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So after reading so many great reviews, viewing...

So after reading so many great reviews, viewing pictures and researching the top surgeons I chose Dr. Alvarez to sculpt me and make me look good all over again. My date is set for Sept 27th which is only 12 days away and I'm super EXCITED & Nervous.. Anyone here have had same doctor and what was your experience and overall results?
Would love to here back from my RS sisters:)

12 HRS Prior to Surgery with Dr. Alvarez

Surgery is sx for tomorrow and I can't settle in. I'm super nervous, scared, anxious, and on overload with mix feelings. Today, I went to Spectrum hoping to speak with Dr. Alvarez but he was not available. I thought I was going to receive a call this morning informing me of my sx time but nothing so I called in and decided to drive over. When I arrived at Spectrum I was shocked to find the building it was located in and the facility itself. I figure with all the surgeries that are done in this place it would look higher end. Nope, it looks like any other doctor's office with 2 waiting rooms and the surgery center behind the reception desk area.
I walked to the front desk and informed the gal that I was a patient of Dr. Alvarez and needed to know what the next step in the process was. She then asked me if I had a balance with Spectrum and when I said Yes, she asked that I wait to pay before she can continue her instructions. I thought this was weird and felt uneasy. As I was waiting in the waiting area near the tablets on a desk I noticed a sign informing future patients that the doctors at Spectrum DO NOT carry MALPRACTICE insurance. Wait a minute RED FLAG in my mind. Nobody informed me that this facility and the doctors do not carry this type of insurance. I thought that all doctors have to carry it but according to Florida law they do not. Ughhh, first of all I didn't go to the DR or Columbia for this very exact reason. If I wouldn't have known this very crucial information I would have done my surgery here in California as I have done before.

At this point I am 12 hours exactly away from my surgery and have already paid. Not to mention that my prescription was not ready for pick up today. The gal at the front desk said Dr. Alvarez had not signed the RX. So now my friend has to do some running around tomorrow morning while I'm in surgery. Oh! Btw, looks like I am the 3rd maybe 4th surgery in line . I'm connected with some dolls on IG and she called me this evening to tell me that she will have surgery at 6:30 and her friend right after at 8:30 and me at 11:00..SMH what's wrong with this picture? I was told this procedure takes 3-4 hrs...

Sorry for the long rant ladies...I just hope it all goes well tomorrow for me. I am left with a bad taste in my mouth about how things flow here in Miami with these high demand surgeons. I wish I would have been able to speak with my doctor prior to surgery.

I'll post after pics when I am able to get up and move around I hope!!!

Day of Surgery

Was able to speak with Dr. Alvarez and although I came prepared to ask a million questions I got stuck. My nerves took over me and I felt like I didn't get a chance to say much. I'm marked up and although I'm sad that there might be a chance that he won't be able to take a whole lot of fat out because I've had lipo in the past and getting theiug5scarring and fibrous tissue is difficult. He said he would try his very best but like any doctor they can't guarantee you 100% results and if they do RUN..

Finally Home recovering

I'm so sorry ladies for not updating as I go. My phone broke 3 days post op and had to wait until I returned to Cali. First, let me start by saying how awful of an experience I had at Spectrum Aesthetics. I will not recommend this place to anyone I know nor will I go back for my BA. Secondly, my doctor Dr. Alvarez was amazing and caring. He truly is what other dolls say about him. I'm still very sore and tired and as the days goby I'll post more picturesand my journey to healing..xoxoxoxo

3 weeks post op

I'm 3 weeks post op and still have swelling. I'm starting to sleep a little better at night but there are times were my sides are killing me with pain and I need to take a pain killer. I'll need more massages I'm sure of..
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