Awesome Rhinoplasty Experience (35 Year Old Male)

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Miami, FL - A little bit of a background, and then...

Miami, FL - A little bit of a background, and then I will tell you about my incredible experience. I am a 35 year old man, who has lived a lifetime with a horribly huge nose. My whole life it has plagued me, made self-conscious, etc., and a few months ago I decided that I had had enough. I began searching for plastic surgeons online, and narrowed my list down to about a half dozen.

From those half dozen, I looked at the following criteria:

1 - What type of experience do they have? In other words, did they just get out of their residency, or have they been practicing for a while?
2 - Where did they go to medical school?
3 - Do they do any work as medical school professors at any of the local medical schools?
4 - Are they board certified?
5 - How many times (if any) have they been sued (info such as this is usually available on your State's medical license search website)

Of the half dozen that I liked, I used the criteria mentioned above to narrow down my choices. The doctor that I eventually settled on: 1) had been practicing for 20+ years; 2) Went to a top med school; 3) Was a professor at one of the local medical schools; 4) Was double board certified (ENT and Plastic Surgeon).

The others that I looked didn't come anywhere near that criteria.

So I made an appointment to meet with this doctor. Upon arrival, I noticed that the office was very nice, but not overly "showy." I realize I live in South Florida, and I'm sure there is a MAJOR "bling" factor to how the doctors down here operate. But his office was nice and professional.

The staff was awesome. I met with the office manager first, and she was a wealth of knowledge. Then the doctor came in, explained what he thought was realistic in my situation, and took some pictures. Oh, I forgot to mention - the consultation was free (I know a lot of plastic surgeons charge for consults).

A week or so later he sent me some digitally altered photos, to show what I would look like, realistically, after the surgery. I loved the pics, but took a few weeks to think about it before committing.

After thinking about it for a few weeks, I decided to go forward with the surgery. I was completely freaked out about having surgery (this was my first time ever), but after meeting with the doctor a second time, he allayed all of my fears (mostly about anesthesia, post-op pain, etc.).

Well, at this exact moment, I am about 21 hours post op, and I must say that I have the GREATEST doctor ever! Here's why:

1 - I had NO pain when I woke up from the procedure (had twilight sedation, by the way - don't remember a THING!)

2 - From what I can see so far (with a minimal cast on), the nose looks perfectly straight!

3 - Minimal bleeding. I have only changed my "drip pad" three times, and all three times the gauze itself had only minimal blood on it.

4 - No nausea at all.

5 - Minimal swelling. I have some redness in between my eyes and nose, but no black eyes.

6 - Regarding post-op pain - I have only taken 3 pain pills - 2 after the surgery, and one last night before bed. Haven't even taken one this morning. I feel AWESOME!

So my rhinoplasty experience was incredible. I'm SO happy I went with this doctor, and that I had it done. I will post some pics in the near future (once he cast comes off on Tuesday).

So if anyone in the South Florida area is looking for a great doc, email me.

ALSO, some pre-op tips:

1 - Don't drink or smoke for at least 2-3 weeks pre-op.

2 - Take 1000 mg of Vitamin C daily for at least 2 weeks pre-op

3 - Take Bromelain (forget pineapple juice - too acidic, and doesn't have the bromelain in it) for a few days pre-op. I was taking 1000 mg/day (two pills)

4 - Relax! And just breathe. As of right now, I am NOT packed, and can breathe through my nose just fine.

Ok,everyone, I hope this helps! Had a great experience. Hope you do, too! :) And write me if you need anything. I'd be happy to help in any way.

At this exact moment, I am about 22 hours post-op.

Updated on Apr 26, 2010

Email me for his name

See my post. I explain how helpful, calming, and professional he was. He's got a wealth of experience, and did an AWESOME job!

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