thighs. Those are minor tho. I haven't tried on any of my old clothes as yet. I've tried on sweats and my booty is huge in them. One of my cheeks are larger than the other. I asked Yenni about this. She said that it can be swelling. I also think it's swelling since they were the same size one day po. So now I'm just waiting for the cheek to catch up to my left.

I have 3 more weeks to be home. My kids are with their grandparents. So most of my days I'm all alone until hubby gets home. I MISS MY KIDS lol I feel like alost puppy. Well that's my update. Everything is ok. Remember ladies that the first week is hell. The second week, you're coming out of hell lol Going into the 3rd week, you should be feeling closer to normal. Now I'm just on my search for a new garment. Thank you to everyone who passed on advice. It is very much appreciated.

Lymphatic drainage massage

So I had my first massage today. Initially, I wasn't going to get them done since Sr. Salzhauer doesn't recommend them. But, everyday I would look in the mirror and not see my results. I'm a blimp! Swollen everywhere and getting hard lumps under my skin. I started to get concerned. Years ago when I did my first bbl, I had some fluid left back (my drains didn't work properly). Doctors said that it would reabsorb, but it never did. So I was stuck with a lump in my stomach. In the beginning I could hear the fluid, then overtime it became hard. So looking back and remembering that, I decided todo something about it before it got to that. I wasn't about to lay down $9,000 to have this again, only to have a revision of a revision.

So I came on here because I remembered some ladies who referred masseuse who would massage you in your home. I came across Alexis. I called her up yesterday and she came through today. I decided to get 5 done (depending on how I look after the 5th treatment). BOY O BOY!!!! First let me say that she is very professional. But maaaaaan...those massages HURT! Poor little old me thought that my pain was over. Boy was I wrong. She got in there! That woman has to have upper arm strength lol. Ladies, the massages hurt so bad. I had to have my hubby sit next to me, just so I could grab him. Crying wasn't an option but I came close to it. My inner thighs are rocks. She had to apply pressure to try to get the built up fluid out. I never wanted to pass out sooooooo bad. Then she got on my abdomen. There was the worse. Everyday I look bloated. I actually took a video of it one night and my stomach actually jiggled. It NEVER jiggles so I knew that I had alot of fluid in there that needed to come out. As she was massaging me, she said she could hear the fluid moving around in there (I heardit too) She also massaged my sides. I was seeing unevenness (is that a word lol) she said it was fluid. I could not wait for the hour to be over. All I could think about was that I had to do this 4 more times. But i will say this, when it was over, I felt sooooooo much better. My body really needed it. My stomach had a dent in it because of the swelling and after she was finished, it was gone.

I hate to have to do this again but I know the end result will be worth it. This is an investment. I know some doctors will say that you don't NEED massages. But i think they are worth it. Alexis told me had I not gotten them, my skin would be lumpy. Also, wear your garment ladies. I would get lazy some days (I almost went insane with the itching so I just wouldn't put it back on) She told me if I do not keep it on then my skin will become loose. I actually witnessed this on my stomach. I never had loose skin before. So I will faithfully wear this for the next 2 months.

If anyone is interested in having lymphatic drainage massages, just put me and I will pass you her number. I am in NYC.

Damn auto correct

I meant just PMme for her number

Almost 4 weeks!

So I'm almost at my 4 week mark. I feel ALOT better. I'm no longer in any pain. But there are some days that I have stiffness. As soon as I start walking around, I loosen up. I've been dying to deep clean my place. I did my last deep clean the day before I left for Miami. Hubby has been helping out. But let's face it, he doesn't do it the same as me. So I will FINALLY be able to clean this place properly lol. The massages have been going great. I get my last one on Monday. My swelling has gone down. I am still swollen, but no longer a blimp like before. My right cheek is beginning to go down, but it is still slightly larger. My cheeks are no longer rocks, they have softened and they jiggle. Has anyone else experienced darkening if their skin? My stomach and thighs are a shade darker now. I'm afraid to put anything in them now before all of my swelling is gone.

I had my first breakdown a week ago. This recovery is hard and will get to you. Especially if you're the type of person who has the "let me do it" mentality. Having to depend on other people is something new for me. I keep asking my hubby if i am a burden. He keeps telling me no, but last week I just broke down. I just need to be me again lol. I'm thinking about going back to work a week before I intended. There's really nothing keeping me home at this point. I do things slower, but they get done. My stomach isn't as flat as I would like. But i will be waist training, starting next week. I'm still using my garment with the foam. Then putting a cincher on top. I'm wearing a medium now, but it's too loose now. So I will be purchasing a small. It may sound like I'm all over the place in this review. But I'm remembering things as I write. That's all to report for now


98% recovered

Hi ladies! I will officially be 6 weeks po on Monday. It has been a journey. I never thought that I would get to this point. The point of no pain! I feel sooo much better. I still have some tightness on my back, but overall, Im good. Im pretty satisfied with my results. Dr. Salz really gave me the projection that I was looking for. He filled me in on top. (my butt) The only (minor) issue I have is with my stomach. Its lumpy and because of the lumps, it sticks out. Ive been massaging it everyday but its not going down. I hope it doesnt stay like this :( Also, on one hip, I still have that ripple look. Like the fat wasnt taken out evenly. Ive been wearing my garment everyday, until yesterday. I took a little break from it. Instead, I just wore a waist cincher. I will be purchasing the liposculpture leggings. Its getting too hot to be wearing the garment now. Besides, its not tight anymore. I have to wear a cincher on top of it. This was a quick review while Im work. I have more to say. But for now, I will do this review and post pictures.

6 weeks

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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