Round 2BBL ..Dr Fisher, or Dr Salzhauer ?????

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Here it goes (Deep breath)....I am ready to begin...

Here it goes (Deep breath)....I am ready to begin this journey. This is something that I have thought long and hard about. This is something that I have shed tears and laughed about. I am ready to make the change of a lifetime. All my life I have never felt comfortable with my booty (or lack there of) lol. I wouldnt say that I am completely flat, but it would be nice to get alittle help in that area. So I decided to do something about it. I began to reseach night AND DAY, which has lead me to this wonderful place. With So many other beautiful women just like me, who share my same insecuries from all diffrent walks of life. And I can honestly say that I have gained courage from all the couragous women who have shared their personal stories for the world to see. They can face judgement, and redicule, and that is a very brave thing to do.

So hear I am... A newly joined member and so my story begins, and I am so excited. I am also nervous ASs HELL, but I am looking forward to whats instore for me, and I am ready to embrace the opsticles that I may face. So ladies I have SOOOOO many questions about the BBL sugery and the recovery, and the pills and what foods to aviod. lol im confused about garments and floopy pills and all types of sh*t ( excuse my french), and if anyone can help and give suggestions...I would deeply appreciate it.

So today I met with Dr. Perry. Very nice man. He seems a bitt nervous lol but I like him. He knows his stuff. And my momma (who is a real jamaican tradtional woman lol) had questions flying every where. Lol My moms is a R.N. so she knows her stuff aswell. Well anyway he answered all of her questions and he also taugh her alittle something something too. And I was happy about that :) then we got into the other room where I had to undress and just to give you a visual of of how i look( im 5"11, 215 pound..little to no celulite, no children. skin tight and firm i am blessed :) ). Anyway, when he saw me, he imediately said that I have really really great skin. And with that fact, he said that my skin will react well to the surgery. he told me that i shoud lipo my sides,my stomach, my arms, my thighs, my back....then i said wait wait wait doc hold up!!! thats too much lol. i told him, ill do my thigh, my stomach, my sides and my butt, and we will leaveit at that. he really wanted my arms but i said hell no lol. i already read the reviews for arms, and i know that im gonna need all my arm strength to get me through the surgery. if anything, ill come back ( probably not lol). To conclude it all up, I told him that I want a fattttt bootttyyyyyy. I really emphasized the fat buttt part LOL. And he promised me that my results will be impressive. As for price$$$: he said that my surgery will be 7000$$$$. Not bad RIGHT :) so im content so far. Its honestly between him and Dr. Salama and so far...Dr. perry is winning :)

So thats where I will leave off tonight. Thanks for reading, and I hope you all will follow me on my journey. nighty nite my BBL sistas :)

Ok so today is december 2, and I cant stop...

ok so today is december 2, and I cant stop thinking and obesessing over this surgery lol. Im alittle frustrated though ..and ill tell you why. When I first met Dr. Perry, I was completely sold on him. Hes sweet, caring, and he knows his stuff; but at the same time im wondering if he can give me the huge booty and hips that I want. You see I cant really afford another touch up, im a college student and thats a priority in my life as is. I just want to make sure that my doctor can completely give me exactly what I want. And yes I already know, "NO DOCTOR IS PERFECT", but I want my moneys worth lol. I love Dr.Salama's results. Hips and alott of ass and you can't go wrong with that, Im just hopeing that Dr. Perry and give me the ass of my dreams in one shot. Maybe im just over thinking it, because he did promise me that my results would be "impressive". I dont know. Can any of the BBL ladies help put my mind at ease alittle lol I need a little reaurance and some honestly...Because im nervous as hell. Im also thinking about moving my surgery up to the summer time 2013 so I need to pick a doctor to put my mind at ease. Im just so confused right now. Any Dr.perry BBL patientS, can you give me some honest advice : /

Hey BBL divas! I hope everyone had a blessed...

Hey BBL divas! I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas. I haven't updated in a few weeks so I said why not today :) my college semester has ended and I came out with all A's!!! so I am very happy as far as that goes. Im still researching every day , hoping to educate myself more. I just want to be fully prepared for this surgery physically and emotionally. I read the reviews on this site daily and I CAnt stress enough how much ive learned from everyone. ...I am truly grateful for the story; both good and bad. So not much has changed since ive last posted. ...but I have started my workout plan. I've always cringed at the thought of working out...busting a sweat, or even sweating out my virgin weave that I payed a lot of money for. Lol so I decided to do a workout that is fun and sexy .. I decided to do pole dancing. Im doing the basic training now to build up the upper body strength in order to keep my big ass up on the pole lmfao.Im purchasing my x-pole next week for 330 $ and im really pumped up and excited. So wish me luck ladies, and if there are any women who have experienced pole dancing. ...and if you have any advice or tips for a beginner, please feel free to share. Ok ladies until next time :)

Hey ladies, Happy New Year!! Im back in school...

Hey ladies, Happy New Year!! Im back in school this semester and guess what im studying...Anatomy and physiology, and were are studing the lyphatic system which is so great because being that im doing this surgery, I need to know how that system works :). 11 months to go, and it feels like for ever. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I see all the beautiful ladies getting their bodies done, and im like "I WANT A BIG BOOTY TOO" LOL. All of Dr.Perry's patients are looking amazing, and I could'nt be happier. Going alittle off topic....I had a moment with myself a couple of days ago in my bathroom. I was naked and I was just looking at myself, and honestly lol I kinda liked what I saw. No its not the best body and its not the roundest ass but im thick as hell and I kinda understood why my boyfriend loves me just the way i am :) and that self-actualization is a wonder feeling. I honestly dont feel that i'm in the worst condition for this surgery to be a neccesity, but my reasoning for wanting to do this, is just to feel more sexy. I feel this procedure can change the outter me, and with that, I think it can change those little insecure voices in my head. Shit we all have them lol. I posted 3 new pictures of my body in the complete "A La Nude" lol, and thats big for me, being that I use to be so terribely insecure, so yay me Standing 5"11 and 230 POUNDS YESS IN DEED:) anyways its 2:18am and I have some studying to do on the lymphatic system :) so nitey nite BBL Divas...and oh yeah before I forget, im trying to come up with a list of items that I will need for this BBL: this includes clothes that I may need to, suppliments , to if anyone can be nice enough to write me a mini list or just inbox me, I would really appreciate it. Thanks lovleys :)

Hey bbl ladies :). Just thought I do alittle...

Hey bbl ladies :). Just thought I do alittle update. I havent started my diet yet. Ive been under alot of pressure with school so ive been eating bad unfortunately smh. But I joined the gym and I will be starting this upcoming monday. I have to do this for me and no one else. I know that it will be hard but I can get through this...if I can maintain a 4.0 gpa, then I believe I can do this as well. Mind over matter. Honestly ladies this upcoming surgery is one of the only things that makes me happy these days. To keep it real....I found out that my bff of 3years has been cheating on me. And I found this evidence in his phone and he still denies it smh. I know every one has their own personal reasons for doing this surgery, and honestly this is one of the few major events that is making look forward twards a new beginning.... mind, body, and spirit. Im going though the emotions but I know I can get through anything. I kinda lat myself go as far as gaining weight, and I focused of him; which was stupid of me to begin with. I guess that's why they call it falling, cause you fall for all the bulshit. But these are the growing pains of life I guess. But as far as the surgery, its 8 months away and im still #teamperry :). Anyway ladies, thats all for now. Oh yeah as far as weight, I am currently 238 ugh, but honestly I look like 200 cause im so damn tall lol. But still I have to lose 45pounds preferably. So thats all for now. Safe recovery to all the bbl ladies, ttyl

I added 2 new pics of my weight (238lb) as of now....

I added 2 new pics of my weight (238lb) as of now. I will post another pic of my weight loss progress in a month. Wish me luck ladies :)

Its Official!!! I got my date (JUNE 27,2014 ), and made my downpayment. I am so excited And Anxious! Now its real.soon to be Cor

WELL.... its been a while since I really updated. since the last time I updated, I lost 6 pounds, which isn't shit I know lol but I love food so its an accomplishment for me. But the crazy thing is that Lucy, Dr. Cortés assistant told me that I need to gain 10 pounds. like wtf lol. I am so confused about that. I am currently 234 pounds, and a couple of months ago I actually hit 242. I don't want to be huge going into surgery, but at the same time, I want to have more than enough fat for this procedure. Lucy told me that in order to get the desired look that I want ( Emily B body, omg she gives me life!!!!!!!), I need to have enough fat. I though 234 pounds was more than enough. Any Cortés or BBl vets, let me know what you guys think I should do as far as weight gain.
Other than that, I was told that I am an ideal candidate for this procedure. and I am happy about that. now its time for me to research hotels and car rental. if anyone knows of any reasonably priced hotels near Dr. Cortés office, please feel free to share. Ummm other then that, my life is the same. I am still going to school, and I am counting down the days :) I am a bit confused about garments. I don't know the difference between a faja or a verdette lol. I don't know when to use a squeem or a waist clincher. Lol its all confusing to me. But if someone can clarify, I would appreciate. Anyways that's all for now. I have a final to study for and I have more booties to look at lol. Im so obsessed I know. Anyways, bye divas :)

my wish pics

Last one :)


Hey cortes dolls. One of our sisters secretbeauty2014 is having her surgery today. Keep her in your prayers and send nothing but love and positive energy her way. Im so excited for her!! I will keep you in my prayers love. Congrats doll and ill see you on the other side

It's been a while, but I'm Back

Hey ladies,
It's been a while since I've updated but I haven't really been in absence. I am still a realself stalker lol and I have been happy to read all the journey's of those who have been gracious enough to share their stories. First let me say that I am 2 MONTHS Away From MY SX DATE!!!!! And I couldn't be anymore Excited/nervous/nauseated and every other emotion that I can not describe lol. I have wanted this for so long and time is passing by so quickly. Secondly, I am so grateful to have so many friendly women support me on my journey. I appreciate those who have Been nice enough to reach out, and check up on me, and in return I will always do the same :). On another note, I am super duper excited about something else that I have been struggling with my entire life. I have lost a total of 20 pounds, and I feel amazing. Now I will not advise any Cortes future patients to do the same as I did, nor do I advise any other person to take the same route I chose. I decided for myself to loose this weight because I want to be closer to my desired weight before surgery. I know there are possible consequences with my decision, and whatever be the case, I am totally fine with it. Anyway I have been on the HCG diet and it's been working wonders for me. I will post a before and after picture to show my results. And I can't only imagine how much better I will look after my sx.... Now as far as preparation, I have to be honest....I am very much a last minute person but I will not let that habit affect preparation for this surgery. As of now, I am looking into hotel, flight, and car rental. I would like to thank missthicknthoro for your help in advising me to look into expedia, I appreciate you :) . If anyone else knows of any offers please feel free to let me know. As far a supplies, I haven't started buying any, but I am not really rushing that. I still have a month to get certain things. Anyway, that is all I can think of for now. Until next time ladies...
Ps: Special shout out to all the upcoming future Cortes dolls, I can't wait to see everyone's results.

Hcg weight loss results

So this surgery is really going to happen? Lol

I have to be honest...I've have been going through so many emotions....I dont know what's going on with me. One min I am excited and happy. And then the next min I am doubting this decision. As each day passes, I never know which emotion I will feel next, and it's kinda exhaustive.
My mom and I are best friends and I know it sounds cliche but we are thick as thieves. Anyway we had a conversation yesterday, and she has the tendency to hold out information until she feels it's time to tell me. So you can only imagine how annoying it is for someone to tell you "I have something to tell you, but not now" lol. So she told me yesterday during a conversation that a older coworker of hers had a breast augmentation. And the breast augmentation was successful so she decided to get a tummy tuck. So she got the tummy tuck in NYC on the Friday....smh tragically on the Monday she passed away from a pulmonary embolism. I was floored and deeply saddened by this news, and it also scared the living shit out of me. Off coarse we want the perfect body, and we want to wear the fabulous clothes and feel sexy in them. But when the thought of potentially losing a life comes into's kind of hard to fathom. My point in sharing this story is not to scare anyone, my point is to show my realization of this reality. And honestly I am 100% dedicated to my decision. I feel in my heart that I choose the right doctor for me, and I can only leave the rest in my creators hands. My mom was scared and that unfortunate tragedy showed her the reality on my decision to have plastic surgery. We talked about, and we are both comfortable with the possibilities. And the best part is that I have my mom as my best friend , and her support is the only reason I can go through with this.
Ok, I think that's enough gloomy stuff lol (I like to keep my page positive and bubbly). On a positive note, I booked my hotel and it's so niceeeeeeeeeeeeee. And I did spend some "Coins" on this hotel! But I want my recovery to be a luxurious recovery, and hell I want to be comfortable, shit why not go all out lol. I will be staying in Houston being that my procedure will be done in Houston, and according to google, it's about 25 mins away from the hospital and doctor Cortes's office. So now I will be booking flights next, And ordering my supplies from eBay and Amazon. Omg I'm so excited, like this is really starting to feel so surreal. Btw, I've dropped some more pounds...I initially was 243 smh and now I am 218!!!! And I plan to stop at probably 200 to 210.
Anyway Divas that's all for now. I give my love to all the future bbl divas going into surgery in the near future. And a special shout out to my fabulous Soon to be Cortes divas TenK (my tall twin) and the fabulous missthicknthoro.
I will update soon when I've have something to share...TTLY

Preparing for this surgery

Hello Divas!
I wrote a whole update review but the shit somehow got deleted ...ugh I hate when that happens lol.
Anyway there isn't much to update. I have been losing a substantial amount of weight, but I think it's time for me to stop. I am currently 210 pounds. So in total I've lost 33 pounds. Above I will post before and after pictures, and please excuse my Afro down below lol. The hcg diet is the only diet regimen that has worked and I am overjoyed, but I still do need fat for this surgery, and I would hate to compromise my own results. semester is almost over, so now I can focus entirely in this surgery. I have brought all of my vitamins so far from Walmart (vitamins A, B, B12, D, C, Calcium,folic acid, iron, lysine,arnica). And in about 2 weeks I will start buying my essential post op supplies from Amazon. Well that is all for now.
I want to big up my tall twin TenK. She and I have been prepping together for this surgery. She has been so supportive and such a blessing. I'm grateful that we clicked so well.
I also want to shout out the fabulous missthicknthoro. I look forward to us linking up diva.
And lastly, I want to send love to all the ladies that have an up and coming Sx. I wish you all good luck, and I hope you get the bodies that you have always dreamed of.
TTYL Divas!

My weight loss before and after photos

Sweet Lord Jesus take the wheel

I baked a lousinanna cake for my sister birthday, and boy ohhh boy it was so good. I had a tiny tiny piece And I'm trying not to mess up on this diet. Smh anyway lol, I brought a couple of things from amazon, and I'll post them when I get them. Anyways...later divas!! And happy Sunday

I've been a bad bad bad girl...... Lol

So because I was so adamant about loosing weight lol (yes I'm was born in September and I'm a Virgo and therefore I'm hard headed because my boo TenK told me not to loose weight lol ) doctor Cortes reached out to me this past weekend after TenK had her consultation. TenK was nice enough to show a recent picture of me during her own consultation ( which is like the most unselfish sweetest thing ever!). He was very displeased that lost so much weight, and he's right. I was wrong. I just was tired of being big (in my head) but I guess it's a sacrifice that everyone must make and I am not the exception.
I will say this: I am very impressed that he cared so much. I mean some doctors will not reach out or care enough to let you know, you know . But he reached out to me twice and I had the lovely pleasure of speaking to the infamous (big booty Diva!!) Ms. Mariel! First of all, I came for her with like a million questions, and she took her time to answer allllllllllllllllllllllllllllll of them, and she was a sweetheart! Now I'm not the type to hype up anyone, but she really spent like 30 mins on the phone with me, and it was past their closing time. Mariel if you are reading this, I appreciate you, and I look forward to meeting you.

So here is an updated picture of me. I am now 205 (and probably 300 pounds after eating this KFC ughhh) pounds. That is 40 pounds in 7 weeks :) . I stopped taking the Hcg drops since almost 2 weeks ago and I am currently still loosing weight (I am so happy about that once again in my head lol). But I was told to gain 10 to 15 pounds so I'm cool with that. Mariel even told me that I have a good foundation (A shape) so I feel pretty decent about my future results...... I am so scared and excited aT the same time!
I ordered my items from amazon, and they will be here in a week, and when they arrive, I will post pictures of the supplies. Anyway ladies, I'm about to stuff this KFC down my throat lol. Nite nite divas!!!
Ps: I am loving all the support and love that all the future dolls are showing one another. I'm so glad we have this outlet to come too. I mean we all over analyze over this surgery and ourselves, and now we have a safe place to display our concerns. And we have other women just like us all over the world sharing our same thoughts and emotions. And even better, we have the opportunity to make good friends and connect. It's a beautiful thing!. Anyways, until next time :)

All the tall women, feel free to comment

I am interested in purchasing a garment online, but Im a little hesitant. I am concerned that it will not fit appropriately due to my height. Being that I'm 5'11, its hard enough trying to find clothes that fit lol. If any tall divas can lend some advice as far as garments, it will truly be appreciated. Thanks ladies :)

Items that I ordered for surgery

Hey divas!
So as promised, I have a couple of pictures of the things I brought online. I haven't completely finished shopping, but I'm getting there. I still have to order my heating pad, directors chair, face down pillow, body pillow, massager, maxi dresses, Birkenstock shoes, and some toiletries. Here is mY list of items
Band aids
Medical tape
Alcohol pads
Bed pads
Bed chuxx pads
Baby wipes
Q tips
Tooth paste
Tooth brush
Maxi dresses
Seamless Tank tops for garment
Extra large panties
Adult depends
Open pajamas
Compression surgical socks
Knee pads
Sweat pants
Large pads no wings
Gold bond powder
Benedryl pills
Benedryl cream
Baby lotion
Iron liquid supplement
Blood builder pills
Vitamin c pills
Bromalin pills
Make me heal pills
A and D vitamins
Folic acid pills
Squeem vest
2 extra large pillows
Leacho body pillow
Cotton balls
Antibacterial soap
Poster pillow
Arnica cream
Sleep aid
Hand sanitizer
Neosporin ointment
Bacitracin ointment
Vitamin b12
Compression garment
Knee high socks
Lipo foam
Hot and cold pack
Female urinal
Face down pillow
Throat lounges for anesthesia
Medisol adhesive remover
Ab board
Percocet pills
Nivea q10 firming lotion
Heating pad, large
Calendula tea
Clorox wipes
Medical tape

I spoke to Lucy today, and she showed cortes my photos, and he said that I look fine, but I should gain about 5 to 8 pounds, so that is currently in progress ughhh lol
This weekend I will be driving to Miami to buy a Colombian garment . I want to actually try on the garment in person so I can see what works and what doesn't work for my height :). That is all for now. I still have a lot of preparing to do, but everything Is falling together as it should :).
Ladies that have up and coming surgery, good luck with preparing. And remember to eat nutrient dense foods that will help with "Healthy" weight gain and after surgery repair... and this definitely includes me, because I have had issues with diet all of my life.
And to the ladies who have already had their surgery...thanks for sharing and caring enough to tell us your stories. We appreciate you, and I can't stress that enough. Happy healing and have a speedy recovery. And a personal thank you and shout out to rayrai for sharing your story diva. I look forward to seeing your fabulous new body!
Anyway ladies, I send you all best wishes and happy preparation! And I will update again once I have brought my garment from Miami. TTYL Divas!!!!

My own food guideline for future patients.

Hi divas!!
I'm back, again lol
I had a conversation with my twin TenK. And she had this wonderful/ brilliant idea that Cortes should give his future patients a guideline of what foods to eat and what foods to stay away from. So I had a light bulb go off in my head and I thought that I would share some knowledge on food. I am not a dietian, but I am a nursing student and I have been doing a lot of reading. I don't know if that gives me an official right to guide anyone, but it's helpful information and I would like to share it. Everyone is different so use at your own discretion. I just would like to put it out there, and hopefully I can help someone. Anyway here is a list that I put together. It's not perfect but it gives some substantial information on foods that are nutrient dense and beneficial towards recovery.mi hope this helps divas!

Dark chocolate
Benefits:There are multiple studies in humans showing that dark chocolate has powerful health benefits… including improved blood flow, a lower blood pressure, reduced oxidized LDL(cholesterol) and improved brain function

It has magnesium, copper, manganese, fiber, and iron.

Peanut butter
Benefits: boost immunity, and it's good for muscle recovery, and building bones. It also has potassium which is good for counteracting high sodium.

Benefits: helps to sustain blood sugar, helps build strong bones, helps with muscle aches and cramps, helps with the production of vitamin b6 which helps to produce white blood cells. It also lowers blood pressure, and lowers anemia because of the iron in the banana. It also reduces swelling, and can lower body temperature due to fever.

Potatoes( baked not fried, deep fried destroys it's chemistry therefore destroying it's benefits)
Benefits: has high concentrations of B-6 which aids in protein synthesis( amino acid build up) and heme which is the protein in our blood. It also supports healthy digestion and bowel regulation, and also lowers blood pressure.

Benefits: reduces LDL cholesterol and increase HDL( good cholesterol), protects from free radicals, helps lower blood pressure. They contain minerals like manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, fluoride and selenium. Try to eat mostly cashews, pistachio, and almonds. For more fat content eat macadamian nuts and pecans.

Foods to eat that help in recovery:

Fortified cereals, leaf greens especially kale, spinach, broccoli, lettuce. Whole grains and fruits. Salmon, flax seeds and walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids have the ability to reduce inflammation.
Eggs( especially egg whites).

Chicken, nuts and seeds help with amino acid synthesis with help the body to recover better.

Chicken, oysters, nuts and seeds also contain zinc which promotes growth and healing of the injured tissue. Zinc will also help keep your immune system strong, much like vitamin A, which will protect you from other infections or viruses.

Eat foods that have an abundance of fiber. Fiber helps the digestive system and relieves constipation which is common after surgery. Try to stay away from processed foods because they help cause constipation.

Eat foods that are vitamin c rich. It aids in wound healing and connective tissue repair. Incorporate a variety of vitamin C-rich foods, such as red bell peppers, citrus fruits and juices, berries, kiwi, mangos, papaya, cantaloupe, leafy greens, broccoli, brussels sprouts, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and baked potatoes.

Beets and beet tops, dandelion greens, parsley, Argula, mustard greens, carrots and tops, and fresh lemon juice are wonderful to support liver function. Supporting your liver is extremely important as it will help you to purify your blood. The liver will help to remove toxic residue from anesthesia and other medications.

Water, water and more water!!
The American Cancer Society recommends eight glasses of water every day after surgery in addition to regular meals and snacks. According to the Hospital for Special surgery, proper hydration is essential for healing and even more fluid may be necessary depending on the type of medication an individual is prescribed and the extent of the illness or injury.

I hope this helps. Happy preparing divas!!!

Garments, garments and more garments! Lol

Hey divas!
So I'm back again with some Info for all the ladies going through with this surgery. As you all can see, I love to share information, so as soon as I know, you all will know too :)

I took a little trip to the 305 (Miami) yesterday and it was quite an experience. I called so many stores ahead of time just so I can be sure that they had all the faja brands available. From Samantha, to ann chery, down to salome. These stores carry most of these known brands but they also carry no name brands and will try to sell it to you for double the price. Being the research junkie that I am, I knew this before hand, so thank goodness I knew what to expect. **********And just for precaution, ladies please be careful when you are trying on garments in the fitting rooms. I was trying on a garment at the store, and this guy was standing infront of the fitting room with his girl friend. Mind you, the fitting room is coved by a curtain, and not by a door! So this guy locked eyes with me through the corner of the curtain. That was so fucking uncomfortable! And I was highly pissed off! So please ladies, just know that there are real perverts out there, and he was with his girl smfh disgusting!

So I basically brought In total 3 garments and an ab board. The first store I went to in the 305 is "Mundo de fajas". I brought a full body faja that reaches to the knees and it offers enough support if someone was having inner thigh lipo. It's tight and I felt secure in it but I didn't feel like passing out, which I think is a good thing lol. I wanted to also buy a thong girdle but they wouldn't allow me to try it on due to hygienic reasons which i understood, but it was kinda annoying because I wanted to really see how a thong girdle would fit my tall stature. So because of that I only purchased the ab board from their store which cost me about 20$, and the faja. So in total I spent 110$ in their store. They also sold lipo foam, but they were ridicules with their prices for foam. They sold 1 piece of foam for 15$, like really?! Naw I'm good, I can get it from amazon for 7.50 a piece. Anyway moving on.......

The next store I went into was Catherine's. Catherine's has every brand under the sun in their store. It's a very small store and the two older Spanish gentlemen that own the store are so very helpful and funny ass hell. It was a little hard to ask them what I wanted specifically because they knew only a little English but thankfully I took a Spanish coarse in high school lol. Anyway I asked for a salome vest in a 4x, and he told me no! lol and I said I need 4x because they run small. And persisted to tell me no!.So then I said ok, give me a 3x. And he said no again. So at this point I was getting annoyed but it was so funny and adorable that I just couldn't get mad at him lol. So then he finally hands me a 3x, and I went to try it on. So I went to the fitting room, and I took out the garment from the bag...and it was a 2x lmfao. That man switched the 3x that I asked for, for a 2x. Smh so I tried it on, and it was hardddddddddddddddddddddddd to get one. I mean, I was sweating! Jesus take the wheel! So when I finally got the salome vest on, hunnties my waist was SNATCHED FOR THE GODS! Like it took some work to get it on, but I got it up. And that man who switched my garment, knew exactly what he was doing and why. So I am so grateful to him lol I also purchased a salome thong girdle.

So my conclusion is this ladies:
1) if you can find a garment store in your area, GO!!!!!! Please go because if I would have purchased my salome online, i would have brought the wrong size and I would have wasted Time and money shipping back and forth. But ladies, if you don't have a garment store available to you in your town, then online shopping it is.

2) be careful of these nasty perverts in these little shops please! Most of them don't have doors in the fitting rooms so please be mindful of that.

3) in my opinion, salome is one of the best brands to purchase. That material is durable, and the shit will snatch your waist in crazy! But they do run extra small, and the 2x is barely breathable, so please be mindful for that.

4) And for all my tall divas, There are garments that work for us! And all you have to do is search, go out there and try them on if you can. The brand salome works for tall women. The salome vest works for tall women, and the thong girdles works as well. But with the thong girdle, it is kinda tight in the thong area. I mean I've never been the thong wearing type, but it's up there in the ass so just be weary of that lol

Anyway divas, that's it for this update. I'll come back when I have something else important to say lol.

Good lucky to you ladies with up and coming surgeries.
And happy healing to the ladies who have crossed to the other side. And a special congrats to justme2013. You look fabulous Hun! And thank you for giving such a detailed review.
Until next time ladies...TTYL :)
And above are all the pictures of me trying on the garments

My sister TenK

First off, let me start by saying that this website has allowed me to meet some many different women. Some are sweet, some are sour, and some are just plain old bat shit crazy lol. But it's been a blessing getting to know my sister from another mister mrs.TenK!!!! She and I have been talking every single day since we exchanged numbers here on real-self. And she is the sweetest bishhhhhh I know lol!!!! she's honest, caring and genuine and I am so glad that her day is today. Therefore on my page, i will celebrate her surgery today as if it were my own.

TenK, I pray that the creator watches over you in the operating room. I pray that the creator guides Doctor cortes into giving you a safe and a BOOTYFULL procedure. I pray that you wake up well rested and ready for the journey that is ahead of you. And I pray that the creator helps you in times of difficulty during recovery. I wish you a safe procedure, and I ask the universe to grant you your well deserved wish body. Girl I am here for you and when ever you need me, I am 7 digits away with an open heart and open ears. And even though I can not physically be there with you, I will be there in spirit.
God made us friends, and our hearts have made us sisters
Luv u girl!!!!

I'm the last diva for the month of June

Ohhh it's getting too real!!! I have 11 days left until my sx and my anxiety is on 100!!!!!! I kinda like that I'm the last girl, to go, being that I had some extra time to prepare, and I hope my results bomb :) Thank God I have TenK to help my nerves because this whole experience is something different lol. I've never had a serious surgery in life so this is extremely scary for me. But I am still optimistic. As of now, I went from 203 pounds to 215, ughh. Lol but I have to do it for my future booty. Anyway, not else to update. Hotel is booked, flights are in check, and my pre op date is set. And for some reason, I still feel completely unprepared!!! Guess it's just nervous... Hope doctor cortes can prescribe some Xanax for my crazy ass lol. Anyway dolls I will update again once I land in Houston and have my pre op. Above, is a recent picture of me in my faja and salome vest.
I am also going back to miami to buy another garment just in case I need another one. TTYL divas!!!!!!

Mini update

Hey Divas!!!!
My turn is up next!!! I'm so freaking nervous, it's crazy!!!!!!!. Nothing much to update with. I brought some maxi dresses from forever 21 and h&m. I also brought some tight seamless tank tops to place underneath my garment. I also brought brought some hair to make a U- part wig( I use to be a hairdresser, my side hustle). I also brought a another garment lol. I know I am spending a lot on garments but I want to make sure I have enough options. Being tall is difficult enough, but trying to find a garment that fits a tall girl like is very annoying.
Today I got a phone call from Houston northwest hospital, and they went over some details on my medical history, at that moment, I knew shit was getting too real!!!! Ughh lol. I also received text messages from the office, and I remember see real ladies on this site mentioning it. And that was another reminder of reality for me . Anyway there's nothing else to update.
Thank you ladies for taking the time to read my blog, and share this experience with me. I truly appreciate you kind words and well wishes!.
Congrats to all the divas who made it to the other side, and also to those in recovery.
Anyway until next time, TTYL.
And above is a picture of me in my new garment. I also tried on 2 dress with the garment.

Today is my day divas!!!

Not much to update. I am very nervous, and excited. I had my pre op with cortes and right now I am having my pre op with the hospital. I was running behind schedule so I couldn't do it yesterday. But anyway, pray for me divas. I love you all, and I will see you on the big booty side

im here waiting to go in

Im so scared ughhh. Wish me luck guys

I just woke up

Hey divas! Im ok. A little bit of pain but nothing unbearable yet. Thanks for all your support. Will update more at another time. Bye divas

quick update divas

I cant say much, im in a little bit of pain, but nothing I cant take. I will say this. ..on my right butt, there is this pain that shoots down from my right booty cheek all the way down to thw back of my knee. Im pretty sure that its normal, but its a fucked up feeling lol. Ughhh and the anesthesia is wearing of, or maybe it already had, but it was hell earlier today. I def gotta stay on top of pain pills. Anyway divas, thank you so much for your get well wishes. I finally crossed lver and it feels so damn good. I will update if the are any changes. Love you all

Sleep, pee,eat, and walk walk walk!!!

Ladies, I now understand why so many women complained about this surgery. It is not for the faint of heart. I dont have any regrets doing this, but if have my moments hen I say to my self why girl why lol. I hate the first garment the doctor puts us in. It's loose on my legs, which is cause my thighs to swell. And today I woke up in so much pain. Smh it was hard. I will give a better update once I find the time, and on the pain subsides alittle.
Lata divas!!

What a day!!!!!!!

All I can't say is fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Sorry, I had to get that one out. Divas! This surgery is not to be taken lightly. I had a break down moment today, and i always asked" why do women cry after surgery and what not" all I can say is nowwwwwwwwwww I know why. I finally understand why it's so hard to take pics after surgery too lmfao. I can't give a real surgical update yet, but it's coming soon. I had my first bowel movement today, and it was the worst shit of my life! But I still dont regret anything. I just feel bad that the responsibility falls on my mom and sister. Here are some pictures, I know important these are. Anyway ladies the talwin is kicking in and I feel like I'm about to pass out. Will update later

Post op care with dieanna

Ok so I am four days post op, and these past couple of days have been interesting. Once again this surgery is hard, but
not the actual surgery itself, it's the recovery. Now if someone were to ask me if I would do it all over again today.... Hell yes. Would I have said that last night?! Hell no lol. It's been 4 days and I am so in love with myself. I am so obsessed with my body that I am able to identify every inch that has changed since the day of surgery. I have never been so into myself like this before, and I have to thank doctor Cortes for changing me, and my perception. All my life I was uncomfortable with my height and weight, and full lips and big DD breasts. But now, I embrace this new woman that is looking back at me in the mirror. This procedure is life changing, and it is a good change.
So In my opinion , Doctor Cortes is the best surgeon when it comes to BBl's, and my results are 100% mine. I will not lie to my realself family nor will I hide anything about this procedure and I will not sugarcoat my experiences. It is what it is. Pictures don't do me any justice. As a matter of fact, my booty and hips look much bigger in person. So if you like my results then I will sincerely appreciate it, and if you don't, then everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I have been through hell and back, but you ladies have been an amazing support system for me. And I love you all.
Now I had my post op visit today with Janaris and dieanna. And those 2 are angels, I swear. Divas!!! They put my 5"11, 220 pound ass in a LARGE garment! They changed my gauze and took out my drain, praise The Lord!!!!They were so sweet during this whole process, I swear I love them lol.I am compressed to the max. But I feel so good in it.
I take on every symptom from this surgery day by day, and I try my best not to let it overwhelm me. I drink so much water and I walk so much. My booty has gotten bigger and my hips have spread out more!!!! I don't know what to do with all these curves!!!! I am the shit, and I can finally admit for the first time in my life!!! Ladies, I want you all to have the same feeling of self-actualization . And I want you all to feel as beautiful as I do now.
I included some recent pics. Ladies if you have any question, I will happily answer them.
As of now, I have minimal pain, a lot of soreness, and the itching has begun smfh.
Anyway ladies, I'm out.
Ttyl Divas!!!!

Mini update

Hey divas!!!!

I just got back from my post op with the infamous Doctor Cortes! I love that man!!!! Lol Janaris changed my gauze and took out my stitches, and ouch it hurt alittle lol. But she is so pleasant, I didn't even notice the pain that much. I am completely happy with Cortes and his staff. They made me feel 100 percent safe and comfortable, and I am over the moon and hills inlove!! He answered all my questions but most importantly, he was honest with me. I give him a "10 out of 10"!!!!! And no one else can tell me different.
Anyway, I forgot to mention the numbers. I'm not really into ccs and measurements because I do not need something else to obsess over but I got 500 in each hip, and 1200 in each booty cheek!!!! Yassssssssssssssssssssss lol
Anyway, I'm getting ready for my flight home later on, so thanks for reading my blog ladies, and good luck to you all.
I will update if there's anything significant to say.
I'm out, TTYL divas!!!

More photos for my Divas!!!!

My fabulous mother took some shots and I wanted to share. Since I can't take photos well right now. Enjoy divas!!! Go team Cortes!!!!

My flight back home

Hey ladies!!!
I hope everyone is doing well. As I said before, I will come back and update if something significant happened, and ladies!!!! A lot has happened to me in the past 24 hours. First let me start by saying this: I would like to think of myself as a rational person(in my head). When something bad happens, I am usually capable of keeping it together. But ladies..... I wasn't expecting the breakdown that I had yesterday.
After leaving the hotel and arriving to the airport, I had it In my mind that I could overcome the "horrible plane ride" that I have read so much about on Realself. I flew with southwest, and I am so grateful that I chose that company. Ladies when planing a flight, if you can, choose to fly southwest. South west does not assign seats, so it's basically a first come first serve thing. Not only that, when I showed my letter from doctor Cortes about my surgery, I was the first to be allowed on the plane. It was like VIP DIVA SERVICE! Lol no lie!!. And not only that, the flight attendant allowed me to use the whole back row even though it was a full flight, which was a blessing for me. Ok, so the plane ride was 3 hours, and it wasn't bad at all. I alternated between sitting on my thighs with my leachco pillow. I also kneeled over the chair, and being that I had the last seat, I didn't have to lean over anyone. So the plane ride was dope, and I thought to myself.....ok yasssssssssss bishhhhhhhhhh I conquered the "horrible plane ride"!!!!! Honey, I was feeling so proud of myself, and I was walking up and down like nothing happened. I was so fucking happy (please excuse my French but we grown lol) being 7 days post op, with minimal swelling and bruising....I thought OHH SHIT, I GOT THIS! When I got home, I was walking around being cute with my new booty lol and talking to my family. I even had a pretend photo shoot with myself , that's just how good I was feeling.
So after taking some photos in my maxi dress, I noticed I was feeling a little bit heavy, which is normal....nothing out of the ordinary. But for some reason, my attention got directed straight down to my feet. Omg, I could not differentiate my ankles from my knees!!! It was horrible. So (foolishly) I started to panic. So I wrapped my knees and ankles with an ace bandage. But then it got worst!!!!! My heart started beating really really fast and hard. Like i heard my pulse my head, and that's when I began to freak out. Next I became dizzy, and nausous .
So guess what my dumb ass decides to do in a state of panic??? I took my garment off. Smh. Things got really really bad then. Omg. All of the bruising came back, and more!!!!! It was as if it was spreading. My skin became red and inflamed!!!!!!. Lmfao that was the worst thing I could have possible done. And I still don't know why I did that after, I decided to call the office and I spoke to Mariel. She told me to never take off the garment, especially during the first week. She also told me to wear my compression stockings and to elevate my legs. So I proceeded to put the garment back on.....
This is when i officially broke down:
Putting the second garment on given to you by doctor Cortes is hard as is, especially when you are sore and your skin feels raw. But when you are swollen x100!!!!! Omg it's like being given the death penalty by garment !!!!!!. Ladies, it was so painful and excruciating, and I swear on everything I love, last night was the worst pain I've ever felt during this procedure. I cried and sobbed like a baby, and my mother was not helping at. She gets frustrated and starts screaming, this is too much for her, and she can't do this any more...what????Really??? I'm sorry, did you have surgery, or did I ??? So I had to tell her about herself real quick. I was crying and arguing at the same damn time lol(I'm so dramatic lol) I told her how I been feeling inside. how mean I thought she had been to me, especially during this. I didn't just need someone to take care of me, I could have paid a nurse to do that....what I really needed was my mom to be there and comfort me, not yell and catch attitudes smh. Its crazy how our caretakers can act as if this surgery is minor, but it's not. And I know deep down inside that my mom is a little jealous of me because of this surgery, and she even admitted it. And it's human nature, shit if be mad too. But don't take that shit out on me, especially during my recovery....
anyway ladies, this all could have been avoided if I would have laid my happy ass down on my stomach, and rest rest rest. But no, I was feeling myself, and I though I was a video model...taking pictures and shit, feeling myself. I guess I deserved that lmfao I need to be more humble, especially since I'm only 7 days post op. So that lesson was learned and I won't be doing that again. Lol
I want to thank all the ladies for giving me such great feed back. You guys really have no idea how much better I feel when I come on realself. You all are my outlet, when my family doesn't understand me or anyone else. No one can understand what this is like unless you go through it. And I can't say thank you! thank you! thank you enough!!!!
Good luck to all the ladies going into surgery in the future, and congrats to all the dolls that made it through.
I am sorry if I take long to answer questions or respond, but I promise I will. I'm just trying to adjust.
Well ladies, that is all for now. And I will be back if I have anything significant to tell.
Later divas!!! I'm out TTYL :)
Ps: here are the pics from my dumb ass photo shoot with myself lol

Officially 1 month post!!!!!

Hey divas!!!
As I always say, I will be back when I have something significant to say and I do lol. Sheshhhh this recovery is full of ups and downs and turns and twists. I have been through so many emotions. I done cried over my asshole of an ex, lmfao I done got frustrated with my body for not healing fast enough. But throughout it all, I would do it all over again in a heart beat...abso-fucking-loutely!! Lol
Honestly ladies, I do not have the body that I once had coming out of surgery. My body was crazy!!! And I kinda got use to it, so once the swelling went down, I initially felt robed and depressed. But the way my body is now!! Omg, I am so slim and curvy and natural looking. Before it looked very over the top and kinda extreme, which I thought I wanted initially...but the body I have now is slim, and sexy and thick in all the right places. My booty is huge, and I'm a tall girl so just imagine how fat it took to get to this size lol. I am now in a medium garment(fucking insane!!!!) lol. My waist is so tiny and it's getting smaller!!!! I haven't measured anything as of yet. And I use foam, ab board and I stuff my self almost everyday. I have not started exercising as of yet, but i take short walks. I do not lay on my back or my sides. I also do not sit at all. I want to wait until at least the 2 month mark.
Ok divas, so you know by now that I'm blunt and so I have no shame in telling you ladies that I kinda had sex with a friend of mine lol I've been celibate for a year ever since my ex and I broke up and I was feeling alittle I decided I needed me some D lmfao. Anyway, He was on top of me and I was laying on my stomach (I call it the superman position), it was too much pressure for my tasty cakes!!! and soon as he pushed, I had to stop him lmfao. No, no, no. So I guess I will have to wait a little while longer , but I'm in no rush :). Maybe it wasn't meant to be. Who knows lol
Overall though, I am so inlove with myself and the new me. I feel sexy and liberated every day. I am so happy everyday. Ladies, if you are having any doubts About this surgery, don't. My fears were wayyyyyy worst than the outcome. I have zero regrets.
I have minimal swelling, no seroma or any pockets of fluid. I itch from time to time, but nothing crazy. I have some lumps under my skin and I still haven't gotten a massage but I do self massaging. As for pain, my sides are sore, and I have back pain from laying on my back all the time. Ughh that's the one thing that's really annoying and irritating. Being limited to laying on your stomach all the time is ughhhhhhhhh frustrating.
I know that once I am done healing, I will look even better, and honestly, I am considering a touch up after the 6 month waiting period. I would like alittle more hips and booty so that's in the next year for sure!!!. That's all for now divas, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Good luck to all the up and coming dolls having their sx, and shout out to all the divas that has crossed over. It wasn't easy, but we did it!!! I love you all. Muahssss

One more

9 weeks post op!

Hey divas!!
I know it's been a while since I last checked in, but life has it's demands. I'm back in school and I've been focusing on healing. I will make this short and sweet :)
I currently weigh 205 pounds, and I want to get down to like 180-190. My measurements are as follows: my hips range between 50 inches to 491/2 inches, and my waist is holding a strong 30-31 inches. I want my waist to go down to a 28-29 :). I haven't worked out at all but I will start after the Labor Day weekend. My eating habits are regular. I eat a mixture of fast food and cooked home food, but that's about to change as well. Ummm still no massages done, but I self massage everyday and I lie on a heating pad for about 3 hours everyday. The numbing feeling in my thighs are going away. My stomach has little lumps here and there but it's getting better everyday. I still have fat in some areas like my upper back and boob fat, but I will work that off. We can expect our surgeons to suck out everything lol!!! Ummmm I have no pain, but here and there I get these zingers( I call them that, but like shocking pains) in my lipo areas but it's cool. I haven't started my scar treatment but I need to ASAP because I don't like the spots but they honestly are not that bad. You will see in the pics above and you can judge for yourself. Ummmm I still haven't say down yet, and I am scared to lol but sometimes I roll on my back because I am so tired of laying on my stomach ughh. But I'm 3 weeks away from the sitting point thank God!!! I still haven't gone out yet, but my birthday is coming up in September so I will def be going out then lol.
Now what I am about to say is my honest to God opinion about my doctor. I have been honest and truthful thus far, and this journey has not been easy at all. Some days I feel like my booty is flat and then some days I feel like a bad bishhhh lol. But from the heart, I love what doctor Cortes has done for me. I'm not getting payed to say so, although that would be nice lmfao. This man has changed my body In a way I never thought possible. He has sculpted me and I have a beautiful waist and booty and hips. Now I do have areas that I want to fix, for ex: my booty was asymmetrical before surgery so it's asymmetrical after. I want to fix that. I also want more hips. I have more booty than hips, and although some women would prefer that ratio, I think hips is the most sexy thing in the world so I want to get more. And once again it's my preference, some may agree or disagree. And that's fine but these are thing I want to fix in the next coming year. I plan on having a retouch next summer, but just to the targeted areas I mentioned before. But going all the way to Texas is hard for me, so I'm thinking about a local doctor in Miami. I love doctor fisers work, so I gotta see if it's more affordable to go to him. But my first choice will be doctor Cortes of coarse. Ummmmm anything else.....please feel free to ask questions. I'm sorry if I didn't answer anyone prior to this review, it's nothing personal. I've really been tied up. And good luck to all the divas that crossed over and to all the up coming divas....I wish you nothing but big booties :)
I love you all and thank you to riding with me this long. I am so happy I choose my doctor, and if I had to do it all over again, I would do it every time with the same man I choose.... Ttyl my Divas!!!!

A quick update

Hello my divas!!!
Here Are some photos I took of my body without the garment this weekend. Now being that I didn't exercise and ate a ton of bad food (omg NYC has the best food),I did gain like 10 pounds ughhhh. But all hope is not lost lol. It's the first week of my birthday month and I vow to get this body together divas, and I have to preserve my investment right!!! Also, Miami carnival is right around the corner and I am determined to get my body in the best shape ever!!!! I want to tone some target areas such as my arms, back, and stomach. I really want abs and I have about 5 weeks until carnival season, so let's get it!!! Anyway...wish me luck ladies....muahssss
And ps: If any post-op divas has some advice on working out and toning after surgery....please help a sista out....thanks Divas!!

Target areas

Target areas

My quick update

Ohh man. I have completely abandoned the ship of Realself lol. I swear it's non intentional divas! I've just been so busy with healing and getting my life in order. And like I said in my previous post, I am preparing definitely for round 2. I will be paying cash straight out of pocket once again so this will be the final time I do this procedure.

After much thought, have decided to go with doctor Fisher of Miami vanity. I spoke with Jessica, who is the patient coordinator. She is very straight forward, non bulshiter (which I prefer). She didn't sell me this fantasy, she was very honest and straightforward. I was quoted 5,000 (Jesus take the wheel!!!!). Which is half of what I payed Cortes, so either's not a bad...but damn like again?? Lol. Anyway, I haven't made a down payment as of yet but I will within the month of October. As for the procedure, I plan on having my full abdomin,full back, and side boob lipoed, and I will have fat injected into the hips and booty. I always loved doctor fisher's work, and I am happy that he is my final decision. I already showed my pictures to fisher, and Jessica assured me that my problematic areas will be addressed.... Now let's get down to the reason why I want a round 2 and my problematic areas....

I will be completely honest with my opinions, and how I feel is how I feel. Straight, with no chaser.
I will say that doctor Cortes has completely changed the proportions of my body. I am now confident to go outside and wear the things I never would dream of wearing (bodycon dresses, fitted, fitted, fitted lmfao). I think he is a talent doctor, and he has changed the lives of women. But with everything comes something. And when I say that I mean, there are some things that need to be fixed. As I stated before, my booty is not symmetrical, and as a matter of fact, it is now more obvious. I am a bit disappointed with that. I am self conscious about people noticing the asymmetry. I have also loss a lot of my booty and hips but I still have some. I completely understand that everyone reabsorbs fat differently, and this is why I am going for round 2. I lost a lot of my hips. Now remember that weight and measurements are different depending on height. Out of surgery I was 57, but it didn't look at such because of my stature. Now I am struggling to hold on to 49 inches. And hips was the primary thing I wanted. And once again, it could just be my body. So next round we shall see how it goes. Another thing I am kinda unhappy about is the scarring. I have a lot of discoloration and spots. Now I grew up being clumsy and falling constantly....shit I'm almost 6ft lol but it took years to get rid of the scars and now I feel like it's a set back. So I have to use bleaching cream religiously. That is upsetting, I can't even front....but once again, I knew this was a possibility going in so I will have to swallow it. Otherwise, I am still happy with my choice, it just needs some tweaking.
I still have big arms and upper abdominal fat, so round 2 will take care of that...and I haven't really worked out honestly but I will start that next week once I join the gym.
Wish me luck for round 2 and like always, I will document my journey and be as honest as possible. Thank you to all the ladies who took the time out to read my blog...even when I wasn't here. I will answer everything this week. And please feel free to ask me anything.
***** I will say that I've been getting a lot more attention, so ladies be mentally prepared for it lol. I kinda been hiding since I got the surgery so I didn't really get it everyday....but when I did go out....lord it was uncomfortable lol.
Ladies until next time....kisses :)

Additional photos

So ...... like I told everyone before, most of my shape is gone, but I'm looking forward to my round two. Hey I can't even get down about it. It is what it is.

Mini update

Hey divas!!!
I wrote a whole review for the past hour and the shit got deleted twice so I'm over it lol. I'll give a detailed update sometime next week after my finals lol. But I miss you all, and if you have any questions, or comments just leave them below. I'm still doing round 2 with Doctor fisher. Yayyy!!! Lol I haven't made my downpayment yet but I will next week. I plan on having the surgery, the second week of June. I'm so excited lol

As far as my body goes, I have a lot of uneven areas in my stomach. Some part are flat and some are puffy. I honestly don't know why, but I'm going to get it fixed. I have a lot of scarring which I am unhappy about, but what can you comes with the territory. And as I stated before, my booty is not symmetrical and I am very self conscious about it. And I don't wear jeans because of it. So I'm going to fix everything, once and for all, this June.

I have gained 10 pounds due to all my holiday gorging lmfao and as soon as Christmas is over, I will be on my HCG diet again. I haven't worked out at all and honestly, it's because I'm scared to lose my booty. And although it's an irrational reason not to do so, I have lost so much as is, and I'm scared to lose more. My waist fluctuates between 32-34 inches. And my booty is bet 48-49. My dream is to have a 28-30 inch waist and 50-54 inch hips. So I'm not too far off from my dream body. Anyway, ladies I have some studying to do and I will bid you all goodnight.

But I want to say one last thing. To all the ladies, no matter what doctor you chose....if you have had a traumatic experience with surgery or a botched procedure, I truly am sorry for it. Whether it's burns or hyper pigmentation or just a bad job done. I know how it feels. And I know how it's feels to be alone and isolated, especially when everyone tells you it's not that bad, or nothing is wrong. I've been there. So I want to personally tell each and every single one of you that I shared your pain and I am sorry it had to happen that way for all of us. I pray that we all get the body of their dreams and I hope we all heal not only physically, but mentally as well. Love always

Mini update

Considering round 2 with Dr salzhauer, opinions? Feedback please

Hey Divas!!! It's been so long. I've been wrapped up in school and what not, but I still come on real self as often as I can. Omg. So much to little time lol. I've gained weight, lost weight...and I'm back to gaining again lol. I decided to do a round 2 as I stated before...but I decided to give my body a year to heal. So I will be doing round 2 around the same time next year. May-June. I'm tied between Doctor Fisher and Dr Salzhauer. I call the office for some information earlier, and the receptionist was very short, and kinda rude. That way an instant turn off smh. Like do they not understand that we are spending money? Shit left a bad taste in my mouth. But I was given a quote of 7,000.
Ladies what are your opinions on this doctor. Is he consistent? Any post op ladies that went to Dr Miami please let me know how it was having surgery with him.
As far as my body goes. I am 65% happy. Still have lumps and bumps on my stomach, along with folds. And I have a lot of dimples and potholes in my ass smh. But like I said before, it's a what can you do or there than fix it....
Anyway that's it for now. Any questions just let me know, and I will def answer.

Updated photos

Updated photos

my Surgery update with New plastic surgeon

Hey BBL sisters,

I wasn't going to update on my review until after I saw Dr Miami for my post op appointment..but due to recent events, I will no longer procrastinate to voice my after care treatment .

I will speak only of the incident that happened tonight, and as for my opinion on the Dr himself, I will leave that until later on this week...

You may be wondering "Why doesn't she say what she has to say"? And thats completely logical, and understandable. But, I strongly believe that, Doctors are slandered because of the emotional aspect of this surgery. And I want to be the difference, AND I chose to be 100% fair.

The truth is... women from all over the world come to real self looking for opinions on these highly celebritized doctors based off their post op patients. And although some reviews are false, there are reviews that are factual, and the facts are the facts! We "the unknown" non celebrity-based patients provide the platform for these doctors to be recognized and seen! And the average woman should be treated in the same respects and regard as the celebrity patients. And unfortunately, I am one of those cases who was not held to this standard.

This evening I had a terrible accident after my bbl, and accidents after surgery is no bueno! My drain attachment got caught on a bath drawer, and was yanked out mostly all the way. There was blood everywhere! I was so frightened! I panicked, I cried, I was in agony! So I calmed down, looked at my wrist, and remember The Doctors words "Call that number anytime of day for any emergency" so in my mind, this seemed like an emergency. Now this wasn't my first time calling this hotline number. I called it before, and sometimes I would receive a phone call back, but I was mostly answered VIA text message. This is a problem for me! I do not want an emergency text line, I want to physically speak to a people who knows what they are doing. But In this situation, I called with high hopes of resolution. I received no answer again! I called again, no answer!
1 hours and 10 mins later I receive a text responding " Yes, what is it regarding"?
Now at this point, I am super pissed off, but more so disappointed. Wouldn't a moral person with a conscience call back?
I responded
"I was told this is Dr Miami's surgical hotline. I was told I can contact this number at any time if I needed help. I asked for a phone call because I had an accident earlier, and I have asked for a phone call...and I have not received a phone call"
She responded " Hello, we called and had no answer"
So at this point I sent her a screen shot of my call log so she can see that I haven't received anything from her besides the text message sent 1 hour and 10 mins later. KEEP IN MIND, I AM STILL IN AGONIZING PAIN AND STILL BLEEDING FROM THIS SITE THAT WAS RIPPED!

She then sends me back a screen shot of the "same text message" that was 1 hour and 10mins late. so I ask her "Why are you sending me a picture of the message that is an hour an 10 mins late"?.
She then says "A text reply hun to show you we did text"...

Once again, I asked for a phone call and I told her it was an emergency, why is she still trying to prove something that we are not even discussing?
So my final text message to her was this " Miss, I have been asking for help this entire weekend, and all I've asked for was a phone call instead of a text message, and we are still texting now"

At that moment she finally calls me. And upon answering the phone, she had the nastiest attitude I have ever heard from a qualified nurse in my life! I couldn't even get a word in without her talking over me! I said to her respectfully, and I couldn't even scream , and could barley talk because of anesthesia effects. She said and I quote " Look do you want me to help you or not because I didn't call you to argue with you and I'm not doing this with you" At that moment I lost it, and I started crying and breaking down. I had no one to help me, but this woman on the phone, and she treatment me so meanly, so rudely. I was In shock! I started crying... telling her that I'm not trying to argue, but I'm in pain, can you please just help me, but I just gave up and gave the phone to my mom. And I closed my door, and cried myself to sleep.

I could not believe that a licensed nurse that a high profile Doctor hired... could treat me as if I did something totally wrong. And I didn't want to pass any judgment on this mans practice. Believe me, as there is a God in heaven, I tried my best to be so fair. But this is the worst I have ever been treated. And I am so hurt and disappointed. And I wish I never have to go back to this place of business, but unfortunately I have to remove these drains. I regret ever going to this office, and I regret saving and spending my hard earned money of $8,000 for this procedure. No one should ever be treated like this. And I see the OBVIOUS truth... I can not speak for anyone else, but I do know that he doesn't not care about me being his patient. I was nothing but a paycheck... and I was a part of an automotive chain line of women going in and out.
I am deeply hurt, but as hurt as I am...I would never advise anyone to not go where their heart desires. But if you decide to go here, please be carful, and make sure you don't have to depend on them for after care. I am in tears writing this because I worked so hard, and saved so hard, and lost all this weight for this. I have been on their waiting list for 2 years. I researched for countless hours. I've seen other girls complained about his after care...but I did not listen because I honestly thought they were trying to bring him down because of his success.
My previous Dr, Cortez and his staff never ever made me feel this way. And even after surgery he called me to make sure I got home safe and so did his staff. I never received a phone call nor a text message from Dr Miami's staff unless I texted them first. The only contact they made with me was to send over a medical assistant to bathe me and take pictures; and that was the day after surgery. I haven't heard from them, haven't gotten an email ever since.

My eyes are swollen from crying so I'm going to go...but ladies please carefully choose your Surgeons. And listen to other patients please, because they might just be telling the truth...

Signing out

Houston Plastic Surgeon

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