24 y.o. And It's Time To Treat Myself - Miami Beach, FL

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For quite a few months, I have been doing some...

For quite a few months, I have been doing some research on near by doctors and the BBL surgery itself. During my journey to find "The One" I came across Dr. Alvarez. Checking his reviews (I mostly checked his negative reviews because I like to prepare for worst case scenario) and his pictures, I found out that his work is amazing! However, I still needed to do more research.

In the news, you would see women who die on the surgery table because they go to some back alley doctor or someone who's not certified. And let's not forget in recent news that some 18 year old kid claim to be a doctor. FOH! I REFUSE to lose my life because of some phony doctor! I need to make sure that they are Board Certified! So, I had to do my homework on Dr. Alvarez to make sure that he has the what I need to choose him.

On his website, he claims to be certified. You can't believe what someone's website says when it comes to that. I can make a website stating that I'm a certified surgeon and we all know that that definitely isn't true! More searching was needed to be done. At first, I couldn't find proof of his certification on any website ANYWHERE! I would type his name and it wouldn't even show up! I was getting so upset because it felt like I knew he was too good to be true! The next day, I continued my search because I REFUSED to give up this doctor!

LOW AND BEHOLD I FOUND IT! Here is a screenshot of his name stating that he is a certified surgeon among many others!

LADIES!..... I FOUND THE ONE!! Up next: Consultation!

Sorry about he spacy dates on my post! I've been...

Sorry about he spacy dates on my post! I've been caught up with school and have been working my ass off to get some ass (HA!).

Last time I posted something I then followed up with a email consultation. No more than 24 hours I got a email from a woman named, Lena. The sincerity in the email about what she can help me with blew me away (I'm a sucker for outstanding customer service). With my follow up email, I asked her SO MANY questions it was ridiculous! I just wanted to be prepared. Once I finally realized that I sent her a crap ton of questions and how the office was just a 15 minute walk from my place, I then realized that it might be better to just walk in for an appointment. I asked Lena if that was ok with her. Didn't hear anything back...

HOWEVER! The next morning, I get a call. It was from Lena! As soon as we introduced each other, she quickly gave me the lowdown on all of the questions that I have asked. She explained everything thoroughly, but breezed right through my answers! Talk about efficiency!

I love how Lena just cut out the middle man and called me instead of scheduling an appointment. Knowing me, I would have to reschedule it multiple times... lol. But I was somewhat upset that I wasn't given the option to either go in for an appointment or get her to call me. I feel like an idiot for being so butt hurt about that... but all in all I really do appreciate that!

Next stop: losing weight and saving money (AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!)

The doctor & I... IT'S A DATE!

Since the last time that I have posted on here, I state how I was going to lose some weight and how I was working to save money. Since then, I have lost 15 lbs. and still going, Working 3 jobs, AND still going to school. SOMEBODY BETTER WIFE ME UP! I'm killing it! I figured since my credit sucked big time, that I was going to pay out of pocket. Once I planned out my payment strategy, I finally mustered up to call and see Dr. Alvarez to make an appointment. I planned it two weeks ahead so that way I can have the money upfront to pay the down payment. Little did I know, The appointment would be between the gap of my two jobs.

When I got there, I was greeted right at the door by the woman who you talk to on the phone. She is SO FRIENDLY! I am a sucker for things like that! I sat down and wrote out my information for her. I got there a little before my appointment in hopes that I would be seen early, so that way I can go to my jobs on time. Not the case. The doctor did come in 20 min. late. Usually, I'm cool with it, but when it comes to me working, I don't play that. But I chose to sit there and sure enough the doctor came in.

The whole experience was very quick, but efficient, friendly, and very patient with me if I had any questions. The doctor rushed in and apologized for the wait, no worries. He asked me what I wanted done and asked me to strip down to my bra and underwear and left before I did to get privacy. As I was getting dressed, I can hear him talk to another patient. Felt kinda about his appointment toppling up, but he'll be alright. Quick side note: He was very surprised when he found out that I was a 24 year old who doesn't drink or smoke. I thought that was funny. When he spoke to me, he was very upfront and realistic, but yet hopeful. Told me that by law that he can only remove 4 liters of fat, and that my body/skin made me a perfect candidate for the surgery. I then told him my date that I would like the sx (March 10th, because I have a 3 week vacation from school). He told me that he would be on vacation at that time for his birthday. The next best date was on March 3rd, I'll miss the last week of the school quarter. Oh well, I'll take it. He asked me patiently if I had anymore questions, I told him no (due to reading the lovely people in here's reviews), he shook my hand and he was off!

I gave them $500 (Suppose to be $450) to lock in my date and I had to sign a few paperwork. I was given instructions, asked if I bad any questions to feel free to call, and I was OFF to my next job! Besides the wait time, It was pretty neat! March 3rd CAN NOT come soon enough!

Now, time to lose some more weight, by my supplies, and take some photos for you lovely people! See you later!

Supplies, supplies, supplies!

As I was looking to find out what was the total was for the supplies I needed, I realized that it would save more money If I got my supply kit from Dr. Miami's website. If I were to buy it from him instead of Amazon, then I would save about $100. But $100 is $100, and saving is everything to me!

Is there anything that I need that Dr. Miami doesn't supply in his supply kit? Also, how often do i need a massage and until when? Any recommended places/ people in Miami? And can I get a medical paid leave of absence from my job?

If anyone knows out there, that would be awesome!


Current Body

This is what I look like so far... Hopefully I can lose a little more weight before the due date... I want my rolls gone, tummy flat, and a little more projection in the back. Is that too much to ask for?


This is what I am PRAYING for! Can this be possible for me?

Current weight

Just an update post: I am currently at 175 lbs! 10 more to go in my goal!


EVERYTHING IS PAID AND I AM READY! I paid for the rest of the fee for the surgery and I am ready to go! One more month! I am excited but scared at the same time! All of my supplies are paid for (Except for the massages)! If anyone is out there reading my posts, wish me luck!

Booty Buddies Are Not Short People Friendly! :-P

I got my Dr. Miami Booty Buddy. Because I was super exited about it, I decided to try it out! Everything feels so nice sitting on it... But my feet can't touch the ground... UGH! lol. Being 5'3' isn't as fun as it seems to be sometimes. The struggle...

Less than a month left!

FMLA Approved!

I got my FMLA approved! THANK GOD! I have been seeing a lot of people discourage others saying that they will not get their's approved. Don't listen to them. You NEVER know until you try! GET YOU APPROVED TIME OFF FROM WORK!! If anyone has any question, please, don't hesitate to ask!


Over two weeks ago, I did all of my testings. From my PCO, I am good to go, but I haven't heard from my coordinator... I have been calling almost everyday since then to find out what's going on. Now I have 3 days left for my surgery and I don't even know what time I have it, nor what I should do the night before! UGH! Is this normal?! This is freaking me out because I like to hear what I need to do WAY ahead of time! For, you know, PREPARATION! Please, someone out there that have gone through this, give me a peace of mind.

Last Minute Thoughts

A good rule of thumb: KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS!! EVERY SINGLE ONE! Due to Lena leaving, some how all of my payments went "missing". Thank God I read that it happened to someone else before and prepared for this. Don't get played out of your money ladies! That's why there are a such thing as receipts and bank statements!

Alsomake sure you go to your prep appointment 30 minutes beforehand. There are A LOT of paperwork to fill out.

FILL OUT YOUR PRESCRIPTION ASAP! CVS does not sell Percocet, so you would have to get them at Walgreens or something. With my insurance, everything came out to $30. Not bad.

Meal prep! If you know that you are going to be out of commission and vulnerable to eating bad stuff, meal prepping is the way to go!. I just meal prepped 3 different styles of meals (Along with fruit) so I should be good until I am able to get up and walk around.

Pack your stuff to go TO the doctors office ahead of time! So, that way you don't forget about anything.

And I think that's it for now! T-Minus 5 hours until my awesome transformation! Wish me luck!


I made to Booty University at Bootyville, USA! Lol. The operation wasn't as bad as I thought. I was honestly afraid that I wasn't going to make it or I was going to wake up in the middle of it. But nope the operation felt quick!

I loved the bedside manner from Dr. Alvarez and is crew. I have a dirty, sick sense of humor (and it comes out a lot when I get nervous) and the whole team was able to roll with the punches when it came to my jokes.

The pain isn't that bad to where I am crying. It feels like i have been heavily working out and now I have the sores from that afterwards. But trust me, it still hurts! If any of you ladies feel that you might accidentally sleep on you side, you won't. There's too much pain on your sides.

Buy chux! And a lot! You will bleed through them quickly! I got mind from CVS in the adult diaper area.

I think that's all that I have for today! Any questions, please feel free to ask! I'm here to help!

Get Up and Move

Doesn't matter whether you are getting up to go pee or heading to the fridge, start walking. I am 2 days out of my surgery and I can (kinda) clean my kitchen. The pain is still there, but you make sure you take your medication and keep going. It doesn't seem like it's working, but small steps (literally) can lead you to quicker success.

Photos with faja

I promise that I will get more in depth with my photos, but the massage lady told me that I can't use my phone while in the most of a session. But here are some photos that I've done at home.

Post Op Pics

Promised booty pics! Excuse my room, I have been living like a hermit crab.

I Hate This Faja!

For now, this is the only faja that I can wear right now, and let me tell you... IT REEKS! I CAN NOT stand the smell of blood anymore! It's driving me nuts! For those of you that are wondering, yes, I do take it off to wash it. You also might be asking, then what's the problem? The problem is, THEY HAVE TO BE HANDWASHED! A person being at their weakest point hand washing a heavy clothing apparel has got to be the most saddest thing to encounter or the most sickest idea to make a healing person do! UGH! I'm over it.

Another Female Died In Surgery

Another female died in Miami during cosmetic surgery. That's crazy... Make SURE you all do your research on potential doctors. Article says that it was a doctor from Spectrum Aesthetic. Please, be careful out there ladies.

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