I'm DYING to Have a BBL. Miami Beach, FL

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Hi all, I'm new to the community & I'm in...

Hi all,
I'm new to the community & I'm in desperate need of a BBL. I'm 20 years old, 5'4 & I weigh about 147-148 lbs. I'm currently living in a suburb of Detroit and I've been searching for a local doctor. I've recently been considering going to see Dr. Michelle Hardaway in Farmington Hills, MI to perform my BBL. I have a consultation next Friday with her to discuss everything & anxious ain't the word! Can anybody give me some more leads? I'm also wondering am I big enough to have the procedure done? And my last concern is the payment. Has anybody had any experience with Care Credit? Thanks in advance to anyone who responds!

21 Yr Old, No Kids. Never Had an Ass!

It's official, I'll be an Alvarez Doll 2016! I set my date for surgery yesterday with my surgical coordinator Lizbeth. Despite the mixed reviews I read about Spectrum Aesthetics, I haven't had any issues with them. Lizbeth always answers for me and if I leave a voicemail she calls right back. Who's to say things will stay this way but I'm hopeful that it will!

42 days away from being a Ghurani Doll!!!

About 2 months I changed my doctor to Dr Rami Ghurani at Spectrum. I was originally booked with Alvarez but after a lot of research, I wasn't WOW'd by his work & I was informed that Dr Alvarez doesn't really perform BBL's on smaller women. I called my coordinator Lizbeth to inquire about Dr Ghurani & she informed me that he was the best choice for me because he works on smaller built girls and he could give me the maximum amount of booty that I want lol. I'm 42 days away & all I can think about & talk about is ASS ASS ASS! I feel like 42 days away is so far but I guess it beats the 100+ days away I was when I first decided to get surgery. Since I first started my journey back in June, I've gained about 10 lbs due to birth control. Ugh, I hate it so much! The only thing that keeps me from being sad about my weight gain is the fact that it's all being transferred into my butt next month & the guy I'm dating makes me feel like I'm the finest bitch in the world. He's literally so supportive, I couldn't ask for a better bae. He likes my little booty now but he's excited for the new one. He'll walk up to me and grab my butt & say "ahh my baby is gonna have a new ass soon". Every time he says that I literally melt, lol. I'm so excited for surgery, just so he can rub all on my new booty.

I'm currently 5'4 & 156 lbs, ugh :( I haven't taken any measurements yet but I plan to closer to my surgery.

Any other Ghurani Dolls out there having surgery on or around October 27th? I'm definitely looking for an Sx buddy because I will be traveling alone, due to my mother being able to take off work. Let me know, I'm looking for you! :)

I forgot to add...

I forgot to add that I'll be staying at the Assistance for Life recovery house from 10/26 thru 11/1. Karla runs the house and she is AMAZING! Every time I text or call her with questions, she gives an immediate response & is always so friendly. I'm paying $720 for my stay at this recovery house. Anyone staying here between these dates? Let me know! :)

My ultimate wish pic!

She's a Ghurani doll & I absolutely love her body! It's not too big but it's not small either. Praying Dr Ghurani can give me this look!!!

What a 10 lb weight gain looks like :(

I debated on whether or not to post this because I've been so uncomfortable with my body the last month or so due to my large weight gain from my birth control. I guess the only reason I feel comfortable posting is because I know I won't have to deal with this much longer!

More wish pics.

Considering adding hips, although I somewhat have some. But more booty wish pics!


My SX supplies are finally coming in. Booty buddy, P EZ women urinal, bromelain pills for bruising and swelling, vitamin C to make sure I'm in tip top health, iron to keep my hemoglobin at 13.5 like I've been at, arnica tablets & I have received 5 of the 6 dresses I ordered for Miami, a cute sleep tshirt & a sexy silk robe so I can send a few pics to my man before I get back home ;)

Medical clearance and labs!

I got my labs drawn last Friday and back today. I work for an OBGYN office so I had one of my doctors review them and they're all good! Hemoglobin is 13.0 & I'm not pregnant so WOOHOO!!! Yesterday I went to my pcp for my medical clearance & EKG. Those results were normal as well. She was so excited for me. She told me to come back and show her when I got back from Miami, lol. I love her she's so cute :) She hadn't gotten a copy of my labs yet so she sent my ekg results to Evelyn (ghurani's medical assistant, I think) and stated as long as my labs came back normal I was all cleared for surgery!! Now I'm just waiting to hear back from Evelyn with my official clearance from spectrum. Once I'm officially cleared, everything will really start to feel real.

Attached is a photo of me currently. Like I've stated previously, I've had an increase in weight due to that damn Nuvaring (birth control). It makes me really really self conscious and some days I cry about it because I really do hate my body. The guy I'm dating makes me feel really at ease about it though. He's always telling me how I look good & that he loves my little booty. I hate the weight I've gained in my stomach the most and I hate when he hugs me or holds me from that back because i think my stomach is gross but he always tells me to be quiet and keeps hugging me anyways, rubbing on my fat ass stomach lol. That's my baby ?? I'm just so ready for Dr Ghurani to give me a kickstart to gaining my confidence back.

Officially CLEARED!!!

Welp, shit just got really real. It's official, I'm all cleared for surgery!

My time is almost here ????

At this point I'm sick of looking on real self at others results and stuff. I'm just ready for me to go! My homegirl had hers done the other day & her ass looks so good. The recovery process is hard she says, especially Day 1. I'm getting a little scared but not scared enough to back out. I'm sick of feeling down about myself since the weight gain. Because I've been feeling so "blah" about myself, my insecureness has been at an all time high & I've been acting way out of character; so bad to the point where the guy I've been dating is fed up with it and doesn't know if he wants to continue on. That really put a damper on things for me ???? As silly as this is about to sound, one of the reason I'll be sad if he stops messing with me, is because I wanted him to experience the new booty lmao. SERIOUSLY! He already really liked my flat booty, lol grabbing it and rubbing it all the time. So I was excited for him to get to do that to the new one. But oh well, all I can do is sit back and hope that my insecurities hasn't pushed a man I've grown to truly care for away.

Attached is some photos from last night night. In the past when I wore bandage dresses like this, it didn't look so bad because I didn't have a stomach....but I didn't have ass either. Since I've gained weight, the shit doesn't fit the same and I look like spongebob fat ass ???? Just square, uneven and uncomfortable.

Oops, here are the pics.

Dr Ghurani please SNATCH my waist and bless this booty!

It's finally here!

Scheduled for my surgery with Dr Ghurani tomorrow at 7am. Christy, his assistant, instructed me to stop eating and drinking after 10pm. I had my pre op visit today at Spectrum. I paid my balance, signed paper work, took before pics & talked with Dr Ghurani's nurse Angela. I didn't meet the Dr today because he doesn't work on Wednesdays, but I wasn't upset. I have to be up and ready by 6:15am tomorrow so I'm going to bed. I'll try and post one more update tomorrow before surgery, if not...wish me luck dolls!

I know I'm late!

Still very very very swollen, but I know you guys have been waiting for pics. So here you go! lol I'm currently very pleased with my results.

Officially can't fit into size small jogging pants anymore :(

Swelling is going down!

This recovery process is an emotional rollercoaster ladies, so please prepare yourself. One day, you'll love you butt. The next you think it looks weird or small. It's all in our heads though! For me personally, It's still very very very new & I know my Butt will go thru a lot of changes over these next 4-6 weeks.

2 Weeks Post Op

Officially 2 weeks op as of today. My swelling in my booty has gone down and I'm loving the way it looks. Especially these hips. Yesterday I went out and only had my garment on & boy am I paying for the price of that today. I swelled up like a damn ballon & I've been extremely swollen, stiff and in slight pain all day. I managed to take a selfie though after my shower. So attached I have a side by side pic of 1 day post op and 14 days post op so you girls can see the progress.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Switched to Dr Rami Ghurani.

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