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For quite a few months, I have been doing some...

For quite a few months, I have been doing some research on near by doctors and the BBL surgery itself. During my journey to find "The One" I came across Dr. Alvarez. Checking his reviews (I mostly checked his negative reviews because I like to prepare for worst case scenario) and his pictures, I found out that his work is amazing! However, I still needed to do more research.

In the news, you would see women who die on the surgery table because they go to some back alley doctor or someone who's not certified. And let's not forget in recent news that some 18 year old kid claim to be a doctor. FOH! I REFUSE to lose my life because of some phony doctor! I need to make sure that they are Board Certified! So, I had to do my homework on Dr. Alvarez to make sure that he has the what I need to choose him.

On his website, he claims to be certified. You can't believe what someone's website says when it comes to that. I can make a website stating that I'm a certified surgeon and we all know that that definitely isn't true! More searching was needed to be done. At first, I couldn't find proof of his certification on any website ANYWHERE! I would type his name and it wouldn't even show up! I was getting so upset because it felt like I knew he was too good to be true! The next day, I continued my search because I REFUSED to give up this doctor!

LOW AND BEHOLD I FOUND IT! Here is a screenshot of his name stating that he is a certified surgeon among many others!

LADIES!..... I FOUND THE ONE!! Up next: Consultation!

Sorry about he spacy dates on my post! I've been...

Sorry about he spacy dates on my post! I've been caught up with school and have been working my ass off to get some ass (HA!).

Last time I posted something I then followed up with a email consultation. No more than 24 hours I got a email from a woman named, Lena. The sincerity in the email about what she can help me with blew me away (I'm a sucker for outstanding customer service). With my follow up email, I asked her SO MANY questions it was ridiculous! I just wanted to be prepared. Once I finally realized that I sent her a crap ton of questions and how the office was just a 15 minute walk from my place, I then realized that it might be better to just walk in for an appointment. I asked Lena if that was ok with her. Didn't hear anything back...

HOWEVER! The next morning, I get a call. It was from Lena! As soon as we introduced each other, she quickly gave me the lowdown on all of the questions that I have asked. She explained everything thoroughly, but breezed right through my answers! Talk about efficiency!

I love how Lena just cut out the middle man and called me instead of scheduling an appointment. Knowing me, I would have to reschedule it multiple times... lol. But I was somewhat upset that I wasn't given the option to either go in for an appointment or get her to call me. I feel like an idiot for being so butt hurt about that... but all in all I really do appreciate that!

Next stop: losing weight and saving money (AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!)
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