34 Years Old Mom of Three BBL and Replacing 550 Cc Saline with 750 Cc Silicone - Miami Beach, FL

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Sooo...Ive been a total lurker for ever and I just...

Sooo...Ive been a total lurker for ever and I just decided to make a profile 7 days before my surgery. I'm freaking out! I'm having a BBL and breast implant replacement done. I had saline implants put in 9 years ago and theyre somewhat deflating rippling and even causing some serious discomfort. I have saline 550 MP cc currently and will be replaced with silicone HP 750cc! I chose Dr. Alvarez at Imagenes and I'm extremely comfortable with him as my Dr. he is so easy going and takes his time. I think he does excellent work from what Iv'e seen however I wish there were more before and after pics out there. I have heard bad reviews of Imagenes coordinators, mine is Mercedes and she has been wonderful! Always gets right back to me and answers all my questions. I feel totally at ease with Dr Alvarez he is a perfectionist which I greatly appreciate lol. I have a concern as I had a umbilical hernia repair (mesh) after one of my sons was born and I'm concerned about lipo in this area. I asked Dr Alvarez and he said it makes the risk of infection go up. This somewhat freaks me out I am already going to have a difficult recovery. Cant lay down sit or lay on front! lol I can't possibly imagine getting a complication. My fiancé is super supportive he is not only going to have to care for our 3 children all by himself while I recover but he built me a BBL bed out of a massage table. He calls is the butt hole bed haha its just a bed with a hole for my butt. I'm scared, nervous excited all at once. I absolutely hate surgery I hate going under anesthesia and I can deal with the pain after as long as there's no complications I'm good. I appreciate everyones before/after pics and experiences as it helps tremendously. I haven't posted pics as I have a lot of tattoo work and it would be difficult to cover but I will figure that out after surgery I will post. I know there are a lot of Dolls getting surgery with Alvarez soon and they want updates. I'm 5'4 normally 125 lbs and Iv'e been frantically trying to gain weight as Alvarez told me to get the junk in the trunk I want I don't have enough fat. sad face. So I'm up to 133 and cramming donuts like crazy hahaha. Anyways...Has anyone out there had lipo around a hernia mesh? I would love to hear from someone who has...


Not sure why it says I'm at Alvarez private practice. I'm seeing him at imagenes. It won't let me change it...

wish pics

So Alvarez said my biggest problem is I have little fat. I'm 5'4 and normally 125 I gained 8 lbs for this surgery.

before shots as promised

So I have a ton of tattoos so this is the only way I can post my pics sorry ladies. In just not confortable with being recognized on the web. So I put my garment on before surgery. I want hips and a big butt and my chest to have more projection. When I feel better I'll post after pics in my garment also. Alvarez did a wonderful job taking care of me and so did the anesthesiologist I trusted both of them. My boobs look great I haven't taken my garment off but my butt looks humongous. I know the garment makes it look bigger than it really is and a lot of it is swelling so I'm not getting my hopes up yet. After surgery I asked the nurse how many cc's he did and she said 500 per cheek I almost cried I was expecting so much more but I have to be reasonable because I know there wasn't a lot of fat to work with. It looks like way more than 500 cc's. I will post after pics today. The pain is real ladies. Its tough. I'm bleeding like crazy in the front to the point I kinda freaked out but they said its normal. I've had 3 c sections and this is much worse. But I hope that my butt is not all swelling and I end up with nice results.

post op pics

Ok so here are some pics as promised. I will only post pics with my garment on to cover my tattoos as stated earlier. I don't think the pictures portray how big my butt and hips actually are. I know most of this is swelling as he only placed 500 cc in each cheek. But I'm hoping a lot if it sticks around and my waist gets tiny. My waist especially in the front is extremely swollen. My boobs are almost the same as my old implants just slightly bigger better shape and feel and look more natural. My old ones were getting unbearably uncomfortable these are great. I have severe bruising and sorry for the pic in the front but I hadn't washed my garment yet. I finally got to take a shower today after my follow up and wash my garment. I hate feeling dirty it was so nice to take a shower. The nurse had to cut my garment off of me because my butt is too big and kept telling me I was so brave and so strong as most people do not get breast implants lipo with bbl all at once. She almost couldn't believe it did it until she looked and saw the scars. Lol


So since surgery the swelling has gone down a lot and I'm able to get around better. The butt is still looking good not nearly as big as it was but honestly it was a little too big right out of surgery lol. So I hope it doesn't go down a lot more and I'll be super happy with that. So the problem is my left breast has a weird shape. It literally looks square on the bottom. The right one is perfect. I went to see Alvarez about it and he looked really surprised and thought the implant had flipped. He then mashed my boob around to the point I was almost in tears. He apologized the whole time and I know he needed to do that to see if it was flipped it not I guess. But he determined it wasn't flipped and that the wierd shape is do to thinning tissue. I agree my tissue has thinned out over the years in that side due to a slightly sagging implant however it doesn't explain the square shape. He told me wait a couple weeks and see what happens :( I looked online and other plastic surgeons have said that with this issue to make a sort of sling to hold the implant up so it heals correctly and this can fix the problem. I am very unhappy with how the left side looks and it didn't look that way before with my old implants. If it doesn't get better I will need to go back to show him and see what he thinks.

Please disreguard last post!!

Ok so I got ahold of Mercedes all is great she had lost her phone and changed her # She has been very helpful in getting this issue resolved. I jumped to conclusions that I was being avoided and I shouldn't have.


So after seeing Dr. Alvarez a couple more times he agrees that my left implant has a serious problem. I call it my spongebob square boob. I'm so sad I have to go back in I was terrified of having surgery to begin with but I can't stand how this is now. He said I need to wait a few months to do the revision. The butt is still looking good waaayyyyy smaller than it was but still great. I'm praying the rest stays. Waist is going down its still a lumpy and hard and uncomfortable but I can deal with it. My measurements are now 40 28 42 i dont know what they were before I'm so mad I didn't measure! But I know they were a lot different. Hope all you other dolls that recently had surgery are recovering well!!
Doral Plastic Surgeon

So far so good I'm seeing Sergio alvarez at imagenes not his private practice for some reason it says I am going there. I'm super nervous about my surgery and Sergio has this calming effect. He's very confident but so down to earth. He's so friendly and really takes his time answering all questions no matter how dumb the question may seem. I feel like I'm in excellent hands and so far I'm very satisfied with him as my surgeon.

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